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MyEffecto-Instant Visual Feedback

Customizable emotion-based widget, which help to increase your Blog Engagement.

A simple emotion based rating widget, which appears below blog post where readers can give feedback after reading the blog post.


  • Instant Visual Feedback : Track your visitor sentiments by one-click feedback

  • Share With Emotion : Share your blog post with emotion hashtags and emoji

  • Recommendation : Recommend post within your blogs based on visitor's reaction

  • Customization : Customize emoticon names, look and feel

  • Upload : icons/emoji's of your choice

  • Multi-language Support MyEffecto currently support following languages:-
    • English
    • Italiano
    • Español (Spanish)
    • Français (French)
    • हिन्दी (Hindi)
    • Portuguese
    • العربية (Arabic)
    • Indonesia
    • Türk (Turkish)
    • Dansk (Danish)
    • русский (Russian)
    • Deutsch (German)
    • עברית (Hebrew)
    • magyar (Hungarian)
    • 日本人 (Japanese)
    • Norsk (Norwegian)
    • ภาษาไทย (Thai)
    • Română (Romanian)
    • Lietuvių (Lithuanian)
    • Ελληνικά (Greek)

also users can customize language by using edit option in plugin configure screen

Other Features

  • Custom-Widget : Based on user request we have provided custom widgets like Most-Voted content, trending article sidebar. We use wordpress short-code for custom-widget, For more info visit :

  • Blog Promotion : We provide Free Blog promotion for some selected blog's based on category, content and type of blog. To bring more traffic to your website


Email support(at)myeffecto(dot)com for any help.
Our support is limited to English language at the moment. Support days: Monday to Friday. We will revert within 24 hours.

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  1. instant-feedback screenshot 1

    Myeffecto plugin CSS version

  2. instant-feedback screenshot 2

    Myeffecto plugin Image version

  3. instant-feedback screenshot 3

    Myeffecto plugin after click (share & recommendation)

  4. instant-feedback screenshot 4

    Myeffecto admin page in wordpress

  5. instant-feedback screenshot 5

    Myeffecto plugin create page

  6. instant-feedback screenshot 6

    Myeffecto plugin-setting page

How to add myeffecto on your blog

How to install

  1. 'Upload' MyEffecto to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

  3. 'MyEffecto' will now be seen in the Settings tab.

  4. From the Menu Section Click on 'MyEffecto', First Login Or Register to MyEffecto and you will be redirected to the configuration page.

  5. Then Select the set of emoticons according to the category you'd like to use for
    your blog posts. (This plugin will be set, by default, for the whole blog. You may customize them individually for each blog post at the time of publishing a post)

  6. To set the emoticons set for an invidual/specific post, you will get the option under the Post Editor to select the set.

Using wordpress short-code for plugin placement

  1. Our plugin usually appears on bottom of the post

  2. Inorder to change its position please use this tag [effecto-bar] inside your post

  3. for details visit here

For more support Click here


Critical update. Please update to this version. Previous version of plugin will be deprecated


Feature added to disable plugin on mobile at blog settings


plugin update for wordpress 4.5.3


Security & Privacy issue fixed Some ohter Bug Fix. Plugin updated for Wordpress 4.5.2


Bug Fix. Plugin updated for Wordpress 4.4


UI Changes


Conflict with jetpost wordpress plugin resolved


New Most voted Widget added. Use ShortCode [effecto-emo-bar]


shortcode '[effecto-bar]' functionality updated


bug occurred when plugin table get deleted fixed


error on external myeffecto login resolved


Bug Fixes and small UI changes


Critcal update. Login removed for new myeffecto users.


Advance Script non-blocking code, Enables to control the speed of the plugin without hindering other plugins Goto myeffecto setting to set plugin load speed


Homepage shortcode fixed.


NEW Feature! Activity Widget Released


Bug Fixed for first time installation with custom post blogs.


Choose on which custom post the plugin is to be disabled on Admin page -> Settings -> MyEffecto.


BugFix : Myeffecto Wp-login issue. Submitted by user - IAN


New Disable Setting for 'Custom Posts' has been added in Admin page -> Settings -> MyEffecto.


Custom Post issue fixed


Disabled Plugin on custom post type


Plugin loading issue on https protocol sites solved.


Add new option to update plugin style like Emoticon type, size, color, etc.


