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Front End PM

Front End PM is a Private Messaging system and a secure contact form to your WordPress site.This is full functioning messaging system from front end.

Front End PM is a Private Messaging system to your WordPress site.This is full functioning messaging system from front end. The messaging is done entirely through the front-end of your site rather than the Dashboard. This is very helpful if you want to keep your users out of the Dashboard area.

Some Front End PM PRO Features

  • Multiple Recipients
  • Only admin
  • Email Piping
  • Read Receipt
  • Email template
  • Email template tag
  • Announcement Email queue

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  • Works through a Page rather than the dashboard. This is very helpful if you want to keep your users out of the Dashboard area!
  • Users can privately message one another
  • Threaded messages/Individual message
  • Ability to embed things into messages like YouTube, Photobucket, Flickr, Wordpress TV, more.
  • Admins can send a public announcement for all users to see or to perticular role(s).
  • Admins can set the max amount of messages a user can keep in his/her box per role basis. This is helpful for keeping Database sizes down.
  • Admins can set how many messages to show per page in the message box.
  • Admins can set how many user to show per page in front end directory.
  • Admins can set will email be sent to all users when a new announcement is published or not.
  • Admins can set "to" field of announcement email.
  • Admins can set Directory will be shown to all or not.
  • Admins can block any user to send private message.
  • Admins can set time delay between two messages send by a user.
  • Admins can see all other's private message.
  • Admins can block all users to send new message but they can send reply of their messages.
  • Admins can hide autosuggestion for users.
  • There are three types of sidebar widget.
  • Users can select whether or not they want to receive messages
  • Users can select whether or not they want to be notified by email when they receive a new message.
  • Users can select whether or not they want to be notified by email when a new announcement is published.



You can visit Front End PM and contact with me for paid support.

Author Shamim
Contributors shamim51
Tags Akismet, akismet check, contact form, email, front end, front end pm, frontend, frontend pm, mail, message, page, personal message, plugin, pm, private message, secure contact form, shortcode, sidebar, simple contact form, widget
  1. front-end-pm screenshot 1


  2. front-end-pm screenshot 2


  3. front-end-pm screenshot 3

    Front End Directory.

  4. front-end-pm screenshot 4

    Admin settings page.

  5. front-end-pm screenshot 5

    Messagebox settings.

  6. front-end-pm screenshot 6

    Security settings.

  1. Upload "front-end-pm" to the "/wp-content/plugins/" directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a new page.
  4. Paste code [front-end-pm] for Front End pm under the HTML tab of the page editor.
  5. Publish the page add select this page as "Front End PM Page" in settings page of this plugin.

Need more instruction? you can visit Front End PM and contact with me for paid support.


  • New feature, search users in directory
  • New feature, toggle all messages when view message
  • new filter hook fep_filter_display_participants added.
  • new filter hook fep_query_url_filter added.


  • Security update
  • new action hook fep_get_announcement_column_content_{$column} added.
  • new action hook fep_message_table_column_content_{$column} added.
  • new filter hook fep_get_option added.
  • new filter hook fep_get_user_option added.


  • Introduce template system
  • Better error handler
  • More developer friendly
  • Performance improved


  • Full WP Editor support
  • Allow attachment by default checked
  • Translation issue fix.
  • new action hook fep_action_after_add_email_filters added.
  • new action hook fep_action_after_remove_email_filters added.
  • Email piping (PRO)
  • Read receipt (PRO)


  • Announcement count fix
  • Announcement filter fix
  • Magic quote fix.
  • new class Front_End_Pm added.
  • Add fep_filter_ajax_notification_interval.
  • new tab added in admin settings.
  • javascript error fix.
  • Better plugin uninstal handle.
  • PRO version release.


  • Inbox Outbox message count fix
  • Inbox Outbox message alternate output fix
  • Message delete bug fix.
  • Show participants in message.
  • new function fep_is_user_admin added.
  • remove unnecessary function call.
  • Show login link instead of redirect user to login page.
  • uninstall.php added.
  • Extensions page added. Now available extensions can be seen from dashboard extensions page of this plugin.


  • If you are updating from version 3.3 or less please read also changelog for 4.1
  • Use custom capability for messages and announcements.
  • Better control of messages and announcements.
  • Minor bug fixed.
  • POT file updated.


  • This is almost a new plugin. If you are updating from any previous version please See screenshots and others changes first.
  • It is highly recommended to update any staging site first.
  • If you have any customized code (or plugin ) for this plugin make sure they are updated first to work with this new version.
  • Use custom post type rather than custom database table for both message and announcement.
  • Use settings API for back-end settings page of this plugin.
  • UI changed.
  • Better hook.
  • Better options for admin.
  • Now you can switch between thereded message view or individual message view.
  • textdomain changed to use wordpress online translation.
  • Now announcement can be published per role basis.
  • Better controling who can send message or reply or use any other options.
  • Embed issue fixed.


