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The ultimate toolkit for theme developers using the WordPress Customizer

Kirki is a Toolkit allowing WordPress developers to use the Customizer and take advantage of its advanced features and flexibility by abstracting the code and making it easier for everyone to create beautiful and meaningful user experiences.

Kirki does not replace the WordPress Customizer API, you can still use the default WordPress methods and we advise you to familiarize yourselves with it. An excellent handbook for the WordPress Customizer can be found on the website.

What Kirki does is save you time… LOTS of time!

Easily add configurations for your project, create panels, sections and add fields with ease.

Automatically create CSS from your fields, and make the customizer’s preview instant with our automatic postMessage scripts creation!

Add Google Fonts with our typography field, add tooltips to help your users and build awesome products!

You can find detailed documentation on how to use Kirki on

Author Aristeides Stathopoulos
Contributors aristath, fovoc, igmoweb
Tags customizer, mods, options framework, theme, toolkit

Simply install as a normal WordPress plugin and activate.

If you want to integrate Kirki in your theme or plugin, please read the instructions on our ducumentation site.


October 22, 2016, dev time: 12 hours.

  • Fix: spacing controls were not updating after save
  • New: Now using the WP Notifications API in the customizer for spacing & dimension controls (requires WP 4.6).
  • Fix: Allow overriding option_type with theme_mod when global config uses option by using the option_type argument in the fields.
  • Fix: Disabled the custom kirki-preview loader. This will have to be built more modular in future versions.
  • Fix: Refactored panel & section icons.
  • Fix: postMessage now works better with slider controls.
  • Fix: Reset button not working unless tooltips are loaded.
  • Fix: Properly sanitize link and url fields.
  • Fix: Automate sanitization for repeater fields.


August 28, 2016, dev time: 3 hours.

  • Fix: CSS prefixes order fixes (#1042).
  • Fix: suffix output argument support in Multicolor control (#1042).
  • Fix: Kirki::get_variables() method should be static (#1050).
  • Fix: Add line wrapping to CodeMirror (#1079).
  • Fix: container_inclusive is disregarded on the selective refresh class (#1089).
  • Fix: Support input_attrs parameter for controls (#1074).
  • Fix: Outdated Google-Fonts list (#1091).


July 2, 2016. dev time: 6 hours.

  • FIX: Missing button labels in repeater fields.
  • FIX: Missing button label in code fields (#1017).
  • FIX: Better implementation when embedding Kirki in a theme (#1025).
  • FIX: Updated google-fonts (#1041).
  • NEW: Allow simpler format for variables argument (#1020).


June 1, 2016, dev time: 30 minutes.

  • FIX: Repeater JS issues due to error in translation strings.


May 31, 2016, dev time: 17 hours.

  • FIX: Editor field covering the content (#955).
  • FIX: Smoother transition for editor switching.
  • FIX: Code field JS error when using "php" mode (#958).
  • FIX: postMessage for typography fields (#528).
  • FIX: translation strings (#960).
  • FIX: postMessage for background-image properties (#963).
  • FIX: Reset Typography Control without font-family default value (#951).
  • FIX: Typography field: font-style missing in CSS output if variant is regular/400 (#977).
  • FIX: Placing two editor controls in the customizer leads to odd behavior (#140).
  • FIX: Typography field: letter-spacing missing in CSS output if its value is 0 (#978).
  • FIX: Allow using HTML in section descriptions (#976).
  • FIX: Bug preventing partial refreshes from working properly (#991).
  • FIX: Better internationalization handling.
  • FIX: Output errors on typography settings (#975).
  • NEW: Added a new attr argument to js_vars (#957).
  • NEW: Implemented both AND and OR conditionals in active_callback arrays (#839).
  • NEW: Allow defining an array of dashicons to use.
  • NEW: Added a link control type.


May 2, 2016, dev time: 52 hours.

