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Wordpress Google Maps Free

WP Google maps plugin adds Google maps on your website and display store locations highlighted with map markers.


WordPress store locator plugin allows your customers to find nearest store with the help of Google maps. You can add multiple store locations which are shown on maps with the help of markers. By clicking on map marker, brief information about store is shown in a popup. Your customers can easily get directions.

Wordpress map plugin creates a dedicated page for each store where you can display more details about that specific store.


  • Boost your revenues by embedding Google map and highlighting key locations.
  • Customers can easily reach you by selecting a transportation mode.
  • Maximize your reach with guided maps.
  • Have a simplified user interface.

KEY FEATURES of Wordpress Google Maps plugin

Embed Google maps

You can integrate Google maps on your website with the help of store locator WordPress plugin so that business premises can be highlighted with high-quality markers.

Add markers to the maps

You can add markers to enlist different locations on the map along with a title, description, address and contact details.

Manage Markers

Edit or delete a marker whenever you need. The addresses of the business location often change with the passage of time, so you can easily edit them on your website as well.

Types of Map Supported

WordPress map plugin supports different types of maps that include roadmap, satellite, hybrid or terrain so that customers can select a type they are more comfortable with.

Configure WP Google Maps settings

You can set a custom title, width, height, and zoom level so that the map looks appealing and becomes consistent your website designing.

Display different layers

Enable the display of different layers on the map that includes bicycle, traffic, and public transport so that customers can decide how to reach your store.


  • A dedicated G-map page is created to display all the markers on your website.
  • Customers can view contact details by clicking on each marker.
Author FME Addons
Contributors fmeaddons
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  1. fma-google-maps screenshot 1

    screenshot-1.png is the global setting for google map.

  2. fma-google-maps screenshot 2

    screenshot-2.png is the listing of all markers that are added.

  3. fma-google-maps screenshot 3

    screenshot-3.png is the marker adding form.

  4. fma-google-maps screenshot 4

    screenshot-4.png is shows how map and markers will be displayed on front end.

  1. After installation of module navigate to Google Maps.

  2. Enter global setting for Google maps

  3. Add markers on the map


  • New Plugin Created

Q1: How can I place markers on Google map?

Ans: Add markers from ‘Add Marker’ page and write your address where you want to put the marker. The Google search address feature will help you to find address, whereas on the same page you can add title, phone and description for marker and save the marker.

Q2: Can I show bicycle, traffic and public transport layer on the map?

Ans: Yes, you can show bicycle, traffic and public transport layers on the map. There is a settings page in admin form where you can show/hide these layers.

Version 1.0.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.2.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 30 Jan 2017

Date Added: 28 Jun 2016

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