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Page Builder, Website Builder : Flux Live Editor! Simply Symphony Web Builder

Page builder, website builder, splash page builder, front End visual editor, design layout program, fluid motion HTML5 editor, full drag and drop.

Website Builder, Page Builder, Landing Page Builder, Frontend Full Drag & Drop Editor

|| Parallax Scrolling || Video Overlay || Business || Demo Editor ||

|| Full Version || Watch Video || YouTube Video Background ||

New! || Adaptive Flux || layout is used in advanced version, allows for your page to maintain the exact design layout on all mobile devices with full use of layers and XYZ chords while responding to targeted device sizes.

If you are a web designer, no other program will allow you to set up design profs faster then Simply Symphony!

Simply Symphony is layers based with 10 points of movement to anywhere in the editing area, built in image and video proofing, no uploads, no waiting, with video background pages and image backround pages you can easily up sale, lightning fast comps for your clients in mere minutes!

* If you are not a web designer, with Simply Symphony's built in options, you can build sites like the most talented designers!

Simply Symphony has built in templates for full width video backgrounds, image backgrounds, transitions, parallax scrolling and more.

Simply Symphony is *Faster! Stronger! Harder! Better! Then Before!

  • Faster : Simply Symphony is Simply Faster! with the Only Fluid Motion Full Drag & Drop Editor available for WordPress!

  • Stronger : Simply Symphony is Simply Stronger! and the Only Adaptive Editor & Server that is Responsive to the users device for WordPress!

  • Harder : Simply Symphony is Simply Harder! Harder as in not softer. With two layers of hardened Progressive Enhancements used to create fluctuating zoomed page layouts that will free you from the Linear Grid Model that Responsive pages require to function!

  • Better : Simply Symphony is Simply Better with 3 Dimensions of Editing and 10 Points of Movement, so you can design your webpage like a Desktop Publishing program produces!

Best : "Best" & "Only" full fluid motion drag & drop editor and site builder for WordPress! You will not find widgets laid out in linear fashion, instead you will find custom built pre made HTML layouts to help you design your page. Simply Symphony is the "Best" & "Only" adaptive page serving editor (Able to edit and serve a mobile page or full sized page depending upon the user's device.) for WordPress!

Fluid Motion Full Drag & Drop, : "Faster" & "Only" full drag and drop editor for WordPress! Objects move freely like your mouse does and can be placed nearly anywhere to the exact pixel location on your page. Other builders use place holders where a widet can be inserted into the page with many limitations, this type is native drag and drop.

fluctuating Editor & Page Server : "Better" & "Only" Adaptive fluctuating Editor For WordPress! Better then just Responsive, you have seperate layouts for mobile and desktop version of your page, Simply Symphony then serves the best page layout for the users device and objects are scaled in size to fit the device size, this allows the look to remain the same on all devices and you can fully design your web page.

10 points of Movement : "Faster" & "Only" editor with 10 points of movement for WordPress, All objects can move and resize at 4 corners and 4 middle points, and 2 special global handles allowing for fast movement and sizing of objects.

3 Dimensions of Editing : "Better" & "Only" editor for WordPress with 3 Dimensions of editing, objects are able to overlay and stack objects, have transparencies, and set the opacities. The editor is a layers based software application, the type you might find in a professional photo editor.

Desktop Publisher : Magazine ads and billboards are laid out with this type of software.

Progressive Enhancements : "Harder" & "Only" Hybrid editor for WordPress, with automated web technologies mixed together to obtain the most desired result for the users device. Simply Symphony allows mobile pages to maintain the design layout without pushing elements down the screen.

Linear Grid Model : Responive pages require a linear grid so that objects are free to push down the page when squezed, this highly limits the possibilities of design, Simply Symphony does not require a grid model and you are free to design the way it will look on all devices.