  • NEW: Completely refactored editor controls.
  • NEW: Completely re-styled code controls.
  • NEW: Added a new kirki/{$config_id}/styles filter (#908).
  • NEW: Added a customize-control-kirki class to all Kirki controls.
  • FIX: Field type number : Cannot read property 'min' of undefined (#911).
  • FIX: All controls are now prefixed (#918)
  • FIX: alpha argument in color-alpha controls (#932).
  • FIX: Name attribute in repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • FIX: Missing label for checkbox controls inside repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • FIX: Placing 2 editor controls in the customizer leads to odd behaviour (#140).
  • FIX: active_callback conbined with the old required argument. (#906).
  • FIX: Double prefix and suffix in js_vars (#943).
  • FIX: Typography control returns both 'subset' and 'subsets' indexes with the same value (#948).
  • FIX: Use strict JS mode in all controls.


April 19, 2016, dev time: 30 hours.

  • FIX: Spacing control JS dependencies.
  • FIX: Output property ignored in multicolor field.
  • FIX: Image sub-controls in repeaters were causing a JS error.
  • FIX: Text Domain Compliance with Themecheck.
  • FIX: PostMessage scripts when using more than 1 elements for the output.
  • FIX: Default values for swithes, toggles & checkboxes.
  • FIX: Conflict with WP Core's dropdown-pages control.
  • FIX: Auto-transport not working when using serialized options instead of theme_mods.
  • FIX: value_pattern was not working properly when used in js_vars.
  • FIX: Repeater control bugfixes (props @guillaumemolter).
  • FIX: multi-selects saving single value.
  • NEW: Added support for upload controls in repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • NEW: Adding mime_type parameter for image, cropped_image, upload controls in repeaters (props @guillaumemolter).
  • NEW: Added color-picker support in repeater fields (props @guillaumemolter).


April 10, 2016, dev time: 21 hours.

Kirki is now 100% WordPress Coding Standards compliant.

  • FIX: Escaping google-font URLs when possible.
  • FIX: Only enqueue the tooltips script if needed.
  • FIX: WordPress Coding Standards.
  • FIX: undefined sub-controls were still being saved in typography fields
  • FIX: Javascript Console Errors: "wp.customize" object undefined when Kirki fields were added in customize_register
  • FIX: markup in editor fields - props @manuelmoreale.
  • FIX: multiple styles in head when using js_vars
  • FIX: Sanitization for rem units
  • FIX: CSS output for multicolor controls
  • NEW: Repeater labels are now dynamic - props @guillaumemolter.
  • NEW: The entire header on repeaters is now draggable - props @guillaumemolter.
  • TWEAK: More efficient JS code for the typography control


  • FIX: Issue with URLs when using Kirki embedded in a theme and not installed as a plugin.


  • FIX: Repeater controls were not working on 2.2.8 due to a typo - props @guillaumemolter
  • NEW: Repeater fields now allow more control types (email/tel/url/hidden) - props @guillaumemolter


April 6, 2016, dev time: 5 hours.

  • FIX: Enqueued assets missing when useg WP_DEBUG & WP_DEBUG_SCRIPT
  • FIX: Checkboxes were not properly displaying their values
  • FIX: Javascript errors when number controls were used without min, max or step.
  • FIX: Multiselect controls issue with the sanitize_callback used.
  • NEW: Make attributes in cropped_image sub-controls inside repeaters dynamic (props @guillaumemolter).


April 5, 2016, dev time: 23 hours.

  • FIX: Properly parsing postMessage scripts when transport is set to auto.
  • FIX: Background image was outputing CSS even if it was empty.
  • FIX: Default value for checkboxes.
  • FIX: Issue with plugin URLs in the customizer, when the plugin was embedded in a theme.
  • FIX: Descriptions were now shown in sortable fields.
  • FIX: Reset not working for textarea fields.
  • FIX: In some cases only the first element in output arguments was being processed.
  • FIX: edge-case bugfix for select controls when data saved if the db was somehow mis-formatted.
  • FIX: Repeater controls now use image IDs instead of image URLs. Props @guillaumemolter
  • NEW: Added text-align ability in typography fields.
  • NEW: Added text-transform ability in typography fields.
  • NEW: Introduce value_pattern argument for output & js_vars.
  • NEW: Started refactoring the Kirki_Field class. Now each field can have its own sub-class extending the main Kirki_Field object.
  • NEW: multicolor control.
  • NEW: Added cropped_image support in repeater. Props @guillaumemolter
  • TWEAK: Renamed Kirki_Customizer_Scripts_Loading to Kirki_Scripts_Loading.
  • TWEAK: Renamed Kirki_Customizer_Scripts_Tooltips to Kirki_Scripts_Tooltips.
  • TWEAK: Renamed Kirki_Customizer_Scripts_Icons to Kirki_Scripts_Icons.
  • TWEAK: More inline comments, docs & coding-standards improvements.
  • DEPRECATED: Removed the Kirki_Colourlovers class.


