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Fraktjakt WooCommerce Shipping

Fraktjakt shipping method plugin for WooCommerce. Integrates DHL,DSV,FedEx,Posten/PostNord,Schenker,UPS and more through Fraktjakt.

Complete shipping integration for WooCommerce with online purchase, printing of shipping labels, booking of pickup and shipment tracking for all major shipping companies in Sweden.

Posten/Postnord, Schenker, DHL, DSV, UPS, FedEx Express and more!


Fraktjakt gives your customers access to the best parcel shipping services provided in Sweden in one complete and easy to manage solution!

Whether the customer simply wants low shipping rates, speedy delivery, convenient home delivery or to find the closest drop-off location, Fraktjakt quickly presents all the information and lets the customer decide.

Quick and easy with cheaper shipments for everyone, through Fraktjakt's discounted shipments as well as personal shipping contracts. No wonder it increases your sales!


Let your customers decide and pick their preferred shipping service and shipper.

Whether the customer simply wants low shipping rates, speedy delivery, convenient home delivery or to find the closest drop-off location, Fraktjakt quickly presents all the information and lets the customer decide.


  • Integrates multiple shipping services

  • Postnord (Posten), DHL Freight, UPS, FedEx Express, DSV, Schenker

  • Two modes of operation: (1) Customer controlled shipping and (2) Merchant controlled shipping

  • Pick which shipping services to present for your customers (only for Customer controlled shipping)

  • Use Fraktjakts discounted shipping rates, or use your own shipping contracts

  • Consolidate all your shipment purchases on a monthly monthly invoice (If qualified. Excluding Schenker Privpaks offerings)

  • Booking of shipments

  • Pickup bookings

  • EDI sent to shippers

  • Printing of shipping labels

  • Printing of Commercial/Proforma invoices (exports)

  • Package tracking

  • Fraktjakt account free of charge!


Fraktjakt for WooCommerce requires the WooCommerce plugin as well as an account on Fraktjakt. You will need to enter your Fraktjakt consignor ID and key in this shipping module to activate it. The account is free of charge and is used to administrate your shipments.

Register your free account on Fraktjakt.

PLEASE NOTE that Fraktjakt currently only supports Swedish webshops!


Download our User Manual for Fraktjakt WooCommerce shipping method in PDF

Author Fraktjakt AB (Sweden)
Contributors Fraktjakt
Tags Bring, dhl, DSV, Fedex, Frakt, Fraktintegrering, fraktmodul, Paket, posten, PostNord, Schenker, shipping, shipping method, UPS, woocommerce
  1. fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce screenshot 1

    Example of customer interface to select shipping alternatives.

  2. fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce screenshot 2

    WooCommerce admin interface for the Fraktjakt module settings

  3. fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce screenshot 3

    Fraktjakt shipping method in WooCommerce

  4. fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce screenshot 4

    Basic webshop settings in Fraktjakt

  5. fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce screenshot 5

    Order view in Fraktjakt.

  6. fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce screenshot 6

    Posten national waybill.

  7. fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce screenshot 7

    FedEx international waybill.

  1. Select 'Add new' in the 'Plugins' menu to find and install the current Fraktjakt plugin for WooCommerce.

  2. Activate the plugin.

  3. Setup the module under 'WooCommerce' / 'Setting' / 'Shipping' / 'Fraktjakt'

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the folder fraktjakt-shipping-for-woocommerce manually to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory through FTP.

  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

  3. Setup the module under 'WooCommerce' / 'Setting' / 'Shipping' / 'Fraktjakt'


  • Unicode fix (2017-01-27)
  • --> The Merchant Controlled action buttons should now display more correctly formatted symbols with unicode.


  • Compatibility issues (2017-01-25)
  • --> The module now has better overall compatibility. Fixes issues that some users has experienced in their installations.


  • Compatibility (2016-07-21)
  • --> The module now supports the new shipping method in WooCommerce 2.6.
  • Buggfixes (2016-07-21)
  • --> Fix for the unicode of handle shipment


  • Buggfixes (2016-06-10)
  • --> Set correct commodity unit_price when creating a shipment using the Fraktjakt Shipment API.