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Demo editor | Example Page | Full Version | Watch Video | Forum

  • Did you ever want a Responsive page that maintains the design and look but it was impossible due to the strict format of Responsive technology ?
  • Simply Symphony can maintain the exact design and layout, our editor is a Progressive Enhanced editor, and serves fluctuating pages that scale to different device sizes, and does not push objects down the page like responsive pages do.
  • Do you want a "Full" Drag & Drop website builder, not a widget moved into a place holder, called drag and drop?
  • Simply Symphony is a fluid motion editor, objects can be moved to nearly anywhere on the page in 10 points of movement.
  • Do you want to design your website in WordPress, instead of just pushing a few buttons?
  • Simply Symphony's website builder has user contorls, instead of buttons and pre made objects that will help you layout your page.
  • Do you want a full in theme live editor, with more then a couple of options?
  • Simply Symphony is a full front end live editor, so what you see editing is what you will get.
  • Do you want to create custom mobile pages, instead of content resizing and pushing down the page?
  • Simply Symphony is a Adaptive editor and provides seperate layouts for mobile and desktop viewers.
  • Do you want the design control of Microsoft Word & Quirk Express in your online editor?
  • Simply Symphony is a full blown layers based object editor that is designed like page layout software.
  • Did you ever want to create custom pages outside your theme or splash landing pages?
  • Simply Symphony has options to build pages from scratch.
  • Did you ever want to create background image or video pages?
  • Simply Symphony Advanced website editor has templates to build video and image backgrounds in 5 min.
  • Do you want special effects, like Transitions, Parralax Scrolling, and Timeline effects.?
  • Simply Symphony Advanced website builder has built in special effects that take moments to set.
  • Are you a web designer needing to quickly proof images, videos and layouts?
  • Simply Symphony Advanced website builder has shutter stock proofing built in allowing one click to proof images & video.

If so Simply Symphony is simply for you!.

Website Builder, Landing Pages, Page Builder, Full HTML 5 Drag & Drop Frontend Editor

We did not include the extras (Shopping Carts, Sliders, etc.) in our website builder, you have 1000s of plugins available to choose from. We just provided the one thing missing, the capibiity of A Full drag and drop editor with extras options, that before now was unavailable to WordPress users.

Build landing pages from scratch outside of your theme, full version has video webpage backgrounds, Parallax scrolling, transitions, full width template.

Not just RESPONSIVE its Fluctuating design!

Simply Symphony Visual Editor uses Progressive Enhancements, to create a hybrid technology that allows mobile pages to maintain the design layout without pushing elements down the screen. The builder uses a 3D design for layout, allowing the stacking and overlay of objects in absolute positioning. Simply Symphony is a Adaptive Page Serving Editor and provides separate layouts for mobile devices and desktop page versions, when a user visits your site, Simply Symphony selects either the mobile or full version and Adapts to fit the users device screen size. The page then becomes Responsive and scales to fit the users device. This is much better then responsive because you are free from the linear grid required by the responsive page layout, your page will look the way you designed it to look, without content squeezing down the page.

Premium Support

Simply Symphony offers premium support and extend support for our the advanced version. We do not have a team for free support of our software and program related questios, if you send a question without a license it will take longer to be answered.

Premium support for our softare is available with the paid versions of the plugin.

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Free Version

  • Full Drag And Drop Visual Editor.
  • In Theme Live Editing.
  • Pre Made HTML Objects.
  • Separate Mobile Pages.
  • Inline Editor.
  • Use theme CSS.
  • Adaptive Pages.
  • Front End Editor.
  • 50 Google fonts.
  • Adaptive Page Serving.
  • Build pages from scratch.
  • Dual Canvas WebPage Deisgn Program.
  • Dual Window Website Deisgn Program.
  • Quick Light Boxes.

Simply Symphony is a new plugin and currently priced 1/4 the planned price of future releases. Purchasing your copy today at discounted price.

Advanced Web Site Builder Version

With the advanced version you can build a site with no theme from scratch, we are working on a "Save As Template" option so your design can be saved as a template.

*Includes all options in the free version, plus the following.

  • Premium Support or Extended Support.
  • Custom Navigation Bars.
  • Video Background Pages.
  • Image Background Pages.
  • Parallax Scrolling.
  • Full Width Images.
  • Full Width Objects.
  • CSS Transitions.
  • Blank Pages.
  • 600+ Google Fonts.
  • Full Page Builder.
  • Edit Object Source Code.
  • Shutter Stock Proofing.
  • More Pre Made HTML Objects
  • Video Inserts.
  • Shutter Stock Video Proofing.
  • Timed CSS Effects.
  • Larger Mobile Canvas.
  • Better Mobile Page Scalling.
  • Full Width Templates.
  • Landing pages.

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Simply Symphony requires a modern browser and computer.

