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KBucket Topic Curation

KBucket lets you organize articles and links around categories as curated collections. Links are shared to drive traffic to your site.

The KBucket plugin is a place for curators to share their own editorialized research in context. Each KBucket page (K stands for Knowledge) can store and share hundreds of links that are easily navigable through topic, author and publisher tags.

This video provides an overview of KBucket functions and features.

The curation happens in our powerful browser extension tool, Kauthor. Kauthor lets you pin and group your sources of information (both URL's and RSS feeds) and curate and save links in multiple curation folders with simple drag and drop move.

To learn more about the Kauthor features for curators see these blog posts on our website

To download Kauthor (its free) and start curating, start your Firefox browser and install the extension here.

Here are some of the applications of your KBucket pages.

  • Inbound Marketing: Each curated link can be shared to drive traffic back to your site
  • SEO: KBucket pages are optimized for search engines with micro tags
  • Influencer marketing: Publishers can engage influencers whose links they have curated
  • Employee Advocacy: You manage the links that employees share online
  • Newsletters: Each channel in KBucket has a custom RSS link that can be used to drive your newsletters.

To learn more about these topics visit our blog post.

Author Optimal Access Inc.
Contributors bodhisatva
Tags content curation, content marketing, curation tool, directories, inbound marketing, lead generation, lists

An Image of the KBucket Page

An Image of the Kauthor app

Here are 2 examples of KBucket Pages on our site and one of our clients

KBucket Page on Curation and Marketing

KBucket Page on US Immigration News

Install like most other plugins.

  • Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the Plugin from your WordPress > Plugin page
  • Register the Plugin. You can access the registration page from the KBucket > Home tab, under "Getting Started"
  • Get your API key from your new profile page (The free version lets you display 10 articles per channel)
  • Enter your API key under the settings tab in your WordPress KBucket page
  • Go to your "Pages" section of the Dashboard and select the KBucket page for edit
  • Add this page to your desired menu and change the name and url of the page as you wish
  • Go to the Appearance Widgets menu and add the KBucket tags to the "KBucket Sidebar"
  • Download Kauthor from the our download page
  • To learn about Kauthor visit our forums.
  • To learn how to create and export your curated research see video below
  • To upload your curated page go to the 'upload KBucket' tab in your plugin and upload the file.


First official public release


Fixed minor theme releated bugs


Fixed minor theme related bugs


Fixed issues with "Set Social" on the backend


Added Twitter handle for sharing


Added Twitter handle for sharing Fixed upload bugs


Fixed category tag issues


Fixed memory upload issues


Fixed issues with social image share

More Documentation

To get more detailed information and video tutorials visit our forums.

What are the limitations with the Trial Version

The Trail version lets you post 10 articles per channel and create as many channels as you wish. The idea is for you to make sure the Plugin works for you and is compatible with your site.

How do I curate Articles

To Curate articles you need the Kauthor plugin for Firefox.
Kauthor let's you pin and group all your info sources, create multiple channels for storing, commenting and tagging links.
To learn more simply start Firefox and install the plugin from our site.

How Do I share my links

You can share links individually by clicking on the "+" sign at the end of the description and sharing the article on your preferred channel. You can also grab the article "url" placed under each article and paste it to your timeline. Additionally you can schedule links in a channel using the RSS feed provided for each channel in your dashboard. You can find these feeds under the "Published Links" tab in your WordPress > KBucket page. Select the Category and sub-category and grab the RSS feed to the right of your drop down boxes. We have more detailed description in our KBucket forum on our website.

Version 2.3.21

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 22 Jan 2017

Date Added: 28 Sep 2016

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