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Fyrebox Shortcode

Display a Fyrebox quiz on your blog with a shortcode.

Fyrebox makes it easy to create interactive quizzes for your blog. Create a quiz to generate leads, to educate or simply to engage your audience. Over 90% of our users create a quiz within 10 minutes of creating an account. It is so easy that primary/secondary students use Fyrebox for their assignments. We even wrote a blog post about it: How Students Use Fyrebox

The Fyrebox Shortcode plugin allows you to easily display a Fyrebox Quiz on your Wordpress Blog by using a shortcode. The shortcode for your quiz is located in the "Share" page of your quiz, available right on Fyrebox dashboard.


[fyrebox gid="RBkzEXpGLo" gt="6" oid="2TKxpeyZpH" /]

Display the Grammy Awards Quiz shown on the homepage at

`[fyrebox gid="yRrLy8xaLX" gt="4" oid="2TKxpeyZpH" /]' Display the where do you want to go next? Scenario quiz shown on the homepage at

Author Fyrebox
Contributors cyrilg
Tags email list, fyrebox, lead generation, marketing, quizzes, shortcode, social media, widget
  1. fyrebox-shortcode screenshot 1

    This is how the Yes No Quiz looks like (the bar at the top is a time limit)

  2. fyrebox-shortcode screenshot 2

    This is what the Instructions Page looks like

Manual Installation Just copy the folder fyrebox-shortcode folder in the folder wp-content/plugin of your page and activate it on the plugin list.

Recommended Installation 1. search for Fyrebox after clicking on Plugins > Add New. 2. Activate the plugin.


  • First version


  • Change iframe link


  • Made quiz responsive, improved plugin description with relevant links


  • removed scrolling, added fullscreen

What is Fyrebox makes it easy to create interactive quizzes for your website or facebook page. Create a quiz to generate leads, educate or simply to engage your audience.

Where if I have a question? You can raise a support request at any time from any page on Fyrebox or check out our knowledge base

Version 1.5

Requires WordPress version: 2.6.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.2.12

Last Updated 28 Sep 2016

Date Added: 24 May 2013

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