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Jesus Words Plugin

A daily word of Jesus.

Hello and welcome to the WordPress plugin Jesus Words – a piece of software that we really hope will shine some light on your day in the most positive ways imaginable. Everyone loves to have a few wise words from above, so we have ensured that websites with WordPress 3.0.1 installed can have their domains spruced up with some inspirational quotes from the son of God. We’ll talk briefly about how this Jesus Words plugin came to fruition, while discussing who the team behind it is before finishing off with a few testimonials from our satisfied users. However, if you want to get started with Jesus Words right away, simply click the Installation tab above and follow the simple instructions to have it appear on your page immediately.

A bit about our team then. We are a set of developers who have used WordPress to air our thoughts for a number of years, having found this publishing platform the most useful for our demands. If any of you are seriously considering which to use, we highly recommend WordPress for a variety of reasons. We won’t go into them here, but a quick online search will mainly bring you positive reviews full of praise. Back to us, the developers, and we all came together to create Jesus Words plugin after realising that there was no alternative on the market. We had created religious texts for likeminded people to read online, only to find that there wasn’t a way of producing Jesus’ comments automatically on a regular basis.

With that in mind, we got together to create a plugin that provides daily inspirational quotes from Jesus himself, in an easy to use package that fits right in with your website’s theme. We’ve deliberately made the plugin aesthetically pleasing on the eye to avoid any conflict, therefore maximising our overall potential by not alienating any WordPress users. We invite you to share Jesus Words plugin with as many people as you can in order to boost its popularity, as we’re sure there are others just like us who would love to have a few quick words from Jesus placed on their pages – whatever the context.

As we mentioned above, we have coded Jesus Words plugin so that it is compatible with the most popular versions of WordPress. If you happen to be running anything lower than 3.0.1 then we strongly recommend that you upgrade your platform – and not just because our plugin will become available. Newer editions of WordPress bring multiple advantages and additional features, potentially making the quality content you create even better!

We hope that you find Jesus Words plugin extremely useful to yourself and your readers, and we are happy to shower a bit of Jesus’ words onto as many people as we can. We’ll leave you with a few words from our most grateful of users.

Emma Boston, 27
-I’d like to thank the developers behind this incredibly useful Jesus Words plugin, as it’s exactly the sort of thing that my website has been missing. Being able to supply my readers with more than just my knitting guide is extremely beneficial to them, with a daily quote from Jesus going a long way.

Martha Shepherd, 47
-I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m totally useless at computers. When someone told me it would be “simple” to “code an app” that generated Jesus quotes, I looked at them like they were mad! However, thankfully these kind fellows have already done the job for me, and the text fits snugly into my page without looking out of place. I even managed to install it myself using the instructions! If I can do it, anyone can.

Anthony Bellew, 65
-After recently retiring from my 9-5 job after 30 years, you could say I was absolutely delighted. Unfortunately, this wasn’t necessarily the case. That was, of course, until I realised how cheap and easy it is to create a business online these days, and I’ve been happily plugging away at making it a success for almost a year now. I stumbled across Jesus Words plugin simply by doing a search in WordPress’s library of add-ons, and it immediately appealed to me due to my religious views. I wanted to include some quick words from Jesus to really inspire my audience to be the best that they can be – while also understanding that not everyone necessarily shares these views. However, being tucked away at the bottom of the page, I felt there was no harm done including it. It’s brilliantly made and I would highly recommend it for any WordPress user to install.

A plugin by DejaVu Production.

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Version 1.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 16 Dec 2016

Date Added: 30 Sep 2016


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