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Kliken All-In-One Marketing

The all-in-one marketing solution grows your business by helping you get found online and turn your visitors into leads.

Kliken uses unique technology to get your website found on search engines, Facebook, and hundreds of major websites. Our lead generation tool helps you turn your website visitors into leads using smart coupons and contact forms. Our software puts your marketing on autopilot by actively optimizing your campaigns on a daily basis to get you the best results.

Unleash your marketing to boost your online presence and grow your business. More visits, more leads, more sales for your business!

Market on Google, Bing, and Yahoo in 5 minutes

Get your website found on search engines by potential customers. Get them when they are most interested, as they are searching for your offerings.

Market your site on Facebook and hundreds of other websites

Advertise on Facebook, CNN, ESPN, New York Times and hundreds of other websites. We generate banner ads for your business and advertise to current and new customers as they surf the web.

Generate more leads and close more sales

Offer coupons to your visitors as they enter or leave your website. Let them contact you through SMS, phone, and email from every page on your website. Follow up with them and close more sales from your mobile phone, on the go, seamlessly.

Next-generation website stats

Our unique analytics helps you better understand your website visitors to make better decisions regarding your online marketing strategy. You can learn where they are coming from, what marketing efforts are working best, and how they are interacting with your site.

Manage your marketing on the go

Kliken lets you manage your marketing and sales from the convenience of your mobile phone, from any where, at any time.

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  1. kliken-all-in-one-marketing screenshot 1

    Activate the plugin and look for Kliken Marketing right below Settings menu of your WordPress Dashboard.

  2. kliken-all-in-one-marketing screenshot 2

    You can create a new account or log in with an existing account, then link your WordPress site.

  3. kliken-all-in-one-marketing screenshot 3

    Plugin Dashboard allows you to quickly navigate to different types of reports for your website.

Using the WordPress Admin Console

  1. Go to the plugins section of your WordPress Admin Console, and click on 'Add New'.
  2. Search for "Kliken All-In-One Marketing" and click 'Install Now' to install the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin and navigate to the menu "Kliken Marketing" right under WordPress Settings menu.
  4. If you don't have an account with Kliken, you can create one easily and your WordPress site will be linked automatically to the account.
  5. If you already have an account with Kliken, you can login and link you account to the WordPress site.


  • Fix uninstallation issue


  • Fix schema updater
  • More consistency in text formatting


  • A bit more secure on opening new window for stats
  • Some miscellaneous house-keeping bits


  • Proper support for translations


  • Harden security on plugin activation/deactivation/uninstallation, and overall
  • Bump support to just-released WordPress 4.5
  • Put plugin menu to top level menu, under Settings


  • Update PHP package
  • Fix a few typos


  • Initial release of the Kliken WordPress Plugin
  • This version require PHP version 5.3 or later
  • For API access, it also needs PHP cURL extension. Please contact your hosting provider to enable the extension.

Do I need to have any online marketing experience to use Kliken?

Not at all. We have designed Kliken with people that have little to no knowledge of online marketing in mind. We take care of all the technical stuff while you sit back watch as the customers roll into your website.

How does Kliken get me found on search engines?

Kliken will automatically generate a campaign for your website and display it on Google, Bing and Yahoo. To sign up, all you have to do is go through our signup process that takes less than 5 minutes. After that is done, we take care of the rest and will continually update you on the status of your campaign.

How does the Display campaign work?

After customers come to your website, they see your ads on Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, CNN and hundreds of other websites. They will then click on your ad and come back to your site. Our technology will also show your ads to people who may be interested in your product offerings. It is that simple!

How will it help me generate leads?

This lead generator will help you generate leads by allowing your site visitors to request a coupon, ask a question or get more information about your business. Their information and what they requested is then automatically sent to your smartphone. Congratulations, you just got yourself a new lead!

Are Kliken engagement metrics truly unique?

Yes. We have built our engagement metrics from the ground up, using our own patent­pending analytics engine as the foundation. There are no other metrics out there like ours.

Is Kliken easy to install?

Yes. Our plugin makes it just that!

Is there a contract?

Kliken's marketing spend billing is a month­to­month service that can be cancelled at any time.

Version 1.4.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 01 Nov 2016

Date Added: 07 Apr 2016

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