March 26, 2016, dev time: 10 hours

  • FIX: Invalid variants for google fonts were getting enqueued due to a mischeck.
  • FIX: Repeater rows are now minimized by default.
  • FIX: Styling for the dropdown-pages control.
  • FIX: switch controls now properly resize based on the label used in the choices argument.
  • FIX: It is now possible to use calc() in CSS value controls.
  • FIX: Styles were being applied to the customizer even if they were not defined in the kirki/config filter.
  • FIX: Removed unnecessary class inheritances & other code cleanups.
  • NEW: Allow resetting options per-section.
  • NEW: Added new color-palette control.
  • NEW: Added 'transport' => 'auto' to auto-calculate postMessage scripts from the output argument when possible.
  • NEW: Added Material design palettes in the Kirki_Helper class.
  • NEW: Allow changing the "Add Row" text on repeater fields.
  • NEW: Allow setting a limit for repeater rows.


March 23, 2016, dev time: 7 hours

  • FIX: Google fonts now loaded via a PHP array instead of a JSON file.
  • FIX: CSS issue due to escaped quotes on standard fonts.
  • FIX: Issue when using units on js_vars combined with the style method.
  • FIX: Missing textdomain on a string.
  • NEW: Refactored postMessage scripts.
  • NEW: Allow passing options to iris using the choices argument on color controls.
  • NEW: Allow disabling the custom loader using the disable_loader argument in the kirki/config filter.


March 20, 2016, dev time: 6 hours

  • FIX: Removed unnecessary CSS echoed by the typography control
  • FIX: Color Calculation class improvements
  • FIX: CSS improvement for toggle controls
  • NEW: Added dashicons field
  • NEW: Added the ability to limit the number of rows in repeater controls (props @fovoc)


March 19, 2016

  • FIX: Selecting a color inside typography controls was throwing a JS error (typo)
  • FIX: CSS alignment for descriptions in toggle controls
  • FIX: Default value for letter-spacing setting in typography controls (props @andreg)

March 18, 2016, dev time: 5 minutes

  • FIX: Backwards-compatibility bugfix


March 17, 2016, dev time: 10 minutes

  • FIX: PHP notice for non-standard controls when the element defined in an output argument is of type array.


March 17, 2016, dev time: 3 hours

  • FIX: Alpha channel was always enabled for color controls
  • FIX: PHP Notices in the class-kirki-output-control-typography.php file
  • FIX: PHP Fatal error on PHP 5.2
  • FIX: PHP Notice in the class-kirki-field.php file
  • FIX: PHP Fatal error when using background-position in the output argument
  • TWEAK: Removed unused languages from CodeMirror to reduce the plugin's size


