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FMA Advance Store Locator

Add and manage store locations to create ease for your valued customers to find your store nearest to their homes or offices.

Advance Store Locator enables you to add locations and display maps for each store along with contact information so that your online visitors can easily find the nearest store.

Add, edit and manage locations

You can add different locations of your store on the website, to let the customers know different branches and franchises of your business. It allows you instant editing and removal of a store as well.

Provide Address and contact information

You can provide complete physical address and contact information of each store to enable customers to know the exact location of the store and can contact if they wish to.

Add Meta information to each store

Meta information can also be added for each store to ensure the search engine ranking and visibility of different locations where you operate the business.

Enable search by address

By enabling a search by an address box, you can allow customers to find stores nearest to their homes with respect to the address, zip code, state.

Customize Get Direction Button

You can add custom text to 'Get Direction Button,' so that customer can easily understand it and get directional instructions from their locations to your store.

Upload store image

With each store location created, you can upload an image for the convenience of customers to reach your store by recognizing the buildings and matching the surroundings.

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Author FME Addons
Contributors fmeaddons
Tags store locator plugin wordpress, store locator wordpress plugin, woocommerce store locator, wordpress store locator, wordpress store locator plugin
  1. fma-advance-store-locator screenshot 1

    screenshot-1.png is for how to add store locator page in pages section of wordprss.

  2. fma-advance-store-locator screenshot 2

    screenshot-2.png and screenshot-3.png is for the default setting for the store locator.

  3. fma-advance-store-locator screenshot 3

    screenshot-4.png is for the store locator listing page in admin.

  4. fma-advance-store-locator screenshot 4

    screenshot-5.png and screenshot-6.png is the form for adding stores.

  5. fma-advance-store-locator screenshot 5

    screenshot-7.png is the front view representaion of stores on google map.

  6. fma-advance-store-locator screenshot 6

    screenshot-8.png is the detail page for the single store.

  1. Add the plugin from Plugin menu wordpress, and activate it.
  2. go on pages then add new page and place following short code "[fme_advance_store_locator]" in it.
  3. navigate to Store locator and add stores.


  • Remove Errors and warnings during installation of module.
  • Fix issue with Google map API.
  • Fix issue with Google map user current location.
  • Fix issue when add new store and show message “Are you sure to do this”.
  • Remove unused code form all our the module.
  • Fix issue with the prepare command from all our the module.
  • Fix issue with the marker image, when big image upload image show vary big now this issue is fixed.


  • Initial release of plugin.

There is no frequently asked questions.

Version 1.0.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.2.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 30 Jan 2017

Date Added: 29 Apr 2016

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