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Woocommerce Request a Quote Plugin

Woocommerce request a quote plugin allows your customers to quickly ask for a price estimate / quotation for your products.

Woocommerce quote plugin is developed to ease your customers in asking for a quote so that they can make their minds and come up with firm decisions to place orders. Pricing is among the major factors of comparing products and services over your competitors. Let them have a quick overview and become your loyal customers.

Woocommerce quotation plugin allows you to take requests for quotes from visitors and give them a timely reply and any discount they can avail. You can customize the form to remove the common barriers and hesitation that stop users to drop a query regarding the prices.


  • Speed up pricing communication
  • Transform visitors into customers
  • Decline cart abandonment due to price confusion
  • Offer competitive quotes and win market share


Add Request for Quote forms

Add ‘Request for Quote’ forms on your business website that encourages visitors to enquire about price estimate for a product or service they would like to consume.

Simplified popup form

Visitors can fill the simplified popup form that requires them to enter their name, email address, company name, quote required by (select a date) and write a brief overview for the quote.

Customize the form

Write a custom title and description for the form to make it more meaningful and understandable for the potential consumers of your online store.

Configure sender settings

Woo RFQ plugin allows you to configure settings which include sender’s name and email address so that the messages that are sent to visitors seem real and from a genuine sender. You can add a customize success message that informs visitors that their request has been submitted successfully.

Manage quote listings

The requests for cost estimation, often called listings, can be managed from a central location that gives you complete control of the entries made by visitors.

Reply each listing

You can review each quote and reply accordingly to achieve customer satisfaction and compel them to make purchases through your competitive or high quality based pricing.

Email notifications settings

Configure email notification settings, so that you are notified when a visitor submits a request, and they are also informed when you reply their listing.

More Features of Woocommerce Request a Quote Plugin

  • Customize fancy box title that appears below the popup form
  • RFQ (Request for Quote) button appears automatically on products having 0 prices
  • Add text to the RFQ button that appears on products
  • The inquiry button also appears on product listing and details pages
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  1. fma-request-for-quote screenshot 1

    screenshot-1.png is for general setting for the request for quote.

  2. fma-request-for-quote screenshot 2

    screenshot-2.png is for email setting for the request for quote.

  3. fma-request-for-quote screenshot 3

    screenshot-3.png is for all quotes listing.

  4. fma-request-for-quote screenshot 4

    screenshot-4.png is for details page of the requested quote also admin can reply to this quote from here.

  5. fma-request-for-quote screenshot 5

    screenshot-5.png is for showing button on catalog page.

  6. fma-request-for-quote screenshot 6

    screenshot-6.png is for popup form for request for quote.

Once the extension is installed, please activate the plugin from backend. After activation, you can acess following from the menu:


This section allows you to manage all quote enquiries. You can quickly view all the requests in a grid. Click on an enquiry to find more details and send a reply. This communication is easily trackable by admin. Settings:

Configure text for enquiry button, which is displayed on the product pages
Configure default number of days for the quote
Customize success message
Configure email options

For more information, please contact support


  • Remove errors and warning that are appears during installation of the module.
  • Fix undefined index issues in all over the module
  • Fix button issue on the product page
  • Fix issue with the popup design


  • Initial release

Q1: Can I send email notifications to more than one email address?

Ans: Yes, you can send email notifications to multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma, and the concerned persons will be notified when someone requests for a quote.

Q2: Can I upload custom email templates?

Ans: No, This is a free module and it does not have the option of customizing email templates.

Q3: How can I enable a request for quote option for a product?

Ans: Set the product price to Zero (0) and it will automatically add a Request for Quote” button on the product page.

Version 1.0.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.2.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 30 Jan 2017

Date Added: 01 Aug 2016

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