Website Builder Minimum System Requirements

  • Newest version of FireFox, Chrome or IE Edge.
  • Modern Desktop / Laptop Computer.
  • Compatible Theme (95% Of Themes Work.)
  • Create a limited amount of layers to work with, you will have to adjusts your mobile version

Simply Symphony has a special precaution when changing themes.

Site Builder Theme Precaution

Full drag and drop editors require absolute positioning of objects, this causes problems if you change your Theme, we recommend users who have picked a Theme that will not be changed use the editor. If you choose to use the editor and change themes, you will need to check the page for proper display and edit if necessary.

Simply Symphony is compatible with 95% of themes.

Supported, Unsupported Themes For Simply Symphony's Web Site Builder

  • Twenty Twelve thru Twenty Fifteen supported.
  • Most popular top 100 tested all supported.
  • Unsupported Twenty Eleven And Below & Twenty Sixteen. (Twenty Sixteen can be used with a minor CSS change.)

Website Builder & Page Builder, Simply Symphony is the only "FULL" drag and drop visual editor available for WordPress

There are two full drag and drop website builders currently availabe online, Simply Symphony and the Wix editor. Full drag and drop editors allow you to move objects just about anywhere on your page, not just insert a widget into a place holder, the Simply Symphony >page builder allows you to create much more dynamic pages with wordpress. Full drag and drop editors are "Adaptive" editors, this means you build a desktop and mobile versions of your page, whne a user visits your site Simply Symphony decides which page should be displayed and then serves the proper page to the device.

Demo Editor | Example Page | Full Version | Watch Video | Forum

Simply Symphony is a full drag and drop web site builder, front end visual editor and adaptve page server with all the option needed to build a modern website.

Simply Symphony Adaptive WYSIWYG Drag And Drop Visual Editor & Page Builder has some features of a word processor, desktop publisher and design layout program all in one. The Fluctuating HTML Editor is based on a 3D page building design with height, width and depth options available, standard online HTML editors are only based on 2D page editing design with height and width available.

The Simply Symphony website builder is a design layout program for those who want to create custom pages in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editing experience. The page builder is layers based like many popular photo editors allowing for overlays and stacking of objects.

=Adaptive VS Responsive= Adaptive web design has confused many on what it actually is because it's not a design layout but a process of server side detection, the detection of a users device is used in selecting the proper page to display. All types of web design layout can be used including responsive layout, the only difference is the way the design is looked at from a (business card, letter, brochure) or (phone, pad, desktop) viewpoint rather than RWD one size fits all aproach to layout.

Full Version Page Builder & Website Builder

  • Blank page builder.
  • Post & Pages page builder.
  • Video Backgrounds.
  • Image Backgrounds.
  • Transition Pages.

Visaul Editor, Site Builder Features

  • 50 Google fonts.
  • Clone Items.
  • Full Visual Drag & Drop Editor.
  • Visual Editor.
  • All Editor Items Click And Move.
  • In Theme editor.
  • Mobile View
  • Adaptive Editor
  • Load Personal templates for inline editing.
  • Graphical user interface
  • Text fonts.
  • Text Size.
  • Text color.
  • Text shadows.
  • Text spacing.
  • Text line spacing.
  • Text align.
  • Box back ground color.
  • Box borders.
  • Box border colors.
  • Box border sizes.
  • Box padding.
  • Box rounded corners.
  • Box transparency.
  • Box drop shadows.
  • Page Builder
  • Box border styles.
  • Box border widths.
  • Box Resizing - Just click and pull.
  • Picture resizing - Just click and pull.
  • Picture transparency.
  • Picture underlay.
  • Picture overlay.
  • Picture Gallery
  • Image Drop Shadows
  • Image Borders
  • Image Border radius
  • Linking.
  • Layers adjust levels.
  • Layer naming.
  • Layer positioning.
  • Layers linkable.
  • Layer height levels.
  • Layer visibility toggle.
  • Layer deleting.
  • Floating palettes.
  • Side palettes.
  • Embeds for adding html layers.
  • Embeds for paypal.
  • Embeds for youtube.
  • Undo step.
  • Redo step.
  • Auto backup.
  • Inline editing.
  • Margin settings.
  • Page background color.
  • Duplicate Editor styles.
  • Adjust Margin Width.
  • Content Editable.
  • Full HTML Editor Visual Editor.
  • Custom menu options.
  • Upload To Free Image Host.
  • Multi-Select Editor Layers.
  • New Gallery features.
  • Editor Constrain Unconstrain features.
  • Website Builder.