  • Buggfixes (2016-04-19)
  • --> Trim() for input value in Estimated shipping costs, to avoid bugs in some themes.
  • --> Lazyfix to avoid calculating shipping costs multiple times in some rare occasions.


  • Buggfixes (2016-01-12)
  • --> Fix to CSS classes to display the correct icon in the order list.


  • New functionality (2016-01-11)

  • --> Specify the Order Reference text used to prefix the woocommerce order id.

  • --> Integrator code (only for approved integrators).
  • Buggfixes (2015-11-30)
  • --> Added strip_tags to all commodities description fields to avoid sending html tags within an xml tag.


  • Buggfixes (2015-11-19)
  • --> Failsafe button "Create order connection to Fraktjakt" for orders without a saved connection works properly now.
  • --> admin_notices edit_post_link $product_errors bug is fixed.
  • --> Check that the shipment array is there before trying to use it, when nothing is returned from the Fraktjakt Query API.


  • New functionality (2015-11-11)
  • --> Better hooks to order connection for paid orders even for third party payment plugins, using hooks to both the action "Processing" and "Completed".
  • --> New automatic order connection for paid orders even using "Merchant controlled shipping".
  • --> New failsafe button "Create order connection to Fraktjakt" for orders without a saved connection.
  • --> Added JS file for scripting buttons with external URL calls
  • Design and usability (2015-11-11)
  • --> Removed product warning messages for "Merchant controlled shipping", since those warnings don't apply.
  • --> Clarified control settings with a new "Control Mode" to "Customer controlled shipping" and "Merchant controlled shipping"
  • --> New helptext for "Control Mode" and "Shipping alternatives".
  • Buggfixes (2015-11-11)
  • --> Deactivating the method through the top checkbox setting will now disable the plugin properly


  • Buggfixes (2015-10-29)
  • --> Added CSS file for styling of the Manage shipping button in Order List


  • New functionality (2015-10-26)
  • --> New Fraktjakt shipping button on Order List page
  • --> New Fraktjakt shipping button on Order Details page


  • New functionality (2015-10-15)
  • --> Send order data to Fraktjakt Shipment API. Used for Merchant controlled shipping feature.
  • --> Switch between Customer controlled shipping and Merchant controlled shipping in plug-in settings.


  • New functionality (2015-09-17)
  • --> Determine which Fraktjakt Order API method to call (type 1 or type 2).
  • --> This allows the plugin to work for webshops configured with the standard WooCommerce checkout as well as other checkouts, like Klarna checkout.


  • Buggfixes (2015-09-15)
  • --> removed utf8_encode() from the xml sent to Fraktjakt API (it was causing disfiguration of the Swedish characters)


  • New functionality (2015-09-14)
  • --> Support added for Fraktjakt Order API type 2


  • Bugfixes (2015-09-10)
  • --> Module no longer creates an order in Fraktjakt when a non-Fraktjakt method has been selected.


  • Bugfixes (2015-09-09)
  • --> Fallback functions correctly when Fraktjakt is unreachable or if the response contains no shipping alternatives.
  • --> Shipping alternatives display correctly, whether there is only one or if there are several to display.
  • --> Use shipping_first_name and shipping_last_name, instead of billing_first_name and billing_last_name.
  • --> Round off shipment value to two decimal places in the xml sent to query_xml in the calculate_shipping function.
  • --> Send country_subdivision_code in the calculate_shipping function (needed by FedEx and UPS).
  • --> Significantly shortened time of authentication when validating consignor id and key on admin settings page.


  • Minor language update and text format bugfix.


  • Added link to Fraktjakt configuration in the settings form.


  • Cosmetic bugfixes. Removes redundant colon before prices and white spaces before comma. Also corrects some text and titles in settings.


  • Changes in the presention of shipping prices

  • Fixed Swedish translation


  • Refactoring


  • Important bugfix


  • Bugfixes

  • Better error notifications


  • Several debugs, features and the addition of a debug notification


  • Reworked installation to comply with Wordpress official plugin library


  • First public version.

Address your questions to Fraktjakt Support

Version 1.6.2

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 27 Jan 2017

Date Added: 03 Aug 2015

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