March 16, 2016, dev time: 120 hours

  • FIX: Improved & simplified the number control.
  • FIX: Improved & simplified the spacing control.
  • FIX: Minor bugfix on the select control.
  • FIX: WP Coding standards improvements.
  • FIX: Bugfix for radio controls.
  • FIX: Fixed repeater remove image not triggering save button to activate, and added a placeholder when the image is removed. (props @sayedwp)
  • FIX: Fixed bug when using negative numbers as min value in the number field
  • FIX: Typo in the textdomain for some strings (some strings were using "Kirki" instead of "kirki").
  • FIX: Complete refactor & rewrite of the google-fonts implementation.
  • FIX: IE11 bug on radio-image controls.
  • FIX: Radio-image bug when used with serialized options.
  • NEW: Complete refactor & rewrite of typography control.
  • NEW: Refactored the CSS output methods.
  • NEW: Added new mothods for detecting dependencies.
  • NEW: Added font-subsets in typography controls.
  • NEW: Google fonts now only show valid variants & subsets in typography controls.
  • NEW: Implemented partial refreshes for WP 4.5 using a "partial_refresh" argument (formatted as an array).
  • NEW: Better autoloader & improved file structure.
  • NEW: Deprecated the Kirki_Field_Sanitize class in favor of a more simplified & robust implementation.
  • NEW: Completely refactored the Kirki_Field class, we're migrating to a more OOP model.
  • NEW: Added a new kirki-generic control.
  • NEW: Deprecated the custom text control and used the new kirki-generic control instead.
  • NEW: Deprecated the custom textarea control and used the new kirki-generic control instead.
  • NEW: Renamed the help argument to tooltip. help will continue to work as an alias.
  • NEW: Merged the color & color-alphacontrols. We now use thecolor-alphacontrol for all colors, and just modify thedata-alpha` property it has.
  • NEW: Started an OOP rewrite of many classes
  • NEW: Started rewriting the PHPUNIT tests & tweaked them so they can now run on localhosts (like VVV) and not just on travis-ci.
  • NEW: Included the ariColor library for color calculations (
  • TWEAK: Other code refactoring for improved performance
  • TWEAK: Updated grunt packages.

February 17, 2016, dev time: 5 minutes

  • FIX: PHP Notices (undefined index)


February 17, 2016, dev time: 4 hours

  • FIX: Image field issues inside the Repeater field (props @sayedwp)
  • NEW: Allow disabling output per-config
  • NEW: Introduce 'postMessage' => 'auto' option in config (will auto-create js_vars using the output argument)
  • NEW: New color control using a js-based template
  • TWEAK: Branding script rewrite
  • TWEAK: Color controls styling
  • TWEAK: Coding improvements & cleanups


February 13, 2016, dev time: 1 hour.

  • FIX: Google fonts bug (use double quotes when font name contains a space character)
  • FIX: Checkbox control bug (checkboxes were always displayed as checked, regardless of their actual value)
  • NEW: Intruducing KIRKI_NO_OUTPUT constant that disables CSS output completely when set to true.


February 10, 2016, dev time: 2 hours

  • FIX: Only load Kirki styles when in the customizer
  • FIX: Performance issue with Google Fonts
  • NEW: Added radio-image controls to repeaters
  • TWEAK: Better color handling in the Kirki_Color class


January 19, 2016, dev time: 1 hour

  • FIX: Narrow the scope of "multicheck" modification checker (props @chetzof)
  • FIX: PHP warnings due to invalid callback method
  • FIX: postMessage bug introduced in 2.0.6 (2 lines commented-out)


January 18, 2016, dev time: 7 hours

  • FIX: Fix active callback for multidimensional arrays. (props @andrezrv)
  • FIX: Correctly check current value of checkbox control. (props @andrezrv)
  • FIX: Bug in the sortable field (props @daviedR)
  • FIX: Fixed some bugs that occured when using serialized options instead of theme_mods
  • NEW: Added an image sub-field to repeater fields (props @sayedwp)
  • NEW: Added a JS callback to js_vars (props @pingram3541)
  • TWEAK: Settings sanitization
  • TWEAK: Removed demo theme from the plugin. This is now provided separately on


December 23, 2015, dev time: 2.5 hours

  • FIX: Disabled the ajax-loading method for stylesheets. All styles are now added inline. Will be re-examined for a future release.
  • FIX: Number controls were not properly triggering changes
  • FIX: Styling for number controls
  • FIX: In some cases the dynamic CSS was added before the main stylesheet. We now add them using a priority of 999 to ensure they are enqueued afterwards.


