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Live Chat by Formilla - Real-time Chat Plugin

Live chat software with real-time visitor monitoring for your WordPress site! Live chat with your visitors using a clean and easy-to-use interface. Live Chat Software offers FREE live chat and Premium services for your WordPress site. Allow your visitors to chat with you live if they have any questions or need support. Live Chat Features:

  • Installs Instantly: Use the out-of-the-box Formilla Live Chat web interface to begin live chat online immediately. The live chat button will appear on your WordPress or WooCommerce site upon installation/activation of this plugin.

  • Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices: Live chat via your mobile device or tablet by using our iPhone/iPad or Android apps! Install our app and simply login to your Formilla Live Chat account to chat with customers from anywhere! This feature is available with any Premium package.

  • Mobile Ready Chat Widget: The Live Chat widget has a responsive design that adapts to smartphones of any size, making it easy for your website visitors to interact with.

  • Real-time Visitor Monitoring: Formilla Live Chat real-time visitor monitoring/tracking allows you to see the number of active visitors on your website, and initiate live chats with them. View what country the visitor is accessing your site from, their recently viewed web pages, operating system in use (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.), internet browser, referring site, new user vs. returning, IP address, and more. Formilla Live Chat visitor monitoring comes with any of our Premium account packages.

  • Language Support (International): Our Language support option allows you to customize the text of the live chat buttons, chat forms, and offline email forms. Our Premium packages allow you to customize your live chat widget in any language, including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, and much more!

  • Pro-active Chat: Enable pro-active chat to trigger live chat automatically with a visitor after a defined number of seconds.

  • Chat Broadcast: With Chat Broadcast, all your online chat agents are notified of an incoming chat and can accept or decline the chat based on their immediate availability.

  • Chat Transfer: Transfer a chat message back and forth with other available chat agents and provide a private message to provide additional details with the transfer.

  • User/Agent is Typing a Message...: Now you don't need to wonder if the person you're chatting with is even on the other end! Live Chat keeps visitors and agents informed if the User or Agent is typing a message. This improves usability and makes conversations more enjoyable.

  • Desktop Notifications: Make sure you don't miss any chats by enabling Desktop Notifications to see an alert box displayed every time you receive a chat. This feature currently works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  • Custom Banners, Colors, and Themes: Live Chat software Premium packages allow you to customize your chat widgets to match your site's look and feel. Change the color of the chat button/widget, chat message and font color, backgrounds, etc. Upload your own online and offline live chat images to use in your header, footer, etc. to encourage customers to live chat!

  • Attention Grabbers: Live Chat offers the Use of an Attention Grabber to get the attention of your visitors! Upload a custom image with your picture or any other message you'd like to communicate. Get creative and use it for marketing promotions too!

  • Advanced Customization: Live Chat software gives you the ability to stretch the width and height of the live chat button, add an image such as your logo, and control the location down to the pixel! You get access to the CSS for the live chat button and attention grabber to make it look perfect!

  • Require Email Address: Before visitors start a live chat, you can require them to supply their email address first.

  • Chat Button Location: Easily move the position of the "Chat with us" and "Email us" buttons and forms to the bottom left or right of your website with our customization options.

  • Multiple Live Chat Agents: Our Premium packages allow you to add multiple chat agents to your Live Chat account to support incoming live chats from your customers.

  • Offline Email Form: Live Chat software automatically displays as an 'Email us' button on your site when you're unavailable to chat. You can manage offline messages through the Customer Inbox or on the go by using your preferred email client. The Customer Inbox comes with your live chat software account as a Help Desk solution for managing customer email, customer feedback, prioritization, and ticket management.

  • Help Desk: The Customer Inbox help desk allows you to search your live chat history or offline emails by customer email address, priority, status (new, read, pending, complete), flagged vs. unflagged, and also assign an item to another user of your Live Chat account.

  • Chat History: Access your live chat history and offline emails as well via the Live Chat Customer Inbox help desk solution.

  • Export Email Data: Live Chat software allows you to export your customers' email addresses from the Customer Inbox help desk to construct email marketing campaigns via your preferred tool.

  • Forward Offline Email: Using the Live Chat Customer Inbox help desk, forward offline email submissions from your customers to other departments or support staff.

  • Add Private Comments: Live Chat gives you the ability to add private comments to any live chat historical record in your Customer Inbox help desk.

  • Visitor Technical Info: Customer Inbox help desk includes the customer's technical details such as operating system, browser, screen resolution, etc. Also, view visitor technical info during a live chat session.

  • Custom Fields: Pass in custom fields from your website to Live Chat for easier tracking such as account IDs, customer IDs, name, phone, and more. Some of this data will appear in the Customer Inbox, and also within the visitor monitoring/tracking view as well.

  • Get started immediately with our free live chat package that comes with 15 days of premium services as well.

