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Free Web Push Notification Tool to Engage and Retain Users by iZooto

Engage users and drive repeat traffic with web push notifications. Send automated web notifications for every new post, both on mobile and desktop.

Straight out of the box, Wordpress is a great platform to create, publish and share engaging content. That being said, most of the Wordpress websites and blogs experiences arenÕt built for building loyalty. Visitors discover, read and go away.

How about converting your blog visitors into loyal subscribers and turning them into your brand ambassadors? How about doing it without asking for userÕs email id? How about building marketing lists without asking users to fill long forms

Welcome to iZooto - an insanely simple Wordpress plugin that helps you convert your traffic into web notification subscribers. Build your subscriber list at 30X speed as compared to that of Email. Yes ! iZootoÕs WordPress plugin simplifies user engagement for you. Allowing bloggers, developers and marketers to send personalized notifications, delivered to users even when they are not on the device. iZooto helps you boost your website traffic, leads and sales.

Read more about Chrome, Firefox and Safari Push Notificationshere.

= Browsers Supporting Web Push Notifications= * Chrome: Desktop and Mobile (Android only) * Firefox: Desktop and Mobile(Android only) * Safari: Desktop

iOS is yet to release support for web push notifications. Read more here.

Chrome was the first browser to release support for Service Worker with Chrome 42. Other browsers including UC Web and Internet Explorer do not support web push notifications. Microsoft Edge is yet to release full support for web push notifications. Read more here

Why Should You Use Web Notifications

Web push notifications are clickable messages that can be delivered to users even when they are not on your website. Web Notifications are delivered to userÕs device, be it a mobile or a desktop. Using iZooto, you can accomplish three simple objectives and boost your traffic -

  • Build Marketing Lists: iZooto helps you convert your web traffic into subscribers. With Opt-in rates upto 25%, you can build list 30 times faster than email. Read this post on how bloggers are using iZooto
  • Segment Users: Using iZooto you can analyse your subscribers as per their geography, device used, browsing behaviour.

  • Personalised Notifications: Using iZooto you can send personalised notifications to subscribers. Read here how

* Native Language Support: Send notifications in your native language. * Rich Notifications: Add images, icons, emoticons to your notifications. Also add call to action buttons to your notification to drive users to take action. * Local Time Zone Support: Ensure that you notifications are delivered to your users as per their local time * Notification Expiry: Set expiry time for notifications so that users donÕt get stale notifications

  • Schedule Notifications: Schedule notifications across time zones with click of a button

  • Welcome Notifications: Send a welcome notification to your users and show them your gratitude

  • Collaborate: Invite your team and assign them different roles

  • APIs: Use our web push APIs to personalise your user communication

  • Analytics: Track your subscribers, churn and notification response in real time.

Audience Builder
One of the key flagship features on iZooto is Audience Builder. Audience Builder allows you to >build dynamic audience segments using powerful filters. Read more about using Audience Builder >here. Audience Builder also allos you to include and exclude specific audience segments Key filters include:

  • Tags: Using Tags you can associate your subscribers with specific tags. You can also define multiple >tags for a single website visitor. You can then create your custom audience availing this data >and use it while executing your web push notification campaign. Read more tags here

  • Geo Targeting Filters: Using the Geo Targeting filters allow you identify subscribers in a specific location and tailor >your communication accordingly. It allows you >to filter audience basis Country, State and even >City.

  • Device:Using Device filter, you can specifically segment mobile, desktop and tablet users.

  • Subscription Date: You can selectively target subscriber basis their date of subscription.

  • Campaign Performance Filter: Selectively target people who are responding or not responding to your campaigns.

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  1. izooto-web-push screenshot 1

    iZooto plugin on WordPress dashboard.

  2. izooto-web-push screenshot 2

    Registration step for new users.

  3. izooto-web-push screenshot 3

    Registration step for existing users.

  4. izooto-web-push screenshot 4

    Plugin features- Autopush Notification, Default Notification and Default UTM.

  5. izooto-web-push screenshot 5

    Campaign reports with iZooto WordPress plugin.

  6. izooto-web-push screenshot 6

    iZooto web push notification for mobile.

  7. izooto-web-push screenshot 7

    iZooto web push notification for desktop.


  1. Search for 'izooto' plugin in your plugin directory, click on ‘Install’.
  2. Go to the list of your installed plugin.
  3. Search for izooto> Click on 'activate'. With this step you have successfully added iZooto plugin on your WordPress dashboard.


  1. Signup on with your website information.
  2. Get iZooto ID for your website from Settings > Integration Details > iZooto Plugins.
  3. Enter the iZooto ID for your website here and submit.

Sending notifications and analysis-

  1. You may login to iZooto panel to check no. of subscribers and send notifications.

Additional Resources

  1. How to generate your Firebase Sender ID and Server Key
  2. Welcome Notification Templates

Read this post on how to implement web push notification the right way


Integration with http/https sites


Create and push campaign using plugin. Easy Integration.


Feature Image as campaign's icon fix.


Removed HTML from title and body from campaign data.


Simplified setup and activation, moved features and reports to


Compatibility tested with Wordpress 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7. Addition of new performance filters in Audience builder section

How much does this plug-in cost?

The basic plan is free for upto 5k subscribers. More information here.

Does it work for both - HTTP, HTTPS sites?

Yes, the same iZooto plugin works for both - HTTP, HTTPS sites. When you sign-up on iZooto, you need to specify and confirm website protocol. Plugin takes care of placing and integrating the required JS code on your website.

How do I check whether the plugin has been successfully installed or not?

You would see a message on the plugin saying - iZooto web push is currently active on your site.’ Your website visitors would start seeing subscription prompt asking them to subscribe to web push notifications.

Which device and browsers platforms are supported?

Push notifications are supported on Chrome (Version 42+) - Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Firefox - Desktop (Version 44+), Mobile (Version 48+) Safari (Version 7+) - Mac OS X only

How can I activate iZooto web push?

Please enter iZooto ID on the plugin dashboard and submit it, it will place and integrate JS code on the site activating web push immediately.

I am unable to locate iZooto ID for my site, what should I do?

iZooto ID for your website would be available on iZooto panel, under Settings > Integration Details > Plugins. Please write to us at if you are unable to locate iZooto ID for your website.

How do I see total no. of subscribers for my site?

Total no. of subscribers are available on iZooto panel.

How do I send notifications to my subscribers?

Please login to iZooto panel, go to Campaign Manager > Create Campaign.

Will my subscribers have to download this plugin in order to receive notifications?

No, not required.

Which version of WordPress is it compatible with?

3.0.1 or higher.

Do I need to install it for all my websites separately?

Yes, the plugin needs to be installed separately for all your websites. However, you may use same account on iZooto panel to add multiple websites.

Arbitrary section

Please contact us at for any queries.

Version 3.0.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 31 Jan 2017

Date Added: 12 Mar 2016

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