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Frumentarii Security Malware Scanner and Anti Virus

Frumentarii is a fast and smart malware scanner. Can detect Web Malwares. With smart code highlighting you can identify the infection.

Don't let malware infection ruin your website.

Frumentarii is fast ,smart and very friendly with just a few clicks you can scan your website for malwares , viruses and backdoors

Updated database and smart signatures

Our engine is smart enough to detect not only known malwares via traditional signature but also it detect unknown malwares by tracking suspicious code.

Fast High level support

Frumentarii security team is always here for help , our support is here for you anytime 24/7.

Author Shieldfy Security Team
Contributors eslamsalem
Tags antimalware, antivirus, block hackers, exploit, exploitation, hack, hackers, infect, infection, malicious, malware, php backdoor, php shells, protection, scanner, security, security plugin, vulnerability, website security
  1. frumentarii screenshot 1

    Frumentarii dashboard.

  2. frumentarii screenshot 2

    Frumentarii malware scanner in-progress.

  3. frumentarii screenshot 3

    Scan Result , you can find two tabs one for infected files and one for suspecious files.

  4. frumentarii screenshot 4

    With our smart editor you can find the lines infected highlighted so you can fix it later.

  5. frumentarii screenshot 5

    You can open scan histroy anytime to find old scan results.

  6. frumentarii screenshot 6

    within your dashboard you can ask for support or order an expert help to clean your website.

  1. install your plugin and activate it and you are good to go

What is that plugin do ?

Frumentarii scan your website to detect malwares and backdoors

is this plugin for free

Yes, Frumentarii plugin is for free but its limited to number of files scanned. You can scan unlimited number of files by upgrading to premium plan.

Will Frumentarii Security slow my site down?

No , Frumentarii uses smart analyze caching to improve the prefomance. So no need to worry about preformance or CPU Usage.

Version 1.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 08 Oct 2016

Date Added: 25 Sep 2016

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