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Kama Click Counter

Count click on any link all over the site. Also, creates download block in content for file download. Has widget for top downloads.

Using this plugin you will have statistics on clicks on your files or any other link (not file).

Plugin don't have any additional instruments for you to physically uploads files - it's no need! All files uploaded using standard wordpress media uploader. To create download block, file URL are used.

In additional, plugin has:

  • Button in visual editor, to insert download file block easely.
  • Customizable widget, that allows output "Top Downloads" list.

Localisation: English, Russian

Author Kama
Contributors Tkama
Tags analytics, clicks, count, count clicks, counter, download, downloads, kama, link, statistics
  1. kama-clic-counter screenshot 1

    Statistics page.

  2. kama-clic-counter screenshot 2

    Plugin settings page.

  3. kama-clic-counter screenshot 3

    Single link edit page.

  4. kama-clic-counter screenshot 4

    TinyMce visual editor downloads button.

Add and activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress


FIX: Remove link from Admin-bar for Roles who has no plugin access


ADD: "click per day" data to edit link screen

3.4.7 -

FIX: table structure to work fine with 'utf8mb4_unicode_ci' charset


ADD: 'get_url_icon' filter to manage icons.


ADD: Administrator option to set access to plugin to other WP roles. ADD: Option to add link to KCC Stat in admin bar. DEL: no HTTP_REFERER block on direct kcc url use.


CHANGE: is_file extention check method for url. ADD: 'kcc_is_file' filter ADD: widget option to set link to post instead of link to file REMOVED: 'kcc_file_ext' filter


Added hooks: 'parce_kcc_url', 'kcc_count_before', 'kcc_count_after'. Added: second parametr '$args' to 'kcc_insert_link_data' filter. Added: punycode support. Now links filter in admin table trying to find keyword in 'link_name' db column too, not only in 'link_url'.


Added: 'kcc_admin_access' filter. For possibility to change access capability. Fix: redirect protection fix.


Fix: parse kcc url fix.


Added: Hide url in download block option. See the options page. Added: 'link_url' column index in DB for faster plugin work. Added: 'get_kcc_url', 'kcc_redefine_redirect', 'kcc_file_ext', 'kcc_insert_link_data' hooks. Added: Now plugin replace its ugly URL with original URL, when link hover. Added: Replace 'edit link' text for download block to icon. It's more convenient. Fix: Correct updates of existing URLs. In some cases there appeared duplicates, when link contain '%' symbol (it could be cyrillic url or so on...) Fix: XSS attack protection. Fix: Many structure fix in code.


Fix: php notice


Add: de_DE l10n, thanks to Volker Typke.


Add: l10n on plugin page. Add: menu to admin page. Fix: antivirus wrongly says that file infected.


Fix: Some admin css change

added: jQuery links become hidden. All jQuery affected links have #kcc anchor and onclick attr with countclick url fixed: error with parse_url part. If url had "=" it was exploded...

fixed: didn't correctly redirected to url with " " character added: round "clicks per day" on admin statistics page to one decimal digit

fixed: "back to stat" link on "edit link" admin page


fixed: redirects to https doesn't worked correctly fixed: PHP less than 5.3 support fixed: go back button on "edit link" admin page fixed: localization


Added: "go back" button on "edit link" admin page


Set autoreplace old shortcodes to new in DB during update: [download=] [download url=]


Widget has been added

How can I customize download block with CSS?

Just customize CSS styles in plugin options page. Also you can add css styles into your style.css file.


  • Можно ли как то сделать чтобы в шорткод вставлялась и ссылка с именем файла, чтобы не на отдельной странице имя файла править
Version 3.4.9

Requires WordPress version: 3.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 19 Dec 2016

Date Added: 09 Sep 2014

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