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Woocommerce Dynamic Pricing Rules

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin allows you to add custom pricing rules to catalogue and cart pages.


WooCommerce discount and variable pricing plugin is helpful for customers to avail the discounted prices for bulk purchases and get the special offers. Merchants can take benefit of this extension in terms revenue optimization by automating the discounts by defining rules for products and customer groups.

You can set rules separately for catalogue and shopping cart so that customers can make purchases for the subsidized pricing. Dynamic pricing WooCommerce free plugin allows you to motivate customers to order higher number of products in order to save money over limited time offers.


  • Expedite your sales
  • Achieve a higher conversion rate
  • Simplified marketing strategies
  • Sale out old stocks for special offers
  • Attract more customers with compelling deals

FEATURES of WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

Add Pricing Rules

Define pricing rules for products to set criteria for customers to avail discounts on bulk orders. It sets you free from reviewing each order and deciding a rebate for their custom orders.

Let the system decides discounted amount based on your predefined rules and preferences.

Prioritize the discounts

Set priorities for rules, which shall ensure the customers get maximum benefit out of the special offers. This solves your worries either to offer a fixed or percentage discount on bulk orders.

Add special offers

The pricing rules give you the freedom to create special offers that are offered for a specific community of buyers on selected products.

Set a Duration for Discounts

Define a time period for each discount to take effect and end on a specific date. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Extension stops invoicing low prices as soon as the offer expires.

Assign conditions to products

Select products and assign the pricing rules for each of them. This will automate the process of subsidizing cost as the customers add those specific products to cart.

Offer discount to specific customers

You can limit bulk discounts and special offers to specific customers or a group of people. For example, bulk discounts can be shown to resellers and wholesale dealers only.

Select a mode of discount

Select either a quantity or price based mode of discount. The extension also allows you to set a fixed or percentage discount on the selected mode so that the calculation goes on smooth and hassle free.

Discounts are shown on product details page

The quantity based table on the product pages allow customers to know how much they will save if they select a higher number of products. The prices are displayed on a mini cart and shopping cart pages as well, to let them review their orders. Download WooCommerce pricing plugin for free!

More Features

  • Enable or disable status of an option for quick management
  • jQuery select 2 option for easily selection products and customer group
  • Add a minimum or maximum amount for discounts

Get more features in the Pro version of Dynamic Pricing Rules

Author FME Addons
Contributors fmeaddons
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  1. fma-dynamic-pricing-rules screenshot 1

    screenshot-1.png is the representation of how rules can be define in admin panel.

  2. fma-dynamic-pricing-rules screenshot 2

    screenshot-2.png is the representation of how qunatity based discount table will be shonw on front end on product page.

  1. Uplaod module from plugin page in wordpress and activate the module.

  2. After installation of modules navigate to DPR to set catalog pricing rules.


  • Fixed issue with the prepare command in all over the module and change coding accordingly.
  • Remove warning and errors that are shown during installation of module.
  • Remove undefined index issues from all over the module.
  • Remove unused code from the module.
  • Issue fixed with the mini cart in header.
  • Bug fix with the offer discount
  • Bug fix with the cart discount.


  • Initial release of plugin.

Q1: How can I get a premium version?

Ans: You can simply visit the Product Page on FME Addons and purchase the premium version.

Q2: Can I apply a discount on the whole category in catalog pricing rules?

Ans: Yes, you can apply a discount on the whole category. In the ‘Applied to’ section, you can select products by category and type the name or your required category and save the rule. This feature is only available in the premium version so you have to purchase the premium version.

Q3: What will be the order of rules when applying discounts?

Ans: Catalog Pricing Rules are applied on the basis of priority. The rule with higher priority will be applied first. 1 has a higher priority than 2 and so on.

Q4: Can I apply multiple rules?

Ans: In Cart Pricing Rules, multiple rules can be applied but in Catalog Pricing Rules, one rule can be applied at a time, which depends on the set priority.

Q5: How a customer will know about discount offers?

Ans: For Catalog Pricing Rules, there will be a table added on the product page about the discount and offers whereas, for Cart Pricing Rules, there will be a reason written on cart page why a customer is getting this discount.

Version 1.0.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.2.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 30 Jan 2017

Date Added: 18 May 2016

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