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KB Support

The ultimate help desk and knowledge base support tool plugin for WordPress.

An effective Helpdesk / Support desk tool is one that encourages users to find and implement the solution to their queries without actually logging a support ticket and KB Support has been developed to do exactly that!

From the moment your customers begin to log a ticket, KB Support will search your knowledgebase and offer potential solutions based upon the articles that are published on your site.

From your own experience in running a helpdesk for your product(s) you will know that in a busy environment, documenting solutions and making them readily available to your customers always seems to take a back seat. KB Support makes this process much easier and encourages your support desk agents to produce articles when working through resolution of a customers ticket. Those articles are then immediately available on your website, and automatically referenced during a support ticket submission as a potential solution.

Key Features of KB Support include:

  • Easily manage and customise submission forms. No coding required, multiple forms can be created and utilised
  • Guest submission is fully supported. Customers do not need an account to create or manage support tickets.
  • A fully responsive and clean front end design where customers can manage their tickets, including viewing and creating replies
  • Integrated Knowledge Base Articles can be easily created and referenced to try and offer solutions without tickets being created
  • Ability to restrict access to individual knowledge base articles to logged in users only
  • Auto assign new tickets to agents based on current ticket count, or randomly
  • Tracks an agents status so you can see if they are online or offline
  • A number of useful shortcodes to display submission forms, KB Article lists, ticket history, login/registration forms, profile editor, KB Article search form - and more
  • Private notes that are visible to agents only
  • Restrict which tickets an agent can view. i.e. Just those to which they are assigned
  • A bunch of hooks and filters for our developer friends

More information can be found at

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Author Mike Howard
Contributors mikeyhoward1977
Tags customer support, help desk, helpdesk, Helpdesk Tickets, itil, knowledge base, knowledgebase, service, service desk, support, Support Helpdesk, support-tickets, ticket, ticket system
  1. kb-support screenshot 1

    The interface for managing a ticket Submission Form. Create as many forms as you need, choose from a number of fields and add to your web page with a simple shortcode

  2. kb-support screenshot 2

    What the default submission form might look like on your website when your customers log a support ticket. Theme in image is Twenty Seventeen

  3. kb-support screenshot 3

    Suggested KB Article to resolve a ticket that a customer is in the process of submitted

  4. kb-support screenshot 4

    The ticket overview screen a customer see's once their submission is completed

  5. kb-support screenshot 5

    The edit ticket screen as seen by an agent

  6. kb-support screenshot 6

    When a customer is accessing a KB Article that is restricted

Automated Installation

  1. Activate the plugin
  2. Go to Tickets > Settings and configure the options
  3. Insert form shortcode into the ticket submission page
  4. For detailed setup instructions, vist the official Documentation

Manual Installation

Once you have downloaded the plugin zip file, follow these simple instructions to get going;

  1. Login to your WordPress administration screen and select the "Plugins" -> "Add New" from the menu
  2. Select "Upload Plugin" from the top of the main page
  3. Click "Choose File" and select the file you downloaded
  4. Click "Install Now"
  5. Once installation has finished, select "Activate Plugin"

Until we reach version 1.0+ we are still classing this plugin as in beta testing.



  • Fatal error may occur when submitting a ticket from the front end if PHP 7.1 is running


Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue whereby new tickets created within admin were not set the correct status


  • Ensure the trash view is displayed at the end of all views on the edit tickets screen



  • Added Link KB Article media button to admin ticket reply form enabling quick and easy inserting of links to KB Articles from reply form


  • Tidied javascript code
  • Added draft updated message for articles and forms
  • Users with manage_ticket_settings capability (Administrator & Support Manager by default) can now delete tickets
  • Support Managers should always see all tickets, even when the Restrict Agent Ticket View? setting option is enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Re-open ticket link failed to re-open ticket
  • Don't count agent views for articles
  • Support Customers should not have the upload_files capability



  • Added upgrade functions
  • Additional hooks within the view-ticket.php template
  • Added plugin links
  • Increment tested with to 4.7.2



  • Added filter kbs_user_profile_fields to enable plugins to register user profile fields within the KB Support section
  • Added hook kbs_display_user_profile_fields to enable plugins to output user profile fields
  • Added banned emails to tools page. Form submissions containing banned addresses will be rejected
  • Added System Info to tools page
  • Updated call to wp_register_style() to display version
  • Added kbs_get_agent_id_from_ticket( $ticket_id ) function to retrieve an agent ID directly from the post meta table
  • Removed dynamic do_action() calls from $_POST and $_GET submissions
  • Only enqueue chosen menu's on submission page



Our initial release!

Where can I find documentation?

Searchable docs can be found at

How do I Add a Submission Form?

Create your submission form within Tickets > Submission Forms, and copy the shortcode to any page. i.e. [kbs_submit form="1277"].

A default form with the most popular fields is added during installation. Customise this form to meet your needs, or create new forms as required.

How can a Customer view their Ticket History?

Place the [kbs_tickets] shortcode on any page.

Is there a Pro version with additional features?

Extensions are available at to further enhance KB Support features and functionality. New extensions are being added regularly. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about new releases and to receive a 25% discount off of your first purchase!

Version 0.9.5

Requires WordPress version: 4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.8

Last Updated 08 Feb 2017

Date Added: 30 Jan 2017

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