December 19, 2015, dev time: 3 hours

  • NEW: Added units support to the Typography field
  • NEW: Default methods of enqueuing styles in now inline.
  • NEW: Added 'inline_css' argument to config. set to false to add styles using AJAX.
  • FIX: HTML mode for CodeMirror now functional
  • FIX: PHP Notices when the config filter is used wrong
  • FIX: Monor bugfix for text inputs
  • FIX: Indentation & coding standards
  • FIX: failing PHPUNIT test.
  • TWEAK: Remove passing click event object


December 6, 2015, dev time: 45 minutes

  • Bugfix for updates


December 6, 2015, dev time: 30 minutes

  • FIX: Fatal error on update (not on new installations)
  • FIX: Typo


December 6, 2015, dev time: 10 minutes

  • FIX: Some configurations were failing with the new autoloader. Reverted to a simpler file structure.


December 6, 2015, dev time > 140 hours

  • NEW: Added support for sanitize_callback arguments on each item in the CSS output.
  • NEW: Added the ability to define an array as element in the output.
  • NEW: Auto-prefixing CSS output for cross-browser compatibilities.
  • NEW: Allow using arrays in settings.
  • NEW: Dimension Field.
  • NEW: Repeater Field.
  • NEW: Code Field using the ACE editor.
  • NEW: Typography Control.
  • NEW: Preset Field.
  • NEW: Demo theme.
  • NEW: Spacing Control.
  • REMOVED: Redux Framework compatibility.
  • FIX: Minor bugfixes to the Kirki_Color class.
  • FIX: kirki_get_option now uses Kirki::get_option().
  • FIX: Various bugfixes.
  • TWEAK: Converted the checkbox control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the custom control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the multicheck control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the number control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the palette control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the radio-buttonset control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the radio-image control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the radio control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the select control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the slider control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the switch control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the textarea control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: Converted the toggle control to use the JS templating system.
  • TWEAK: radio-buttonset controls are now CSS-only.
  • TWEAK: radio-image controls are now CSS-only.
  • TWEAK: select controls nopw use selectize instead of Select2.
  • TWEAK: Deprecated select2 and select2-multiple controls. We now have a global select control. Previous implementations gracefully fallback to the current one.
  • TWEAK: switch controls are now CSS-only.
  • TWEAK: toggle controls are now CSS-only.
  • TWEAK: Sliders now use an HTML5 "range" input instead of jQuery-UI.
  • TWEAK: Better coding standards.
  • TWEAK: Descriptions styling.
  • TWEAK: Improved controls styling.
  • TWEAK: Compiled CSS & JS for improved performance.
  • TWEAK: Added prefix to the sanitized output array.
  • TWEAK: Updated google-fonts.
  • TWEAK: Grunt integration.
  • TWEAK: Some Code refactoring.


July 17, 2014, dev time: 5 minutes

  • NEW: Added 'disable_output' and 'disable_google_fonts' arguments to the configuration.


July 17, 2014, dev time: 1 hour

  • FIX: Issues when using serialized options instead of theme_mods or individual options.
  • FIX: Issues with the output argument on fields.
  • FIX: Other minor bugfixes


