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FormLift for Infusionsoft Web Forms

Adds a form editor with WordPress shortcode support to easily add Infusionsoft forms to your website

Infusionsoft is an amazing marketing tool, however it's web forms can leave you wanting more. Many styling options are left unchangeable with default Infusionsoft functionality. Thus I have taken it upon myself to add styling functionality to WordPress since Infusionsoft has now plans to overhaul the simple drag and drop builder.

Now all you have to do is copy the "un-styled HTML code" from the "CODE" section of your Infusionsoft Webform and paste it into the WordPress Form editor. Simple! And with over 40 options to style, you can make Infusionsoft Web Forms finally match the style of your website!

Author Adrian Tobey
Contributors trainingbusinesspros
Tags custom post type, editor, form, infusionsoft
  1. formlift screenshot 1

    The form-editor

  2. formlift screenshot 2

    Set default settings for all your infusionsoft forms, and have a ready preview visible!

  3. formlift screenshot 3

    Copy shortcode button

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

Method 1: 1. Upload via Plugins -> Add New page 2. Install and Activate 3. Start using!

Method 2: 1. Upload to wp-content/plugins/ 2. extract .zip file contents 3. Go to All Plugins page 4. Activate and start using.


  1. Added a User Manual with specific instruction on how to setup lead source tracking in infusionsoft and auto populate fields
  2. Added campaigns, a custom taxonomy that allows users to associated multiple web-forms with a specific campaign
  3. Changed the Remove Labels option to a yes/no drop down selection.
  4. Re-added checkboxes to the formLift columns in admin panel.


  1. Restructured code to move away from functional to object oriented.
  2. Decreased code size dramatically
  3. Removed live updates to preview when options are changed
  4. Removed Modals pending further work.
  5. Requied fields have been moved back to the main editing area


  1. Fixed Fatal error where script wasn't firing on Safari


  1. Massive UI changes
  2. jQuery Color Picker is now included for all color areas to make selecting colors easier
  3. live Updates to form preview based on input
  4. the required fields area has been moved to the preview metabox to ensure people see it and set them.
  5. required fields are now displayed as their associated label.


  1. Includes new CodeMirror Library to improve the readability and editability of HTML code!


  1. Modals have been introduced in limited functionality. BETA testing only, so use at your own risk. -Updates include: - A button shortcode that activates a modal - A modal shortcode, automatically includes the form so there is no need to place both the modal and the form shortcode on a page. - Copy buttons in the EDIT form area.
  2. The User interface has been remodeled to improve the learning curve and increase the intuitiveness of the software. -Changes include: -dropdown tabs for different styling options both in the defaults area -dropdown tabs for different styling options both in the create form area -better labelling of fields and sections
  3. The validation algorithm has again been lightened to improve speed.
  4. The errors no longer appear under the fields to improve space usage and mobile friendliness, and now appear under the form in a list of errors format.
  5. The radio button error has be removed and will now use the default missing field error
  6. Date support! Date fields carried over from Infusionsoft will be reformatted and have a DATE picker installed so you can choose dates with a UI
  7. If you decide to do so, the following fields will all have REQUIRED support. Password, Date, Number, Text, Textarea, Select, checkbox, radio


  1. Backend scalability has been improved
  2. Default Settings have been tweaked a bit.
  3. Preparations for introducing further implementation. Hint hint... Modals are coming soon.


  1. The validation was a bit loose and causing unexpected checking when parsing the form. Validation is now much more specific giving more variability


  1. Overhauled form validation, again...
  2. Over hauled the way required fields are required, you can now select which are required and which are not using checkboxes.
  3. The Email field will be required by default, to protect the user and to avoid spam.
  4. Button alignment is now a dropdown and no longer a radio button. Added some stuff to the instructions
  5. Added a quick function to make <textarea> tags behave well in6the form_code area
  6. form processing time is now a bit faster on the front end. But as slowed down in the editing area due to new options.


  1. Added automatic updates!


  1. Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to submit pform post without filling out preview form fields...
  2. Added new functions to handle validation.


  1. Changed all function name calls to associate with the prefix flp_ (form lift pro)
  2. Deactivates LITE version on activation to not cause conflicts between the two.
  3. Added an instructions page to make the user experience slightly easier.


  1. Rewrote recognition algorithm to include global functions to increase page loading speed.
  2. Added preview forms to Edit form pages
  3. Cleaned up code and fixed minor bugs.


Added a style option to align the submit button.


First public release version

Does this work with the javascript Snippet?

No, the entire point is to do away with the javascript snippet.

Does this work with landing pages?

No, the point is to place webform code so that you can create customized landing page and not have to use Infusionsoft's

Does it work with the styled web form code?

Once again no, this adds a custom style sheet to the page where you place the form, thus we have no need for the style code. In fact the styled code may cause issues to the form's stylesheet, and your own website's stylesheet

Is there any required integration?

Nope, no third parties are required. no need for api integration, everything is taken care of with the use of the provided un-styled html code from Infusionsoft.

Does the form validation catch everything?

No, the form validation with catch basic mistakes, un-answered fields, and strip any unwanted text from user input.

How much can I edit the form before it starts to interfere with the plugin?

A lot. The only thing that may cause an interference with the plugin is removing fields, adding new ones, and changing the class names of the fields.

Version 5.5

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 01 Dec 2016

Date Added: 16 Aug 2016


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