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Jock on air now

Joan allows you to create, manage and display your station weekly programming schedule stylishly and easily.

Joan is a WordPress plugin that lets site admins easily manage and display a rotating programming schedule for radio or TV. Jock on air now (JOAN) displays

the name of the current show and upcoming show with current time. If nothing is scheduled, it displays a custom message of your choice.

Current Features

  • "New" Open show URLs in a new tab

  • Easily create and edit shows/events.

  • Customize your "Off Air Message".

  • Hide or show next show/event.

  • Turn Off Joan.

  • Display your schedule with On Air Now widget or Shortcode.

  • Add URL links to shows .

  • Upload images for events/shows and display them in the On Air Now widget.

  • Add the On Air Now widget to Posts and Pages.

  • Shortcode to display scheduled shows/events for each day.

  • Supports databases that don't use wp_ prefix.

Author G n D Enterprises, Inc.
Contributors ganddser
Tags AJAX, dj, jock, jquery, on air schedule, programming, radio, Radio station, schedule, webcast
  1. joan screenshot 1

    This screenshot shows a newly added show in Admin.

  2. joan screenshot 2

    Shows what the full schedule and current show, jock looks like on the front end using the Shortcode and widget respectively.

  3. joan screenshot 3

    Start adding images for your shows.

  4. joan screenshot 4

    Select or upload an image also remember to choose the appropriate image size, we recommend medium if your image is bigger than 300px.

  5. joan screenshot 5

    Save changes, image immediately shows on front-end once the time comes.

  6. joan screenshot 6

    Reload the the settings page and expand the view to see the image next the show right away in admin.

Download and install using the standard WordPress plugin installation method then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Find Jock on air now in the Admin menu click to begin adding or editing your schedule.

You must, Set your timezone and time format to 24 hour (See WordPress General).


  • Added target blank to show URLs in on air widget.

  • Fixed PHP 7 error Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP.

  • Fixed high CPU usage issue.


*No major changes. Works with WP 4.6


  • Added new screenshots for adding images.


*Fixed add media/images in WP posts and pages.

*Fixes JS conflict in admin pages.


  • Added ability to show schedule for each day e.g. What's on today - Monday.

  • Version 4.1.1 Fixes all deprecated WordPress Functions.


*Upgrade to version 4.0.

*This is a major upgrade, you absolutely MUST save a copy of your current schedule and delete the previously installed version before upgrading as it will wipe-

out the existing database and start a new. You'll also get an error because WP will be looking for a file that no longer exists.

*You may need to replace your schedule display short code to this [joan-schedule]. This is because we re-wrote the database and the plugin and removed all

references to the old database. Applies only to those upgrading from 3.2.1 or lower to 4.0.

*Wipes old database, starts fresh, saves database from there going forward.

*Removed Template Tag option, we feel the standard display options are sufficient.


  • Fixed issue in crud declaration.

  • Fixed security issue.


  • Added plugin icon, screenshots.


  • Improved plugin code.

  • Properly en queued jQuery.

Q: I just installed Joan, and I don't see where to add new shows

A: You MUST set your timezone first, the plugin has to have a local timezone to set its clock to. Go to your General Settings page to adjust also set time

format to 24/hr.

Q: After I upload an image and click "Use as Featured Image" for a show, nothing happens

A: You have to click the "Insert Into Post" button, *not* Use as Featured Image 

Q: I get a destination already exists error, plugin install failed, why?

A: You should deactivate and then delete any previous versions of the the plugin then install this version.

Q. Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

A. Most likely you installed this version before removing the previously installed version 3.2.1 or lower. Deactivate and delete it and try activating this one again.

Display Options

Display the current Jock/Show in a sidebar. Find the Joan Widget in your Appearance->Widgets settings, add to your sidebar or add [joan-now-playing] to any page.

Display your stations Weekly Schedule. Create a new page, name it Full Schedule place the schedule Shortcode save and add to your site navigation.[joan-


Automatically display your schedule for each day of the week (added by Salpetriere). [schedule-today]

See Joan In Action

Caribbean Music TDN Radio

Version 4.3.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 04 Dec 2015

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