July 11, 2014, dev time: 177 hours

  • NEW: Added PHPUnit tests
  • NEW: Use wp_add_inline_style to add customizer styles
  • NEW: Rebuilt the background fields calculation
  • NEW: Now using Formstone for switches & toggles
  • NEW: Added a new API. See for documentation.
  • NEW: Minimum PHP requirement is now PHP 5.2
  • NEW: Added a Select2 field type.
  • NEW: Introducing the Kirki::get_option() method to get values.
  • NEW: added 'media_query' argument to output.
  • NEW: Added ability to get variables for CSS preprocessors from the customizer values. See for documentation
  • NEW: now supporting 'units' to all outputs to support '!important'
  • NEW: Ability to create panels & sections using the new API.
  • NEW: added a get_posts method to the Kirki class.
  • NEW: Implement width argument in the styling options. See
  • NEW: add 'kirki/control_types' filter
  • FIX: Properly saving values in the db when using serialized options
  • FIX: Check if classes & functions exist before adding them (allows for better compatibility when embedded in a theme)
  • FIX: PHP Warnings & Notices
  • FIX: Other minor bugfixes
  • FIX: Now using consistently option_type instead of options_type everywhere
  • FIX: Kirki::get_option() method now works for all fields, including background fields.
  • FIX: avoid errors when Color is undefined in background fields
  • FIX: Use WP_Filesystem to get the google fonts array from a json file
  • FIX: Radio-Button styling
  • FIX: PHP Notices
  • FIX: Typos
  • FIX: Properly sanitizing rgba colors
  • FIX: Properly sanitize numbers
  • FIX: Make sure all variables are escaped on output
  • TWEAK: Simplify the Colourlovers integration.
  • TWEAK: Improve sanitization
  • TWEAK: Improve the Kirki_Styles_Customizer class
  • TWEAK: Code cleanups
  • TWEAK: Added more inline docs (lots of them)
  • TWEAK: Use active_callback for required arguments instead of custom JS
  • TWEAK: Updated translation files
  • TWEAK: Better color manipulation in the Kirki_Color class
  • TWEAK: Move secondary classes instantiation to the Kirki() function.
  • TWEAK: set a $kirki global
  • TWEAK: deprecate getOrThrow method in the Kirki_Config class.
  • TWEAK: Move sanitisation functions to a Kirki_Sanitize class.
  • TWEAK: Rename Kirki_Framework to Kirki_Toolkit.
  • TWEAK: Move variables to the new API
  • TWEAK: simplify Kirki_Controls class
  • TWEAK: move the kirki/fields & kirki/controls filters to the new API
  • REMOVED: remove the 'stylesheet_id' from the configuration.


April 6, 2014, dev time: 0.5 hours

  • FIX: Color sanitization was distorting 0 characters in the color hex.
  • FIX: Properly sanitizing ColorAlpha controls
  • FIX: Sanitizing more properties in the Fields class
  • FIX: removing remnant double-sanitization calls from the controls classes


April 5, 2014, dev time: 28 hours

  • NEW: Introduce a Field class
  • NEW: Introduce a Builder class
  • TWEAK: Code Cleanups
  • NEW: Added ability to use 'option' as the setting type
  • Fix : Bugs in the color calculation class
  • TWEAK: Everything gets sanitized in the "Field" class
  • FIX: Bugs in sortable field
  • FIX: Editor control had no description
  • NEW: Added a color-alpha control. To use it just set an rgba color as the default value.
  • TWEAK: SCSS & CSS improvements
  • FIX: Various PHP notices and warnings when no fields are defined
  • TWEAK: More efficient color sanitization method
  • TWEAK: Improved number control presentation
  • TWEAK: Improved the way background fields are handled
  • TWEAK: Checkboxes styling
  • NEW: Allow using rgba values for background colors
  • FIX: CSS fix - :focus color for active section
  • NEW: Add a static 'prepare' method to the ScriptRegistry class
  • FIX: Issues with the URL when Kirki is embedded in a theme


March 30, 2015, dev time: 5 minutes

  • FIX: Autoloader could not properly include files due to strtolower()


March 30, 2015, dev time: 30 minutes

  • FIX: Translation strings now overridable using the config filter.


March 30, 2015, dev time: 32 hours

  • Improvement: OOP redesign (props @vpratfr)
  • NEW: Added Palette control
  • NEW: Added Editor control (WYSIWYG - uses TinyMCE)
  • NEW: Added Custom control (free html)
  • NEW: Added a Kirki_Colourlovers class to use palettes from the colourlovers API
  • NEW: Added a composer file (props @vpratfr)
  • FIX: Wrong settings IDs
  • FIX: Color calculation on RGBA functions were off
  • TWEAK: Restructuring the plugin (props @vpratfr)
  • NEW: added a functional kirki_get_option() function
  • TWEAK: Simplified configuration options.
  • NEW: Turn Kirki into a singleton and a facade (props @vpratfr)
  • TWEAK: Completely re-written the customizer styles
  • NEW: Using SASS for customizer styles
  • TWEAK: Deprecating the group_title control in favor of the new custom control
  • TWEAK: Changed the CSS for checkboxes


