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JPro Cars

JPro Cars will extend WordPress with car dealer or car classifieds feature, 2 in 1 plugin, you can choose between car dealer or car classifieds mode.

Did you ever wanted a Car Classifieds or Car Dealer feature on your own favorite theme ?

Now it’s possible, you don’t need to spend a money for static Wordpress Car Classifieds / Dealer themes. Make dynamic car classifieds, car dealer websites from your own favorite themes & JPro Cars plugin.

Plugin Demo:

Plugin Documentation:

We are writing new documentation for JPro Cars plugin which will be available soon on url above.

Plugin Modes

  • Car Classifieds
  • Car Dealer


  • [jpro_cars title="" make="all" model="all" year="all" fuel="all" condition="all" mileage="all" price="all"][/jpro_cars]
  • [jpro_cars_slider title="" make="" model="" equipment="" load_cars="9" items="3"][/jpro_cars_slider]

Plugin Features

  • Cars carousel shortcode
  • Import about 1100+ car models categories with 1 click
  • WPML Compatible
  • Translation Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • List / Grid View
  • PayPal Payment Gateway Included
  • Enable / Disable search cars options
  • Add unlimited car models
  • Add unlimited car equipments
  • Create unlimited membership packages
  • Set membership package type (free or paid)
  • Set membership package price
  • Set membership package expiration time
  • Set membership package classified posting limit
  • Set membership package classified image upload limit
  • Set membership package classifieds expire time frame
  • Currency Manager
  • Upload multiple images at once
  • Order images by drag & drop
  • Add payment gateways
  • Payments Sandbox Mode (enable/disable)
  • Transactions History for members & admins
  • Edit email templates
  • Advanced search shortcode
  • Cars carousel shortcode
  • 2 Widgets (Search Cars, My Profile)
  • Multi image upload, jQuery UI Sortable
  • Translations Included

Supported Languages:

  • Deutsch (de_DE)
  • Dutch (nl_NL)
  • English (en_US)
  • Espanol (es_ES)
  • Slovak (sk_SK)
  • Portugese – Brazil (pt_BR)
  • Russian - (ru_RU)
  • French - (fr_FR)
Author Jaroslav Svetlik
Contributors jerryscg
Tags auto classifieds, auto dealer, car, car classifieds, car dealer, cars
  1. jpro-cars screenshot 1

    JPro Cars frontend.

  2. jpro-cars screenshot 2

    JPro Cars backend.

  3. jpro-cars screenshot 3

    JPro Cars single page.

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload jprocustom-cars.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Set permalinks to Post name in Dashboard->Settings->Permalinks.
  4. Go to Pages, add new custom page & insert jpro_cars shortcode: [jpro_cars title="" make="all" model="all" year="all" fuel="all" condition="all" mileage="all" price="all"][/jpro_cars]
  5. Go to JPro Cars->Settings, General Settins tab and in "Car Classifieds Page" select box choose newly created page with jpro_cars shortcode.
  6. Go to Appearance->Menus & assign JPro Cars links to your theme navigation.

1.4.1 Feb 08 2017

  • Fixed minor bug.

1.4 Feb 06 2017

  • Updated plugin translation files.
  • Fixed plugin languages bug.

1.3 Oct 31 2016

  • Added SSL support.
  • Updated car years from 1900 to 2017.

1.2.1 Feb 25 2015

  • Fixed frontpage "Add Classified" images uploading bug.

1.2 Dec 17 2015

  • Added car carousel, list cars by car model feature.
  • Fixed car carousel placement bug.


  • Fixed tabs bug with Divi theme.
  • Fixed title bug with CarPress theme.


  • Fixed upgrade database notice bug.
  • Removed car search widget (premium feature).
  • Removed advanced car search shortcode (premium feature).
  • Updated language files.


  • Improved Portugese - Brazil language translation.
  • Fixed few minor bugs.
  • Cleaned unnecessary code.