  • Critical Security update. Found cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability and fixed.
  • Please update as soon as possible.


  • Security update. Admin could accidently delete all messages from database. fixed.
  • Now header notification is in real time by ajax.
  • FEP Contact Form link added.
  • Translation issues fixed.
  • Admin page changed.
  • Some CSS and JS bug fixes.
  • Other some minor bug fixes.
  • POT file updated.


  • Many useful hooks are added. so anyone can change almost anything of this plugin without changing any core code of this plugin.
  • Message and announcement editor now support Wp Editor.
  • Now code can be posted between backticks.
  • Multiple attachment in same message.
  • Now you can add multiple attachment in announcement also.
  • Attachment size, amount configurable.
  • Now show any new message or new announcement notification in header (configurable).
  • Announcement now reset after seen. User can also delete announcement from their announcement box (only for him/her).
  • Now admin can see how many users seen that announcement.
  • Use of transient increases so less db query.
  • Now Widgets can be used multiple times.You can cofigure widgets now. You can also use hooks.
  • Now use wordpress ajax for autosuggestion when typing recipent name.
  • Custom CSS support. admin can add CSS from backend to add or override this plugins CSS.
  • Now script and plugin files added only when needed.
  • You can also add or remove any file of this plugin using hook.
  • Messages between two users can be seen.
  • New options are added in admin settings.
  • Some CSS and JS bug fixes.
  • Other some minor bug fixes.
  • POT file updated.


  • New option to send attachment in both pm and contact form.
  • Attachment in stored in front-end-pm folder inside upload folder and contact form attachment is stored inside front-end-pm/contact-form folder.
  • Message count in header bug fixes.
  • Security bug fixes where non-admin user could see all messages.


  • IP blacklist now support range and wildcard.
  • Email address blacklist,whitelist.
  • Time delay for logged out visitors also.
  • Double name when auto suggestion off fixes.
  • Department name bug fixes.
  • Other some small bug fixes.


  • Added a secure contact form.
  • Manual check of contact message.
  • AKISMET check of contact message.
  • Can configure CAPTCHA for contact message form.
  • Separate settings page for contact message.
  • Can select department and to whom message will be send for that department.
  • Can set separate time delay to send message of a user via contact message.
  • Reply directly to Email address from front end.
  • Send Email to any email addresss from front end.
  • Use wordpress nonce instead of cookie.
  • All forms nonce check before process.
  • Added capability check to use messaging.
  • Capability and nonce check before any action.
  • Security Update.
  • Some css fix.
  • POT file updated.


  • Parent ID and time check server side.
  • Escape properly before input into database.
  • Some css fix.
  • Email template change.
  • Recommended to update because some core functions have been changed and from this version (1.3) those functions will be used.


  • Using display name instead of user_login to send message (partially).
  • Send email to all users when a new announcement is published (there are options to control).
  • Now admins can set time delay between two messages send by a user.
  • Bug fixes in bbcode and code in content when send message.
  • Security fixes in autosuggestion.
  • New options are added in admin settings.
  • No more sending email to sender.
  • Javascript fixes.


  • Initial release.

How to update?


Lost messages after update from FEP Version 3.3 or less

If you update from FEP version 3.3 or less after update FEP please go to Dashboard > Front End PM > Settings > Update. This will update your messages. (also after successfully update messages it will delete it's database tables ).

FEP version 4.0+ do not use its database table anymore. It use CPT.

If you have many messages and update do not work correctly use following method. Replace front-end-pm > admin > class-fep-update.php with class-fep-update.php. DO NOT USE THIS FILE IN PRODUCTION BEFORE TEST IN STAGING SITE. Go to dashboard > Front End PM > Settings > Update and click "Start Update" JUST ONCE.It may take time as you have many messages.

Can i use this plugin to my language?

Yes. this plugin is translate ready. But If your language is not available you can make one. If you want to help us to translate this plugin to your language you are welcome. please use wordpress translation.

Where is "FEP Contact Form" which was added from version 2.0?

"FEP Contact Form" is now a separate plugin from version 3.1, so that you can use that plugin with "Front End PM" or without.

Why code comments is less?

I am very busy with my job. In my leisure i code for plugins. If you want to help to add comments to the code or indentation you are welcome.

Where to contact for paid support?

You can visit Front End PM and contact with me for paid support.

Version 4.8

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 23 Dec 2016

Date Added: 20 Apr 2014

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