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  1. formilla-live-chat screenshot 1

    Install Formilla Live Chat on your website and chat with your visitors from anywhere! Mobile apps come with any premium account.

  2. formilla-live-chat screenshot 2

    The live chat widget installed on your WordPress site upon activation of Live Chat plugin.

  3. formilla-live-chat screenshot 3

    Live chat via your mobile device or tablet by using our iPhone/iPad or Android apps. Receive push notifications for every chat!

  4. formilla-live-chat screenshot 4

    Formilla Live Chat Dashboard where you can live chat with your website visitors.

  5. formilla-live-chat screenshot 5

    Real-time Visitor Monitoring Dashboard where you can monitor your website visitors and initiate live chats proactively.

  6. formilla-live-chat screenshot 6

    If you're not available online to chat, an offline Email us button will appear. Examples in English & Spanish of the Email us form.

  7. formilla-live-chat screenshot 7

    The Formilla Live Chat Customer Inbox help desk. View live chat history, search and respond to offline email submissions, etc.

Follow our installation tutorial to get started. To manually install the plugin zip file, see below:

  1. Download and unzip the to your wordpress /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Choose the Get Started link from the plugins page or navigate to the 'Formilla Chat' menu item that appears on your WordPress Admin upon activating the plugin to complete registration
  4. That's it! Once registered, your live chat widget is created instantly and is available on your site for customers to chat with you.


Due to WordPress guidelines, we've modified our plugin to launch Formilla outside of the WordPress admin panel.


Officially WP 3.8 compliant. Fixed minor bug, updated readme text as well.


Updated readme.txt to add more FAQ, installation video tutorial, new screenshots. No other changes.


  • Initial release

How do I install Live Chat software to my WordPress site?

Follow our quick installation video tutorial or the Installation tab of this page.

Does Live Chat work with WooCommerce?

Yes, our live chat software easily installs with WooCommerce sites. Install and activate the plugin from within your WordPress/WooCommerce admin panel for the chat button to appear on your site.

How do I start a test chat after installing Formilla Live Chat on my WordPress site?

Watch our video tutorial to learn how.

What is the Formilla 'Chat ID' under the WordPress plugin settings?

The Chat ID is the unique identifier for your particular live chat widget. Your live chat widget won't display on your WordPress website unless you have a Chat ID entered on the settings page. You will receive this ID via email upon registering with via the Formilla Chat link on your WordPress admin panel.

Can I specify my hours of operation or simply that I am unavailable to chat?

Access your wordpress admin panel and select the Formilla Chat link to access your Live Chat account. Upon logging in, navigate to your live chat widget's Advanced Options by selecting from the menu as follows: Select Widgets from the live chat dashboard menu, then select the edit icon of your chat widget. You can modify the hours of operation from the Widget Details tab.

Can I receive an email notification when my customers use the 'Email us' button while I'm offline from chat?

Yes, the Email Notifications option is enabled by default for every Live Chat widget you create. Removing the email address(es) on the Advanced Options tab of the live chat widget configuration page disables the feature. Alternatively, you may add additional email recipients by simply comma-separating each email address. You can respond to emails using your preferred email client, or directly from the Customer Inbox help desk.

I've followed all the instructions but I still appear offline and see the "Email us" button on my site. How do I go online and get the button to say "Chat with us"?

If you're using the Live Chat web interface, it behaves just like any chat client; you must login to (the chat client) via your WordPress Admin Panel --> Formilla Chat menu item, or directly at in a new browser window. Once you've logged in and navigated to the Live Chat dashboard (Dashboard from the main menu), you're considered online and ready to accept chats. Ensure your live chat status indicator says Online in the header bar, of course. If you log off, your button will go to offline mode and display "Email us". If you're using our iPhone/Android apps or Google Talk instead of the live chat web interface, simply log in to your preferred chat client for either service and will recognize you're online and display "Chat with us" after a few seconds.

How do I appear offline so that customers cannot chat with me during that time?

If you are currently not available online to chat, just sign out of your Live Chat account or change your status to "Offline" from "Online" in the menu bar, and you will not receive any live chats during this time. We took a very simple approach to appearing online versus offline for live chat. If you are using Google Talk via Live Chat instead, simply sign out of your preferred client and will automatically update your status.

Is there a way for me to deactivate my live chat WordPress button momentarily without removing the plugin?

Yes. Access your wordpress admin panel and select the Formilla Chat link to access your Live Chat account. Upon logging in, navigate to your live chat widget's Advanced Options by selecting from the menu as follows: From the live chat dashboard, select Widgets to customize your chat widget settings, then select the edit icon of your widget and uncheck the Active Widget option on the Widget Details tab. This will simply hide the live chat button from your wordpress site. Once ready, just check the same box and save for the button to re-appear.

How do I configure Google Talk (gtalk/gchat) instead of using the Live Chat standard offering?

