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ILAB Media Tools

Set of tools for enhancing media in WordPress. Includes image cropper, host media from S3 or CDN, integrate with Imgix and an advanced image editor.

ILAB Media Tools are a suite of tools designed to enhance media handling in WordPress in a number of ways.

NOTE: This plugin requires PHP 5.5x or higher (PHP 7.x preferred)

Image Cropping

ILAB Media Tools ships with the most advanced image cropping tool available for WordPress, based on Chen Fengyuan's amazing Cropper plugin for jQuery.

Upload to S3

Automatically copy media uploads to S3 and hosts your media directly from S3 or CloudFront. Additionally, easily import your existing media library to Amazon S3 with the push of a button.

Integrate with Imgix

Imgix will radically change the way that you build your WordPress sites and themes. This plugin is the best integration available for WordPress. Upload your images to S3 with our S3 tool and then host the media with Imgix, providing you with real-time image processing and automatic format delivery. Forget ImageMagick, Imgix is light years ahead in quality and speed.

Advanced Image Editing

When integrating with Imgix, ILAB Media Tools provides the most advanced WordPress image editor. Alter contrast, saturation, vibrancy and over 30 other image editing operations - in real time right inside the WordPress admin interface! Completely non-destructive!

Best of all you get this functionality for free.

  • Advanced image cropping tool
  • Upload to S3
  • Host media from S3 or any CDN that can connect to S3
  • Integrate with Imgix media hosting
  • Advanced image editing with saturation, contrast, auto-correct, sharpen, blur and more (only when integrated with Imgix)

For more info (grab popcorn, it's kind of long!):

Author Jon Gilkison
Contributors interfacelab
Tags Amazon S3, AWS, CDN, cloudfront, crop, image editing, image editor, images, imgix, media, media library, mirror, offload, offload s3, s3, uploads
  1. ilab-media-tools screenshot 1

    Easy image cropping for all croppable image sizes defined in your theme.

  2. ilab-media-tools screenshot 2

    Make adjustments to your images like saturation, vibrancy, contrast when using Imgix.

  3. ilab-media-tools screenshot 3

    Stylize your images easily when using Imgix.

  4. ilab-media-tools screenshot 4

    Amazon S3 settings.

  5. ilab-media-tools screenshot 5

    Imgix settings.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ilab-media-tools directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  3. Enable the tools you want through the ILab Media Tools -> Tools settings page.
  4. For S3, enter your AWS credentials in the ILab Media Tools -> S3 Settings* page.
  5. For Imgix, enter your Imgix settings in the ILab Media Tools -> Imgix Settings page.
  6. Once your settings are complete, use the ILab Media Tools -> S3 Importer to import your current media library to Amazon S3.


  • Fix for image sizes disappearing in the insert media dialog.


  • Fixed a bug where SEO Framework and some other plugins were resizing images on the fly, causing an image to be downloaded to be resized.
  • You can now specify a prefix to be prepended to file names when uploaded to S3.


  • Improved compatibility with other plugins that are using the AWS SDK. There should be zero compatibility issues.
  • Forward compatibility with Offload S3. Any media uploaded with Offload S3 will continue to work normally when switching to ILAB Media Tools.
  • Check to make sure WordPress is being run on 5.5 or better.


  • Updated readme.txt to indicate PHP version


  • Fix for generating Imgix URLs for dynamically sized images.


  • Correct versioning


  • Update readme.txt


  • First release

How does this compare to WP Offload S3?

This essentially does everything that WP Offload S3 does but is free. It includes an import function for importing your current library to S3 that only the pro version of WP Offload S3 has. Otherwise, they work almost exactly the same.

Why should I use Imgix?

One of the headaches of managing a WordPress site is dealing with server disk space. If you just use the S3 functionality of this plugin, you are already one step ahead. Using S3, all of your media is centrally located in one place that you can then distribute through a high performing content delivery network to improve page load speeds for your site. You also don't have to worry about disk space on your servers anymore.

Imgix is a content delivery network with a twist. In addition to distributing your media, it also allows you to edit them, in real-time. and deliver the edited version through their CDN without altering the original. Want to add a new image size to your theme? You can do this with Imgix without having to use a plugin to recut all of your existing media to this new size. Imgix optimizes format delivery and a bunch of other things. It's seriously the greatest thing to happen to WordPress and web development in the history of ever.

Are you a paid shill for Imgix?

No, I'm just one very enthusiastic customer.

Version 1.1.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 15 Feb 2017

Date Added: 12 Jul 2016

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