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Fundraisers for WooCommerce

Raise funds and offer rewards for any event using your WooCommerce store.

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This plugin allows you to create fundraiser style products in your WooCommerce store with target goals and dates. Useful stats are shown on the product page, and your customers can even choose rewards based on their donation amount.

WooCommerce Fundraisers was created to integrate seamlessly into WooCommerce. Each fundraiser you create is a WooCommerce product, configured in the same way you’d configure a simple or variable product.

Now you can easily take donations for your next invention, a charity event, or your upcoming wedding; whatever your reason, creating a fundraiser couldn’t be more simple.

WooCommerce Fundraisers makes it easy to set your target goals. Choose between an amount you need to raise, a deadline date, both, or a campaign that never ends.

You can offer any number of rewards for each fundraiser you create; set a minimum donation amount, description, limit, and estimated delivery date, where applicable.

As an admin, you can view all donations for a specific fundraiser on a single page, making it easy to ship out your rewards on time.

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To install the plugin:

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  2. Click Choose File, and choose the file
  3. Once uploaded, click activate plugin.
  4. The plugin is now installed and activated.

v1.0.6 (15/11/16) [fix] Fix product url in catalog [update] Enable sold individually

v1.0.5 (13/09/16) [update] Iconic dashboard [update] Enqueue Magnific properly [fix] Disable shipping for fundraiser purchases [fix] Issue when calculating donation in ajax cart [fix] Modifying non-fundraiser products in cart [update] Sanitise and validate posted data

v1.0.4 (30/07/15) [fix] Remove attribute tab class as it interferes with other products. Still shows for fundraiser products

v1.0.3 (30/07/15) [fix] Donate once for fundraisers only, not all products [fix] Remove shorttags

v1.0.2 (29/07/15) [update] Remove *5 buffer [update] Always update donation field [update] Enable atts

v1.0.1 (10/11/14) [fix] Changed init method so it runs correctly on all themes/servers

v1.0.0 Initial Release

Version 1.0.6

Requires WordPress version: 4.6 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 15 Nov 2016

Date Added: 21 Sep 2016

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