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Inactive Logout

Logs out users within defined time when inactive. Modify to show only wake up message and not log out as well. Supported for multisites as well.

Make your WP account secure from snoopers, friends to protect your data by assuring auto log out system within a certain defined time. This will help you keep safe from any users using same machine to access your account in case you are away and forgot to logout and kept your site logged open.

Simple but works efficiently. Nothing much to explain on plugin use. As its simple to use. You can find inactive settings under settings menu in admin dashboard.

Some Feature Highlights.

  1. Change idle timeout time.
  2. Count down of 10 seconds before actual logout. You can remove this feature if you dont want it.
  3. Add only Wake Up! message where user will not logout but instead a wakeup message will be shown upon inactive.
  4. Custom Popup Message.
  5. Choose to use concurrent logout functionality derived from prevent concurrent logins by Frankie Jarrett. Thumbs up here too !
  6. Redirect to a Different Page instead of Popup box. Create a page such as timeout page and add your content there by creating a blank template or style it as you wish according to your theme.

In order to style dialog boxes you can use css classes. Also, works in frontend view as well.

See the Inactive Logout homepage for further information. Contact Developer for those who need to write plugins.

There's a GIT repository too if you want to contribute a patch. Please check issues. Pull requests are welcomed.

Please consider giving a 5 star thumbs up if you fond this useful.

Author Deepen Bajracharya
Contributors j__3rk
Tags auto logout, autologout, automatic logout, concurrent login, concurrent logout, idle, idle logout, idle user, inactive, inactive user, logout, multiple sessions, multiple user logout, multisite, multisite autologout, multisite inactive logout, multisite inactive user
  1. inactive-logout screenshot 1

    Showing Inactive Logout Settings Page.

  2. inactive-logout screenshot 2

    Wakeup functionality message box.

  3. inactive-logout screenshot 3

    Session going to logout if continue is clicked then session will not end.

Upload the plugin to your blog, Activate it, Load...and You're done!


  • Feature: Added Redirection to different page after logout functionality.
  • Bug: Minor bug fixes.


  • Bug: Activation Bug Fix


  • Corrected Swedish Translation. Thanks to @nijen


  • Corrected German Translation. Thanx to Roland Dietz.
  • Corrected Localization String in Helper Class.


  • Added Concurrent Login Functionality referencing from prevent concurrent logins by Frankie Jarrett
  • Fixed Translation Errors
  • Added Swedish Translation thanks to @nijen
  • Added Popup Solid Background Feature
  • Few Bug Fixes


  • Initial Release
Version 1.2.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.5.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 12 Feb 2017

Date Added: 20 Jan 2017

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