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Form plugin saves your hours of precious time by making form building process super simple and efficient. Create multiple forms easily in minutes.

Form plugin is easiest way to build any responsive form for your website. No fuss or messing with code create the form you want easily with simple drag & drop form builder.

Form Builder can be used to make variety of forms, Like contact form, Support form, application form etc. With form builder you can create forms visually while knowing how they will look afterwards.

If you need custom form and don't like wasting time writing code and messing with shortcodes (Like in contact form 7) then this is the must have tool for you.

Form builder is an advanced plugin that allows you to quickly build multiple forms with complete control. You can build your forms without touching a single line of code and using an easy drag and drop form builder engine.

Form builder offer complete flexibility and you can edit every field with settings for each individual form field. Form builder plugin can very easily make your form look great.

Upgrade to Form Builder Premium

AddOns | Support | Setup Guide

Form Builder plugin's user interface is designed to maximize the time and efficiency, one spend creating a form. Try it and you will know how much easy and efficient this form plugin is.

With Form Builder plugin you can create simple Forms or complex application forms easily in mere minutes.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced WordPress user Form Builder plugin will certainly fulfill all your needs and requirements. Customize your form using drag and drop visual builder.

Save all your Form Builder entries in database and also get email notification about new entries. Delete,modify entries easily with entry manager.

View your entries with Form Builder entry manager. Form Builder plugin also allows you to print your entries or download your Form Builder entries in .csv format.

Easily create & embed form anywhere on your site via shortcodes. SEtup form submission notification to notify admin about the latest inquiries. You can also keep track of your form submissions with database entries.

Setup email notification for the form submitters as well to announce special events, discounts and many more.

Form Builder plugin's visual builder allows you to see the view the changes in realtime as you make them without any lag.

You can also add HTML elements like Text, Image and link inside your Form for more flexibility.

Form Builder plugin also support custom HTML so you can define your own terms for your form.

You can create any type of forms with Form Builder plugin it was built for multi purpose forms.

Features :

  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Fully responsive Form Builder looks perfect on all screen sizes and mobile devices.
  • Add or remove additional fields easily and label any Form Builder fields you want.
  • Make any of the form fields required or not.
  • Receive a copy of the email sent via the Form Builder.
  • Drag & Drop form builder.
  • Form Builder plugin have ready to go fields.
  • Manage, Edit, and Export form user submissions.
  • Filter, View form entries in admin panel.
  • Secure forms with advanced security features.
  • All form submitted data is available to sort,filter,analyze or export as CSV or print.
  • Ability to View, Edit or delete entries/submissions.
  • Advanced Conditional logic for your form & fields.
  • Redirect users after form submission to specified URL.
  • File upload feature for your form.
  • Field settings section.
  • Make form fields required or block duplication of field.
  • Set pre-defined values for fields of your form.
  • Email notifications for your form submission or select one from AddOns.
  • Various Auto responders supported.
  • Conditional Logic for Email Notifications.
  • Create interactive form that react to user's actions.
  • Dynamically show, hide, or change the value of form fields.
  • Add Multiple notifications for one form.
  • Form settings to setup your form.
  • Flexible form field types.
  • Insert your form anywhere.
  • Ajax based Form Builder.
  • Design your forms according to your theme.
  • Form plugin is extensible with addons.

Available AddOns

Google Captcha Integration

Form Builder have Google Captcha AddOn for securing your Forms from spam and brute force attacks. Simple solution to protect your forms from bots.

MailChimp Integration

Form plugin send your entries to MailChimp, Or add a simple check box in your Form Builder to increase mailchimp subscribers.

Form Designer

Form plugin allow you to design your forms so it looks exactly like a part of your theme. Form plugin have built in form theme designer which shows you the changes you make on your form in realtime.

Form Entries

Form Builder stores all form submissions in entries so you can view,edit or delete them. Entries also allow you to export your form submissions.

Export Form Submissions

Form Builder plugin integrates with entries system which stores form submissions and allow you to print or export form submissions as CSV file. This format is supported by all CRM services for importing form data to their platform.