  • Fixed language switch bug.


  • Added "required", "show", "hide" - Admin can edit which fields will be shown and required on ADD/EDIT Cars pages.
  • Added jQuery Validation on ADD/EDIT Cars Input Fields.
  • Added Dutch Translation
  • Added "Search by Fuel" option in Search Widget
  • Modified Search Cars Widget, Moved all Widget options From Settings to Widget itself.
  • Fixed Advanced Search Shortcode placement, now you can place it anywhere above or below some content.
  • Fixed issue with editing car "Back / Next" buttons.
  • Fixed currency add / edit bugs.
  • Cleaned allot of unusable CSS code.
  • Rewritten shortcodes code.
  • Rewritten single car page.


  • Fixed SEO by YOAST content before header bug
  • Fixed Problems with Search by Model on Advanced Search
  • Added "delete car" under "My Classifieds" page
  • Added Options Enable/Disable Search Fields in Advanced Search Shortcode
  • Added "Members" option in JPro Cars admin dashboard, (you can now add, edit or remove membership package for any user)
  • Added populate database with all cars makes & models with 1 click
  • Added "Change Membership" option, users are able to change their membership package anytime.


  • Fixed Membership Packages Loop Fatal Error
  • Fixed Advanced Search, Car Price & Mileage Problem
  • Fixed Cars Looping Above Content on Customizr Theme
  • Added Car Price Type (fixed/negotiable) Select Option
  • Added Car Warranty Select Option
  • Added Seller State Input Option
  • Added Portugese - Brazil (pt_BR) Language Translation
  • Added Russian (ru_RU) Language Translation
  • Added Slovakian (sk_SK) Language Translation
  • Added Deutsch (de_DE) Language Translation


  • Added Spanish (es_ES) Language Translation
  • Added Currency Manager With 157 Currencies
  • Added Currency Symbol Positioning Option (left-$99, right-99$, left with space-$ 99, right with space-99 $)
  • Modified [jpro_cars] Shortcode. Now it Can be Applied Custom Parameters Like Below:
  • [jpro_cars title="Used Cars" make="audi, bmw" model="a4, x3, x4" year="2015, 2014, 2013" condition="new, used" mileage="10000, 15000" price="20000, 30000"][/jpro_cars]
  • Resolved Bunch of Small Themes Incompatibilities Errors
  • Rewriten/Improved Small Part of Code for Saving Settings
  • Fixed Pagination on Static Homepages


  • Fixed duplicating links under widget area
  • Fixed Search Widget Price & Mileage - Min/Max Bug
  • Fixed Backend Stylesheet's Enqueue
  • Added jQuery Support to Themes Without jQuery Included
  • Added cars carousel shortcode
  • Added Search Cars by Location in Search Widget
  • Added advanced search cars shortcode
  • Added "Add Classified" Menu URL in "Appearance->Menus->JPro Cars Links"
  • Added "My Classifieds" Menu URL in "Appearance->Menus->JPro Cars Links"
  • Added "My Membership" Menu URL in "Appearance->Menus->JPro Cars Links"
  • Added "My Transactions" Menu URL in "Appearance->Menus->JPro Cars Links"
  • Added New Option In JPro Cars->Settings "Search Widget Settings"
  • There is Problem With JetPack Publicize Single Post Content Rendering
  • Improved Search Widget Functionality


  • Fixed jQuery Sortable Bug
  • Optimized CSS & jQuery Files Loading
  • Added Search Cars by Mileage Option in Search Widget
  • Added Search Cars by Price Option in Search Widget
  • Added Enable / Disable Search Options in Settings


Initial release.

Howto Setup Car Manufacturers & Models

Please check next url:

My Profile Links Not Working

Set permalinks to Post name in Dashboard-> Settings -> Permalinks.

I'm getting 404 not found error

Try going to Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and click on "Save" button.

Version 1.4.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Oct 2015

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