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Vuukle Comments - Audience Development Platform

Fastest growing audience development platform with comments, ratings, reactions widgets, related news based on user profile and monetization.

Vuukle it is not just a comments platform, we are a fully featured audience development platform, an ecosystem as we like to say, and we need to admit, we are crazy about audience engagement. This means that our goal is to make really easy for users to interact and engage with your website and by doing this we help increase time on site, pageviews per session and reduce bounce rate. A real dream right? Let’s know the features!

Vuukle Features

  • Powerful comments platform with auto-moderation
  • Reactions widget - Now your visitors will be able to express their feelings in one click
  • Social Sharing - Let your users share your content lightning fast and easy
  • Re-engagement e-mails - Whenever someone answer a comment left, Vuukle notifies the original commenter about it
  • Realtime Analytics - Our magic dashboard let’s you know exactly which topic or article performs better and much, much more than this
  • Monetization - Both by improving your internal traffic and passive revenue generation powered by Vuukle Ads.

Other Features

  • Fully Responsive
  • Really Fast
  • Easy to Install - Less than 10 Minutes
  • Easy to Customize

Average Vuukle Results

  • 2.5x More Time on Vuukle Sessions - 35% increase on overall average time on page
  • 95% More Referral Traffic
  • 55% More Organic Traffic
  • 155% More User Engagement

All this on an enterprise level platform, that’s why our numbers are skyrocketing

In 2016 we handled more than 50 billions HTTPs request, served more than 7 billion ads, and reached more than 200 million users.

Major Brands Trust Us

  • And 1000+ more

Make sure you check our website

Author Vuukle
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  1. free-comments-for-wordpress-vuukle screenshot 1

    Responsive, fast and beautiful comments platform.

  2. free-comments-for-wordpress-vuukle screenshot 2

    Reactions widget. Engage your audience even more.

  3. free-comments-for-wordpress-vuukle screenshot 3

    Powerful dashboard with real time analytics and revenue tracking.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Installation Through Wordpress

  1. Navigate to “Plugins” then “Add New” on your wp-admin sidebar.
  2. Search for “Vuukle”
  3. Install and Activate
  4. Go to “Settings” then “Vuukle” on your sidebar again
  5. And create a Vuukle account

Installation Through FTP

  1. Download our plugin from this page
  2. Unzip and upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Now go to your Wordpress dashboard on /wp-admin/
  4. Click on “Plugins” and then “Installed Plugins” on the sidebar
  5. Activate Vuukle plugin
  6. Go to “Settings” then “Vuukle” on your sidebar again
  7. And create a Vuukle account

On Vuukle settings you can also customize appearance if you need.

If you have any questions about the process or got any errors, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

Version 1.78

Requires WordPress version: 2.0.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 03 Feb 2017

Date Added: 13 May 2012

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