March 15, 2015, dev time: 2 hours

  • REMOVED: Remove the kirki_get_option function that was introduced in 0.7 as it's not working properly yet.
  • FIX: Undefined index notice when a default value for the control was not defined
  • TWEAK: logo_image now injects an img element instead of a div with custom background
  • NEW: Added description argument in the kirki configuration (replaces the theme description)


March 14, 2015, dev time: 10 hours

  • FIX: Array to string conversion that happened conditionally when used with googlefonts. (props @groucho75)
  • FIX: Background opacity affects background-position of bg image
  • FIX: font-weight not being applied on google fonts
  • NEW: Added kirki_get_option( $setting ); function that also gets default values
  • TWEAK: Singleton for main plugin class
  • FIX: Prevent empty help tooltips
  • NEW: Added toggle control
  • NEW: Added switch control
  • FIX: Color controls were not being reset to default:
  • TWEAK: Tooltips now loaded via jQuery
  • TWEAK: Renamed setting to settings for consistency with WordPress core
  • TWEAK: Renamed description to help and subtitle to `description for consistency with WordPress core
  • TWEAK: Backwards-compatibility improvements
  • NEW: Allow hiding background control elements by not including default values for them
  • TWEAK: Performance improvements
  • TWEAK: Using WordPress core controls instead of custom ones when those are available
  • TWEAK: Separate logic for multiple-type controls that were using the "mode" argument. This has been deprecated in favor of completely separate control types.


March 2, 2015, dev time: 3 hours

  • FIX: Frontend styles were not properly enqueued (props @dmgawel)
  • NEW: Allow multiple output styles per control defined as an array of arrays.
  • FIX: Background control styles
  • FIX: Serialise default values for the sortable control. Now you can define default values as an array.
  • FIX: Required script
  • FIX: \'_opacity\' was added to a lot of controls by mistake. Removed it and wrote a migration script.


February 25, 2015, dev time: 1 hours

  • FIX: Sortables controls had a JS conflict
  • FIX: Switches & Toggles were not properly working


February 25, 2015, dev time: 9 hours

  • FIX: Tooltips now properly working
  • NEW: Added checkbox switches
  • NEW: Added checkbox toggles
  • FIX: Generated CSS is not properly combined & minified
  • FIX: Re-structuring files hierarchy
  • FIX: Simplify the way controls are loaded
  • NEW: Only load control classes when they are needed
  • NEW: Introducing Kirki_Customize_Control class
  • FIX: CSS tweaks
  • NEW: Sortable control (creating one is identical to a select control, but with \'type\' => \'sortable\')
  • FIX: Double output CSS (props @agusmu)
  • NEW: Google fonts now parsed from a json file.


January 22, 2015

  • FIX: Transport defaults to refresh instead of postMessage
  • FIX: undefined index notice.


January 21, 2015

  • NEW: Automatic output of styles for generic controls.
  • NEW: Automatic output of styles + scripts for fonts (including googlefonts )
  • NEW: The \'output\' argument on background controls is now an array for consistency with other controls. Older syntax is still compatible though. :)
  • NEW: Add the ability to auto-generate styles for colors.
  • FIX: Add a blank stylesheet if we need one and no stylesheet_id has been defined in the config options.
  • FIX: CSS-only tooltips. Fixes issue with tooltips now showing up on WP >= 4.1
  • FIX: Code cleanups
  • NEW: Added support for WordPress\'s transport arguments
  • FIX: All controls now have a sanitization callback. Users can override the default sanitizations by adding their own \'sanitize_callback\' argument.
  • FIX: OOP rewrite
  • FIX: Strip protocol from Google API link
  • FIX: Loading order for some files
  • FIX: Removed deprecated less_var argument


October 25, 2014

  • FIX: bugfix for selector
  • NEW: Change the Kirki theme based on which admin theme is selected.
  • FIX: Tranlsation domain issue
  • NEW: Added a \"group_title\" control
  • FIX: Updated the required script
  • FIX: Updating CSS
  • Other minor improvements and bugfixes


May 26, 2014

  • NEW: added background field
  • NEW: added \'output\' argument to directly output the CSS


May 9, 2014

  • Initial version
Version 2.3.7

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 21 Oct 2016

Date Added: 27 May 2014

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