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Custom Registration Form

Create WordPress custom registration form, and add different custom fields on registration page easly. Get additional information from customers.


Woocommerce registration fields plugin allows you to add custom fields that enable online users to provide more details while registering for a customer account. It’s a powerful tool that lets you grab personal and business related information from customers in a hassle free manner.

Get more features in the Pro version of Custom Registration Form Plugin e.g

  • Create unlimited fields.
  • File Upload fields
  • Password fields
  • Show captured information in user profile section

WordPress custom registration plugin enables you to ask personal details like age, occupation, interests and preferences that may help you in classifying customers into different groups, and utilizing the data for promotional and marketing campaigns.


  • Collect the information you require for knowing your customers
  • Easily gathering statistics about user behavior
  • Make the registration process user friendly
  • Ask for different type of information to have a complete record

Key FEATURES of WordPress Custom Registration Form

Additional fields on accounts and sign up pages

Show additional fields on registration pages to encourage customers to provide personal data voluntarily and sets you free from infringing their privacy. You can modify field titles in user accounts.

Different types of custom fields

Woocommerce customize registration form plugin allows you to add different types of custom fields so that users can quickly fill the registration form by selecting options from the dropdown or multiple selection menus.

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Select Box
  • Check Box
  • Radio Button

Add Field Labels

Add labels to each field to make them understandable for all, as the consumer find it difficult to fill some of the fields.

Set compulsory or Optional fields

According to the importance of field data, you can mark it compulsory to fill or allow customers to leave it blank or unmarked in the registration form.

Display fields in customer account

The additional fields can be displayed in customer accounts along with the data they have provided while registering themselves.

Select Field Positions

Custom registration form WordPress plugin allows you to select a logical sequence for different field by drag up and down to sort their positions. Like, you can ask customers about habits and personal preferences after filling contact details.


  • Hide or unhide fields
  • Allow or disallow customers to edit information
  • Configure default values for additional attributes
  • Sort position of each data field

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Author FME Addons
Contributors fmeaddons
Tags free, woocommerce, woocommerce custom registration fields, woocommerce register, woocommerce register plugin, woocommerce registration, woocommerce registration fields, woocommerce registration form, woocommerce registration plugin
  1. fma-additional-registration-attributes screenshot 1

    screenshot-1.png is for the default titles settings.

  2. fma-additional-registration-attributes screenshot 2

    screenshot-2.png is the registration fields drag and drop form.

  3. fma-additional-registration-attributes screenshot 3

    screenshot-3.png is the represenation of the additional registration fields that are shown on the registratio page in profile info section.

  4. fma-additional-registration-attributes screenshot 4

    screenshot-4.png is the represenation of the additional registration fields and value entered by customer that are shown on my account page.

  1. Once the plugin is installed, activate it from the WordPress admin panel. After successful installation, navigate to Additional Registration Attributes in backend menu. From the settings, you can set caption for the additional information section. Fields added in this section will appear separately on registration page.

  2. Now click on additional registration attributes menu, drag and drop custom fields to registration form section. Configure the setting of each field accordingly.


  • Issues with the edit account page (goes on 404) when permalinks set to other than plan url.
  • Data not shown in edit account form when permalinks set to other than plan url.
  • Data not save in edit account form when permalinks set to other than plan url..


  • Remove waring undefined index url.
  • Remove warning shown for the prepare command.
  • Remove unused code from all over the moduel that is causing error and warnings.
  • Add post data sentization in all over the module.
  • Resolve prepare command issue in all over the module.
  • Bug Fixed: issue with the validation of radio button, checkboxes and multi select.


  • This is the initial release of plugin.

Q1: How I can get the premium version?

Ans: You can simply visit Product Page on FME Addons and purchase the premium version.

Q2: Can I give an option to the customer to upload a profile picture?

Ans: Yes, You can do that by using our module. Just drag and drop file / image upload field and set its parameters then you are done. You can also set this field required so that every customer must upload a profile picture.

Q3: Where these extra fields are displayed on the front end?

Ans: These fields are displayed on Signup / Registration form on the frontend. Additionally, these fields are displayed in customer ‘My Account’ section and customers can also update these fields from there.

Q4: Where are these extra fields and provided values displayed in the Admin Panel?

Ans: These fields are shown on the ‘edit user page’ in WordPress admin, there is a separate section created with the heading of ‘Customer Profile.’ An administrator can also update these fields.

Version 1.0.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.2.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 30 Jan 2017

Date Added: 17 May 2016

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