    New Parallax Scrolling Release DEC 10 We are working some bugs out of IE, this will be a RC build, usable for developmnt.

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  1. fluxlive screenshot 1

    Built with Fast SS 2 Built with Fast SS 3 Built with Flux SS

  2. fluxlive screenshot 2

    Page builder editor with transparent image overlays.

  3. fluxlive screenshot 3

    Video Background Page Built By Page Builder Visual Editor

  4. fluxlive screenshot 4

    In Theme Page Builder Visual Editor

  1. Upload Simply Symphony Page Builder folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory .
  2. Activate the page builder plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. No Settings need configured.


Uploaded first version of the visual editor & page builder.


Visual Editor Bug fix for FF not hiding canvas in the page builder.


Visual Editor cool down script.

Visual Editor buttons replaced.

Visual Editor options text change, parsing HTML Editor changes.

Visual Editor Bug Fix.

Visual Editor cover for WordPress backend.

Visual Editor Z-index changes in the page builder.

Update text of page builder.

Update CSS of inline editor in page builder. Update Position of image loader cover in page builder.

Support forum link added to page builder.

Added backup redirect in page builder. Added new background in image in page builder new HTML file.

Added new HTML table pre made objects to page builder.

Core changes to page builder to speed up IE Edge.

Added align options to page builder.

New Image Gallery and Links Selector in Inline Page builder.

Load Text.

Pre Built HTML Objects Added To Page Builder.

Pre Built HTML Objects Added To Page Builder.

Removed buggy plugin from inline editor in toolbar.

Core change to page builder insert of blank unicode char.

Core change to page builder fix sticky top move all below hinge.

New Objects and float fix in page builder.

More new objects added to page builder.

More new objects added to page builder.

More new objects added to page builder.

Update for sticky pull handle on mobile canvas.

Removed image backgrounds that crawl in FireFox.

Update core file for sticky handle in page builder.

Update core file for sticky handle in page builder.

New Iphone image view in page builder preview window.

IPad support upgrade.

New lightbox gallery.

Set browser detection for faster load times in Chrome and Firefox.

Adjusted range inputs in page builder.

Core changes, inline editor moved to to editor layer, better margin calculations.

Adjust HTML objects for proper auto sizing by editor.

Adjust HTML objects for proper auto sizing by editor.

HTML fix.

Update to options.

Div bug fix.

Simple button builder and glyphicons added to web page builder.

Display error information.

Support for special character in web page builder.

Update scroll overflow in visual editor.

Added video help to menu.

Bug fix for HTML scroll.

Bug fix for menu not showing in visual editor.

Editor look and feel upgrade.

Editor image gallery.

New 8 points of resizing.


What is a Adaptive Editor?

Adaptive Editors serve two pages, a Mobile page and a Desktop page.

What are the advantages of this type of editor?

You can use the editor to create very custom pages suited to your users device.

When should I use the page builder visual editor?

You should use the editor when you want a page that has design, not just a blog entry.

What extra features does the advanced page builder editor have?

The advanced page builder has blank templates, video background templates, image background templates, and css transitions. The visual editor also removes extra HTML the editor needs to function, allowing for faster download time.

Image and video backgrounds built with the editor?

The Adaptive Editor bypasses your theme and displays a blank template that loads a video or image in the background of the page. Since the HTML5 editor is 3D in nature you can layer and render objects that overlay the background of the page.

What upgrades will be in new versions of the visual editor?

The current beta build of the visual editor has timelines for CSS transitions, and full page builder options outside of your theme.

Can I edit my old pages with the editor?

No. The visual editor is a page builder, this means it requires a format for the HTML editor to function in drag and drop.

Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax Scrolling allows objects to scroll at different speeds giving the illusion of 3D, the concept is used in cartoons and games to show movement. The page builder has a easy to use transistions pallete to set these options.

Outside your theme Page Builder?

Simply Symphony Advaced Version of the page builder can bypass your theme to create full blank pages you build from scratch.

Page Builder Margins?

The page builder has red and blue margins, if you edit within the blue margins you are safe, outside the blue you will need to test for overlap.

Page Builder Inline Editor?

The page builder inline editor is for fine tuning your page.


Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 23 Jan 2017

Date Added: 02 Mar 2016


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