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Free Forms & CRM

Without writing code, build beautiful, responsive forms that are connected with a free CRM. CRM is simple to use and has also advanced features.

The plugin allows you to use forms connected to the powerful Worldsoft Business Suite CRM directly on your WordPress website. It is created entirely to require only the free package of the CRM. You can create forms in the CRM and insert them in any page or post. Also the forms can be inserted as widgets. There is a form builder interface that allows you to create responsive forms as you like. The settings of the form allow to redirect to a special page or use a "thank you" text that you define, insert contacts in the CRM or not, send different kinds of notification, assign different processes to happen after the form is sent.

Free Forms & CRM plugin page

Detailed description how to use including videos for every step


  • Add fields with one click
  • Form builder
  • Responsive design included
  • Notifications by email
  • Storing data into CRM
  • Import and export data from CRM
  • Assigning groups to users that register using a specific form in order to be found after
  • Form Validation
  • Customized Confirmation Messages
  • Redirect to a URL or create a "Thank you" page
  • Standard Fields
  • Custom defined Fields
  • Shortcode works on any Post or Page
  • Embed Multiple Forms on a Post/Page
  • One click form duplication
  • Use your own CSS (if you want)
  • Multiple field layout options: arrange the fields in columns, set width of label and fields
  • Advanced interface for responsive layouts - if necessary layouts for different devices can be created
  • Anti spam system included
  • Accepts all languages
  • Accepts all styles, fonts, colors, background images and positions
  • Processes assigned to forms

Field Types

  • Standard address fields connected to CRM
  • Additional custom defined fields connected to CRM
  • Basic fields: text input, radio, checkbox, text area, select box
  • HTML field
  • Date picker
  • File upload
  • Captcha


  • Forms can add leads into the CRM as registered users, not registered users, or not adding at all (just a contact)
  • Registered users have access to client administration which is also included in the free package
  • Form content is added in the database and can be submitted by email


  • Search by keyword
  • Advanced search by any possible field
  • Sending emails to clients using email templates
  • Search clients by the form that was used for registration
  • Collecting data from different forms
  • Upload documents to clients
  • Groups of clients

SPAM Protection

  • CSRF automatically included on every form
  • Can use captcha (included)


The plugin is created with the purpose of offering a very high security to your data. The plugin does not save credentials for accessing your CRM. Access to the CRM is only available when the admin is logged into your WordPress site admin page and requires the use of oAuth. The plugin gets the minimum rights necessary to be functional: only read rights and only for getting the forms from CRM. For displaying the forms, the plugin is not connecting to CRM. These security measures are in place to keep your client related data safe, even in the undesired situation that the server where you host the page is hacked. The cloud is located in redundant data centers in Zurich, Switzerland and is protected under the Swiss law, which has high restriction related to the privacy and the data protection - thus bringing you more security for your data.

Developer friendly

The CRM has an API that gives access to all functionality. There is no part in the CRM that cannot be accessed over API. This makes the plugin and the CRM be very developer friendly. In the case that you need something that is not in the CRM, or you want to integrate it with another application, it is easy to use.

Author Cubsus, worldsoftwbs
Contributors worldsoftwbs, cubsus
Tags contact form, contact form builder, contact forms, CRM, form, form builder, form creator, forms, Free CRM, free forms, input, responsive, validation, wbs
  1. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 1

    Form Builder

  2. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 2

    Drag fields into the forms - form builder

  3. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 3

    Edit fields in the form builder

  4. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 4

    Overview clients - CRM

  5. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 5

    Client detail page - CRM

  6. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 6

    Statistics - CRM

  7. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 7

    Messages - CRM

  8. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 8

    Form rendered on a page

  9. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 9

    Add a form on a page or post

  10. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 10

    Add a form with a widget

  11. free-forms-and-crm screenshot 11

    Install the plugin

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click the Upload link
  4. Upload the plugin
  5. After WordPress installs, click on the Activate Plugin link
  6. Go to installation page on the sidebar of the admin, under Free Forms CRM, you will find a small wizard that will help you to install
  7. Step 1: Create an account in Worldsoft Business Suite. You have a button that links you directly to the page to create a free account.
  8. Step 2: Give permissions to the plugin by clicking a button. You will be asked to permit the WordPress site to access the forms in the CRM. After confirming by pressing a button the plugin is functional

Version 1.0 - Apr 4, 2016

  • Public release

Version 1.1 - Apr 7, 2016

  • Remove iframes
  • Add CRM Tips and Tricks

Version 1.2 - Apr 20, 2016

  • Test up to WordPress 4.5
  • Remove external dependencies
  • Increase security

Version 1.3 - Apr 28, 2016

  • Make all the texts translatable inside of the plugin
  • Test up to WordPress 4.5.1

Version 1.4 - Mai 9, 2016

  • Addon for Visual Composer
  • Bugfixing
  • Improve usability

Version 1.4.1 - Mai 10, 2016

  • Make the plugin compatible with PHP 5.3

Version 1.4.2 - Mai 11, 2016

  • Allow internationalization of the plugin

Version 1.4.3 - August 15, 2016

  • Tested up to WordPress 4.6

In what languages can I create forms?

The system supports any language.

How can I make the form working correctly on all devices?

The forms use responsive design by default. You have also the possibility to adapt the design for different devices directly with the form builder.

Can I receive an email when somebody fills the form?

Of course, you need just to check a check-box on the settings page. Else you have all the answers as messages in the CRM

Can I select leads based on what form they filled in?

Yes. Just assign a group to all who filled the form. After that you can use the group to search.

Can I select leads based on the answers that they gave on a question?

Yes. You can assign groups by answers, and use them for search.

Is the CRM entirely free?

Yes, the CRM is free up to 1000 clients.

Version 1.4.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.5 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 14 Nov 2016

Date Added: 23 Apr 2016

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