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Campaign Monitor

Make it easy for customers to subscribe to your Campaign Monitor mailing lists using any of the 5 elegant sign-up forms.

Campaign Monitor for Wordpress has recently received a major usability, security, and performance update. Please upgrade to v2.0 immediately.

The Campaign Monitor for Wordpress plugin allows visitors to your WordPress site to sign up to a Campaign Monitor subscriber list, so you can create and send beautiful, personalized emails to your audience. Create and customize subscribe forms from your WordPress dashboard, place one on every page or specific pages you select, and A/B test which form type is more successful for you.

  • Slide-Out — Position a floating tab at the top, bottom, left or right of the screen. Clicking it will slide out a subscribe form. The "Form Title" text will show inside the tab.
  • Lightbox — Overlay a subscribe form while dimming the background of the site. You can show it immediately, after a specific amount of time, or after a user has scrolled a specific amount of pixels or percentage of the page.
  • Bar — A strap along the top or bottom of a page, that contains all the fields needed to sign up to the newsletter.
  • Button — Generate a button shortcode that can be inserted in a page or post. Loads the signup form as a lightbox.
  • Embedded — Generate a shortcode to insert a full signup form in a page or post.
Author Campaign Monitor
Contributors aidinsadighi, vibhorchhabra
Tags campaign monitor, email marketing, Sign-up forms
  1. forms-for-campaign-monitor screenshot 1

    Bar forms for the top/bottom of your site.

  2. forms-for-campaign-monitor screenshot 2

    Lightbox can be popped up after a certain amount of time, or once the user has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page.

  3. forms-for-campaign-monitor screenshot 3

    Slide-Out tabs. Users can click on the tab to see the entire form.

  4. forms-for-campaign-monitor screenshot 4

    Embedded forms so users can fill information without any clicks, or disruption.

  5. forms-for-campaign-monitor screenshot 5

    Button forms for one click forms without taking too much space on your site.

  6. forms-for-campaign-monitor screenshot 6

    Compare results from A/B tests.

  7. forms-for-campaign-monitor screenshot 7

    Easy to add a new form. Just select the form type, choose the Campaign Monitor List where data will be collected, and you are done.

To connect WordPress to Campaign Monitor:

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins in the left sidebar.
  • Click Add New at the top of the page then search for “Campaign Monitor”.
  • In search results, click the Install Now button on the “Campaign Monitor for Wordpress” plugin.
  • Click Activate Plugin.
  • In the left sidebar, click Campaign Monitor.
  • Enter your API key, and click Save Changes. If successful, you will see "You are connected as ," and new options will appear under "Campaign Monitor" in the left sidebar.


  • Fixes some problems with html height.


  • Fixes some conflict with jquery in cases where other plugin authors have errors in their plugins.


  • Fixes some issues with embedded form
  • Fixes some conflict with jquery.


  • Fixes some conflict with jquery.


  • Completely customize each form's colors and styling.
  • Add captcha to your forms to prevent spam.
  • Connect Campaign Monitor and Wordpress using OAuth for better security.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Tons of bug fixes.


  • remove library


  • Recoded to provide PHP 5.3 backwards compatibility. Please be advised that every PHP version before 5.4.24 contains security issues.


  • Launched Campaign Monitor for WordPress plugin.
  • Use sign-up forms to capture visitor information and send them beautifully designed, and personalized emails.
  • A/B test sign-up forms to see which perform better with your customers.
Version 2.5.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 03 Feb 2017

Date Added: 18 Feb 2016

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