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jCatalog is a WordPress catalog plugin that allows to build your own professional product catalog website for free.

jCatalog allows you to build your own online product catalog site for FREE with unlimited categories, types and display options.

Here are just some ideas of what you can create with jCatalog...

  • Display a list's of products for inquiry (no checkout functionality)
  • Build a directory of products/services or whatever you like
  • Directory of real estates property, vehicle listing, jobs, etc..
  • Directory of restaurants, hotels, or anything you like

Features of jCatalog WordPress Product Catalog

Catalog Management Features

  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unlimited category nesting
  • Products can be assigned in multiple categories
  • Possibility of adding unlimited images for each product.
  • Watermark for images
  • Control the start and end display/availability of products
  • Restrictions for products (who can see)
  • Import products, images, attributes and more via CSV format
  • Add html or images to product and category pages
  • HTML-enriched product descriptions, introductions and custom fields
  • Related Products
  • Flexible Product Types
  • Product image display with Zoom and in a lightbox for full view possibility .
  • Advanced product search capabilities into custom fields
  • Control which products are shown in the store homepage
  • Ability to change layouts for each product, category and per type
  • Control the product image size on both product and catalog pages
  • Listing of products per page base on type or categories or per product
  • Advance catalog filtering from the site back end for easier management
  • Possibility to provide product feedback/reviews that is visible to site users
  • Ability to create product terms and conditions
  • Insert products or categories in your WordPress post and pages through Joobi widgets
  • Geolocation - shows map and search products base on item location

Advance Custom Fields Features

  • Available field types: Text, Translated Text, Text Area, Translated Text Area, Pick-List, Date, Date and Time, Yes/No, Yes/No Reversed, Link, Number, Percentage , Publish, Email, Password,and Price
  • Ability to create unlimited custom fields for different product types
  • Ability to assign specific fields to certain product types
  • Ability to set certain access level for each field view and edit access
  • Searchable Fields and can be used as product filters in the advance search
  • Set custom fields required or not
  • Insert WordPress widgets to display galleries or images
  • Fields can be displayed in Tabs, Panes, Collapsable Pane Container
  • Translatable custom fields
  • Ability to create and show fields in various product areas
  • Modify any view in the backend or front-end without HTML skills
  • Edit any view in the backend without HTML skills

Search Features

  • Product filters in the search widget
  • Show product filters in the search filter base on the product type
  • Ajax Search functionality
  • Possibility to display fields in the advance search widget
  • Search products per location
  • Search products per type
  • Search products per categories

Localisation and Security

  • Translate all store notification emails in many different languages
  • Full support of SSL
  • Encryption of all secure files
  • Automatic security checking every page submission in the admin or front-end

Super SECURE. We take security very seriously. jCatalog is built using our own in-house development tool that avoids any potential vulnerabilities. Since 2007, there have been no vulnerabilities reported.

Marketing Tools Features

  • Product Review & Rating
  • Product labels: Featured products, Popular products, New arrivals, most reviewed products and many others
  • SEO built in
  • Title and header tags
  • Meta descriptions and keywords
  • Meta keywords
  • Custom metadata for every product and category
  • RSS feeds Support
  • Promotions allows you to highlight each products to catch users attention by adding background and border colors with labels in the product listing


  • Bootstrap 3 as the core CSS framework
  • It looks amazingly beautiful in all screen sizes
  • Flexible built-in template system
  • Easy to customize design and layout
  • Edit any store buttons, icons and panes color or sizes without any CSS skills via built-in theme system
  • Edit an options/views without PHP skills, just click and save
  • Re-arrange views, add rows and columns to re-design the layout in the front-end
  • Speed optimized architecture
  • Minify CSS and JS files to optimize speed
  • Free CDN from Joobi to host your Joobi libraries

Advance Add-on Features

  • Multi-vendor functionality allows your registered users to post their own product catalog (Paid add-on)
  • Catalog mobile App available for iOS and Android (Paid Add-on)
  • Add an Auction capability in to your website (Paid Add-on)
  • Add an Subscription and Memberships capability in to your website (Paid Add-on)
  • Add an Classifieds capability in to your website (Paid Add-on)
  • Add an Download manager capability in to your website (Paid Add-on)
  • Add an Voucher system capability in to your website (Paid Add-on)
  • Add an Shopping cart capability in to your website (Free Add-on)

Visit the add-on page.

All features listed above are freely available at no cost. Even better, all paid add-ons are also available for free 30 days trial period - full featured.

Translated in over 40+ languages

jCatalog is translated in over 40+ languages. Most of the translations are contributed by our international members and some using an in-house machine translation which we used to help you save 90% of your time translating it yourself-unfortunately with our tool translations may not be 100% perfect.

Help us translate jCatalog via Transifex or your own preferred editor and will include it in the release.


  • We do our best to monitor forum but we cannot guarantee a timely response. For a more efficient and well tracked support request, we highly recommend to use Joobi forum or contact us via Ticket system.
  • Free support = expect a 24h-72h response time (We do not debug in your site)
  • Paid support = expect a response from few minutes-24h (We do not fix issues not related to jCatalog). Please refer to Joobi forum or contact us via Joobi Support Policy.

Buy a Paid support to get your support request prioritized, support policy applies.

Author Joobi
Contributors joobi, elijah45, ohhsomeche, Devoger, trickster07
Tags catalog, directory, e-commerce, e-shop, online store catalog, product catalog, product display, product list, wp catalog

There are 2 ways to install jCatalog plugin:

The convenient way

  • Log in to your WordPress administrator panel
  • Go to menu Plugins > Add
  • Search for jcatalog
  • Click to install
  • Activate the plugin
  • A new menu jCatalog will appear in your Admin side menu

The simple way

  • Download the plugin ZIP file on the right side of this page
  • Log in to your WordPress administrator panel
  • Go to menu Plugins > Add
  • Select the tab "Upload"
  • Upload the ZIP file you just downloaded
  • Activate the plugin
  • A new menu jCatalog will appear in your Admin side menu

You will be suggested to install jApps which we highly recommend to install. jApps is Joobi App manager that allows you to easily manage Joobi Applications and ensuring that your jCatalog data are update to date and secure all the time. Click here to know more about jApps and why you should you use it.

Do not forget to install jCatalog Pages after installation is completed.

If you encounter installation issues, please contact us immediately and we are more than happy to assist you and help you fix it.


  • jCatalog first release


  • removed phpmailer and using wordpress library

Why jCatalog is Free?

We understand how difficult it is to start and grow an online store, and make it a success. We are confident that as your business grows, you will come back and use some other solutions that we offer. So if you love our free products and want to support us, please do us a favor—spread the word! The more business you refer to us, the better the service we can provide.

I can't install jCatalog

Make sure that your WordPress site meets jCatalog minimum requirements.

Server Requirements

  • safe_mode is disabled
  • cURL support is enabled
  • GD library is installed
  • allow_url_fopen enabled
  • Fsockopen support is enabled
  • Phar extension is enabled

Can I use my existing WordPress eCommerce template?

Yes you can, jCatalog uses Bootstrap3 as CSS framework. However if your template has it's own styling override for specific shopping cart, it will not adapt to the style defined. You can easily create an override for jCatalog and implement your own preferred styling. Please follow this template override documentation.

Got more questions?

Visit our support portal and get in touch with us via Ticket system, Community forum and even live chat for Pre-sales questions.

Version 1.10.8

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 25 Jan 2017

Date Added: 13 Jul 2015

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