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Get backlinks

Get Backlinks lets your visitors link back to your site.

Get Backlinks Plugin

The Get Backlinks Plugin allows visitors to easily link to your website by copying an html code. This is a great way to get more backlinks to your site.

As content marketing specialists, we are constantly on the look out for ways to make sure that our content is delivered to the right people. The ethos for our content is, in essence, to engage with readers and to give them quality information that they can use meaningfully in their lives. If our content does not reach our audience, all our hard work will have been for nothing and, at the end of the day, both sides of the equation lose out.

An important part of a marketer’s job is to understand how potential readers discover your content or product. There are several ways a reader can arrive at your website – through a social media link, through random browsing or even through good old fashioned word-of-mouth. However, the biggest traffic source is usually a search engine. This also determines the type of user that most often makes use of this method. In order to use a search engine, you must already have a product or service in mind – you must type something in the search bar otherwise nothing happens. The search term or terms are an important source of data for those looking to boost their product and market it more effectively.

Now, most people will usually choose a link (provided by their search engine of choice) that falls on the first page of results. It stands to reason that the sites that are displayed on that front page do better in terms of user traffic. How do you get to the front page? Simple. First you must understand Google’s algorithms. There are several algorithms at work when websites are collected and indexed by Google’s bots, called spiders. The most important is that the content is relevant – spamming you page with nonsense words is the best way to lose any ranking you had. Another way Google determines that your site has value is by its link network. Relevant, accurate and reliable content is often linked to by other sites, themselves usually relevant, accurate and reliable. The Google bots analyze what kind of backlinks connect your site to others – is the backlinking site reliable and relevant? Does it offer users a quality product? Is it spam?

Quality backlinks are an excellent way to boost your rankings. But how can you be sure that your readers, themselves owners of blogs or sites, link to your site effectively? All that positive link juice will be lost if that link is not correct. The Get Backlinks Plugin solves all of these potential pitfalls. This lightweight widget will provide your readers with a failsafe string of code and a ‘Copy All’ button built in. Readers who would like to link to your site can simply click that button and paste the link onto their blog. Simple!

From the Wordpress backend, you can customize almost everything about the widget. Change its location, appearance, presence or absence of the button, edit the text that appears on the widget and so on. It also comes with a built-in click counter, letting you know how many clicks your button has attracted in a day, week or month.

Install the plugin on your WordPress website, activate it and display it in widget or in post/page using the shortcode [get_backlink] to get a backlink.

Good luck!

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Upload Get backlinks to your website and activate.

- Add the widget to your sidebar or any widget area or use the shortcode [get_backlink] on your post or page.
- You're done.

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