Note: Google has announced that Google Talk is being retired soon. These intructions are being preserved for accounts which still contain the Google Talk option. Start with our Google Talk setup video to get started. Setup Google Talk by accessing your Live Chat account and navigate to Agents and select the edit icon for the appropriate account. Under the Chat Client dropdown, choose Gtalk and provide your Chat User Name. Upon saving, you can log into your Google Talk chat client and you'll notice multiple chat bot invitations. You will need to accept the chat invitations to start using your chat client with Once you accept the invitations, your chat button should turn to "Chat with us" after a few moments. If you log off from your client, the button will automatically recognize you are no longer available and change to "Email us".

Can I proactively initiate a live chat session with my customers?

Yes. Simply access your WordPress admin panel and select the Formilla Chat link to access your Live Chat account. You can also access your Formilla Live Chat account outside of WordPress by going directly to Upon logging in, navigate to your live chat widget's Advanced Options tab by selecting from the menu as follows: Select Widgets from the live chat dashboard menu to modify your live chat widget's settings. Select the edit icon of your chat widget and check the 'Enable Auto Display' field to configure proactive live chat from the Advanced Options tab.

Can I require my site visitors to provide their email address before starting a live chat session?

Yes. To enable this setting, login to your Formilla Live Chat account and navigate to your live chat widget's Advanced Options by selecting from the menu as follows: Select Widgets from the live chat dashboard menu, then select the edit icon of your chat widget and enable the "Require visitors to enter email before starting a chat" setting in the Advanced Options tab.

Does Formilla Live Chat work with my mobile phone (e.g. iPhone, Android, etc.)?

Yes. Use our mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices (Premium packages only) or mobile chat clients (e.g. Trillian) for use with Google Talk to chat from your mobile phone on the go! For those using the live chat web interface, it is currently not optimized for chat from your mobile phone. We have plans on introducing mobile support in the near future.

How do I end a chat using my Google Talk client if the user does not end it?

To end a live chat session, simply send ~end via your Google Talk chat client. It's important to end chats upon completion to ensure your chat queue can receive new chats as they may arrive at any time while you're online.

Is Google Hangouts the same thing as Google Talk, and will it work with Live Chat software?

Google Hangouts is different from Google Talk. Unfortunately Google Hangouts will not work via Live Chat. You can either revert back to Google Talk or use our alternative Live Chat web interface. If you're using Google Talk and you're still not able to receive/send messages, please make sure you don't have the Hangouts plugin/extension installed in Chrome either, since it will conflict with Google Talk.

Does the free live chat package allow me to use a smart phone to chat with my customers?

Yes. Our free live chat package can be configured with any smart phone or tablet using Google Talk to send and receive chats. Note: Google plans to retire Google Talk at some point in the near future in favor of Google Hangouts. Hangouts unfortunately does not work with 3rd party chat software such as Formilla Live Chat.

What happens when I choose the 'Request Chat' action from the visitor monitoring dashboard?

Formilla Live Chat will pop-up the live chat window to the corresponding visitor of your web site after a few seconds or on the next page load.

How does real-time visitor monitoring work?

Check out our real-time visitor monitoring video for a short tutorial of the functionality.

Can I modify the message displayed to my website visitors when I request a chat with them via the visitor monitoring page?

Yes. Start by logging in to your Formilla Live Chat account and navigate to the Advanced Options tab of your live chat widget's settings. You can then modify the 'Request Chat Text' from the current default message and save the changes.

Is real time visitor monitoring only available to Premium accounts?

Yes. Currently the real time visitor monitoring/tracking feature of Formilla Live Chat is a Premium Solo or Premium account offering only.

Do I need to refresh the visitor monitoring page to show me the latest status of visitors/users on my web site?

No. You will see the data automatically refresh the user information every few seconds to show you the latest visitors on your web site, what page they're currently on, how long the user has been on your web site, whether they are new or returning, and more.

How does the 30 chats/emails limit on the standard free live chat package work?

At the 1st of every month, the total count of chats/emails is set to 0 for all standard free live chat customers. Each chat conversation counts as 1 chat, as does every offline email submission you receive. will send you an email once you reach 20 or more chats in a month, and another email once you've reached 30.

Does the Customer Inbox Help Desk come with the standard free live chat package?

Yes. Our standard free live chat customers can enjoy the Help Desk feature absolutely free! You can read and respond to offline emails, view chat history, add private notes to chat conversations or emails, search, and more!

Can I enable the desktop notifications feature with the standard free live chat package?

Yes. The desktop notifications feature works with the standard free live chat or premium package and can be enabled from within your account, under My Account or by clicking the Alerts icon in the bottom left corner of the live chat dashboard menu. Desktop notifications work with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari at this time.

Version 1.1

Requires WordPress version: 2.7 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Dec 2016

Date Added: 01 Nov 2013

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