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Forms: 3rdparty Phone Numbers

Forms: 3rdparty Integration add-on to parse phone numbers.

An add-on to 'Forms: 3rdparty Integration', it parses phone number fields from Contact Form submissions and exposes them to additional mapping.

Uses the PHP Port of Google's libphonenumber, which may be included via Composer instead -- see GitHub version instead.

Author zaus
Contributors zaus
Tags 3rdparty services, api, contact form, international number, parsing, phone number


  1. Unzip/upload plugin folder to your plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Make sure Forms 3rdparty Integration is installed and settings have been saved at least once.
  3. Activate this plugin
  4. Set the 'Phone number fields' option (fieldset may be collapsed by default) using URL-querystring format.

You can provide one or more phone numbers separated by & symbols. You may specify the input format (per country) with =country-code. You may specify both the input format and output format with =input-format,output-format. You may use another submission field to define the format by prefixing that field name with ##, e.g. field_name=##another_field

Will parse and split up input phone number(s) and create additional 'submission' fields (which you can map against): * FIELDNAME-CountryCode = country code * FIELDNAME-NationalNumber = regional number (without country code) * FIELDNAME-AreaCode = regional code * FIELDNAME-Subscriber = local number (without area code) * FIELDNAME-Extension = telephone extension, if present * FIELDNAME-NumberOfLeadingZeros = how many zeros it would start with if it had them * FIELDNAME-Out = reformated phone number

Example: to convert input phone-number "9195551234" in various fields:

  • field_name from assumed format into standard international +1 919-555-1234
  • field2 assuming US country code into standard regional (919) 555-1234
  • field3 from international format (requires country code +X) into url style tel:+1-919-555-1234
  • field4 from international format (requires country code +X) into a format defined by field5


  • bump giggsey/libphonenumber to v7.6.1 to fix missing autoloader file



  • updated libphonenumber from v7.2.2 to v7.4.5
  • including area code + subscriber number components


  • use another submission field as the format


  • support for input/output format


  • started

It doesn't work right...

Drop an issue at

Using field labels

Forms 3rdparty Integration makes some form plugin fields available by label as well as by id. There is a quirk in parsing url-querystrings whereby spaces in keys are turned into underscores. As of v0.4.2 this plugin will check if the key should have had spaces, so that 'your label=fieldvalue' will turn into: * your label-NationalNumber * your label-_etc_


From here, among other places

  • US = United States
  • CH = Switzerland
  • other iso country codes
  • 1 = (default) international format
  • 2 = national format
  • 3 = RFC3966 (url-format)
Version 0.4.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.5.6

Last Updated 29 Sep 2016

Date Added: 30 Dec 2015

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