Increased plugin loadspeed by adding google pagespeed cdn for javascript


Shortcode bugfixed


Updated bugfix, removed inline script from plugin


Place plugin anywhere inside post using [effecto-bar] shortcode


  • Added new setting for plugin visibility on Admin page -> Settings -> MyEffecto. User can now control whether the plugin should be shown on post or pages/articles.


  • Some UI changes on plugin meta box on post edit page


  • Added Wordpress short-code feature to change the position of plugin inside a post. Read instructions at installion section myeffecto wordpress plugin page


  • plugin conflicit issue with other plugins resolved


  • Moved static files (css,img,js) to myeffecto CDN Server
  1. Is MyEffecto FREE to use? Yes. You can select a MyEffecto Emotional Feedback Emoticon set from our public library and use it for FREE. You can also request for customizable buttons, also currently free.

  2. How do I know the MyEffecto Emotional Feedback Emoticon set I have chosen are the right ones? We have made it as easy as possible for you to get the right Emoticon set. Each emoticon set has been classified for a variety of editorial content product launches, product reviews, opinion pieces, features stories, profiles, news reports, photo-features, recipes, new appointments, financial result announcements and whole bunch of stuff. So whether you are putting together your own original content or curated content across sports, fashion, films, entertainment, business or any other category you will find a MyEffecto Feedback Emotion set suitable to your need.You have to work on your best judgement based on the sets provided and try them out.Ultimately, the feedback you receive will primarily be a function of your content and your audience. We recommend trying out different sets if your original set is not working. You may also customize your own Emoticon set.

  3. Can I change the MyEffecto Emotional Feedback Emoticon Set at any point in time? Absolutely. The MyEffecto Emotional Feedback Emoticon Set is completely based on the choice of the author and publisher. However, the data around the earlier emoticon set will be lost.

  4. Does a user or reader need to be signed in to provide feedback? At the moment, the user does not need to be signed in to provide feedback. If he chooses to share the article on his social network (options available for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) he will then need to sign in to his social network account (and not a MyEffecto account or yours) to do so.

  5. How can I be sure that the feedback mechanism can't be gamed? We ensure one can only click on the MyEffecto Feedback once. For the moment, he cannot undo his choice.

  6. Many of my readers may read the entire article, do you have an option wherein I can display the widget adjacent to the article or in any other fashion that can capture feedback whenever they stopped reading? Not at the moment. We are working on it.

  7. I have finished reading the article, however the MyEffecto Widget has still not loaded. MyEffecto Emotional Feedback Widget loads simultaneously with other widgets and usually loads instantly. However, since the widget is being served from our (third-party) server and not yours, there may be instances where the widget will have a delayed appearance.

  8. Can I export the reports from the MyEffecto Engagement Analytics Dashboard? No. You can't export the reports in excel and pdf format at the moment.

  9. I have added the MyEffecto Feeback Plugin. But I can't see the Configuration option in 'Add New Post tab'. Nothing to worry about. Simply refresh the page. If the problem persists, please write to us at support(at)myeffecto(dot)com

  10. How does MyEffecto recommend articles to my reader? While at the moment, MyEffecto uses only simple 'most rated' mechanisms to push content recommendation; it will use a far sophisticated approach to drive recommendation once the data available with us crosses a certain threshold. The recommendation will be based on a proprietary algorithm involving the user feedback, category of the articles, the users behavior, general audience behavior and many other such factors.

  11. What is the information I can get through MyEffecto Engagement analytics? Till the time we enable login based posting, you can view the following data :

  • Pageviews per post (Unique and otherwise)

  • Overall pageviews (Unique and otherwise)

  • Quantity of feedback received (Clicks on relevant MyEffecto Emotion Set) per post

  • Overall quantity of feedback received

  • Engagment Analytics (Feedback Received v/s Unique Visitors)

  • Type of devices accessing the post

  • Locations from the post is being accessed

  • Time of day post is being accessed and shared

  • Shares on each social network per feedback

  • Click Through Ration (CTR) for Content Recommendation (Ratio of Content Recommendation Clicks to number of times Recommended Content is served up)

  • What article leads to a referral of what post

  • Number of time each recommended post is visited

For any unanswered questions, please write to us at support(at)myeffecto(dot)com

Version 3.7

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 30 Jan 2017

Date Added: 30 Aug 2013

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