Form Conditional Logic Fields

With conditional logic you can add IF-THEN logic for your form fields. Enable Conditional logic to a field to show or hide that field based on a previous user selection or input.

Form Conditional Logic Notifications

Form Builder give you the ability to apply conditional logic for your form notifications. Which on specified input will Send OR Not Send the notification.

Customizable Email Notifications

Form plugin allows you to customize everything even your email notifications. Customize your form email notifications easily using simple shortcodes.

Responsive Form Builders

Form Builder is 100% responsive and mobile friendly Form Builder plugin is compatible with Mobiles,Tablets & and all screen sizes.

Form Email Notifications

Notification section allows you to select notifications for your submission get notified by email or select an AddOn for various email marketing service integrations. Receive email notifications whenever someone use your Form Builder.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Form Builder plugin integrates with drag and drop form builder which allows you to make and publish your forms in no time. You can add almost any field in your form.

Multi Page Form

Form Builder allows you to create efficient multi page forms. With this feature you can make your Form Builders more interactive.

HTML Elements

Form Builder plugin give you the ability to add HTML elements like Images, Links, Text etc.. in your Forms. You can also add custom HTML which gives you endless possibilities. A simple yet powerful Form Builder.

Effortless Form Integration

Forms created using Form builder can easily be integrated with a shortcode.

Form Field Settings

The form fields have abundance of settings so you can fine tune every part of your form.

Constant Form Builder Updates

Form builder plugin is contantly updated and new features are added.

Form Builder Plugin Support

If you have any problem or feedback please let us know.

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  1. form-add screenshot 1

    Form Builder demo default.

  2. form-add screenshot 2

    Form Builder demo styled.

  3. form-add screenshot 3

    Form Builder builder.

  4. form-add screenshot 4

    Form Builder style manager.

  5. form-add screenshot 5

    Form Builder notifications.

The easy way :

  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress.
  2. Search for plugin " Form".
  3. Click "Install".
  4. After Installation click activate to start using the coming soon plugin.

Not so easy way :

  1. To install Form Builder Add via FTP
  2. Download the Form Builder Add
  3. Unarchive Form Builder Add plugin
  4. Copy folder with
  5. Open the ftp \wp-content\plugins\
  6. Paste the plug-ins folder in the folder
  7. Go to admin panel => open item "Plugins" => activate Form Builder Add.

No changes yet.

Form Builder Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a form ?

A : After activating the Form Builder plugin go to Form Builder menu from your dashboard, Click add new button, Now from Add Field tab click on the fields you want to add in your form and save the form. Go to export to get the shortcode to display the Form Builder on your website.

How to display Form ?

A: After saving the form you created go to export copy the shortcode and paste it in place where you want to display the Form Builder.

How can I add my Form in widget section ?

A: To display your Form Builder in a widget copy the form shortcode and paste it in a text widget.

How can I display Form on all pages of my website

A: Use you form in widgets to display it on all pages.

How can I receive an email whenever a person submits the form ?

A: To receive the email notification when someone submits the form.

  1. Go to Notifications.
  2. Select a Notification type (In this case select Email).
  3. Click Add New button.
  4. Configure your email notification.

What is conditional logic ?

A: Conditional logic is the logic built for form plugin which on specific action performs a pre defined task. With conditional logic you can add IF-THEN logic for your fields. Enable Conditional logic to a field to show or hide that field based on a previous user selection or input. (For Example if you set conditional logic for email field so when a user enter their email and if he had already sent a request through your form you can identify and show him that his previous request is being processed.)

How can I view the form submission ?

A: You can view the form submissions from Entries.

Can I edit existing Form entries ?

A: Yes, You can edit your entries from entry manager.

Other Notes

Conditional Logic Fields

With conditional logic you can add IF-THEN logic for your fields. Enable Conditional logic to a field to show or hide that field based on a previous user selection or input.

Conditional Logic Notifications

Form Builder plugin give you the ability to apply conditional logic for your notifications. Which on specified input will Send OR Not Send the notification.

Update Notice

No updates yet.

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.7 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 26 Jan 2017

Date Added: 17 Jan 2017

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