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Flowplayer 6 Video Player

Embed video file in WordPress with Flowplayer 6 style. Embed self-hosted, external, HTML5 compatible responsive video in post/page with flowplayer.

Flowplayer 6 Video Player adds a video shortcode to your WordPress site. This shortcode allows you to embed video files and play theme back using Flowplayer HTML5 player (version 6).


  • Embed MP4 videos
  • Embed webm videos
  • Embed videos which can be viewed from a mobile or tablet device
  • Video playback support for iOS (ipad, iphone) and android devices
  • Embed HTML5 videos which are playable across all major browsers
  • Embed videos with poster images
  • Embed videos and allow it to loop to the beginning when finished
  • Customize the video player using modifier classes
  • Automatically play a video when the page is rendered
  • Embed videos using three different skins
  • Automatically calculate the height of the video based on its width
  • Flexible resizing of videos (true responsiveness)
  • Embed videos with various aspect ratios (16:9, 4:3)


In order to embed a video, create a new post/page and use the following shortcode:

[flowplayer src=""]

here, src is the actual source of your mp4 video file.

In addition to the source mp4 video file, you can also specify a webm video file. This step is optional since mp4 video is supported by almost all major browsers.

[flowplayer src="" webm=""]

Poster Image

If you want to show an image as placeholder before the video plays, you can specify it in the "poster" parameter:

[flowplayer src="" poster=""]

Autoplay Video

If you want a particular video to start playing when the page loads you can set the "autoplay" option to "true":

[flowplayer src="" autoplay="true"]

Player Size

By default, the player takes up the full width of the content area. You can easily control the size by specifying a width for it:

[flowplayer src="" width="500"]

The height will be automatically determined based on the ratio (please see the "Control Player Ratio section" for details).

Player Ratio

The player ratio is set to "0.417" by default. But you can override it by specifying a different ratio in the shortcode:

[flowplayer src="" ratio="0.345"]

Loop Video

If you want a particular video to start playing again when it ends you can set the "loop" option to "true":

[flowplayer src="" loop="true"]

For documentation please visit the Flowplayer 6 Video Player plugin page

Author naa986
Contributors naa986
Tags android, embed, flowplayer, html5, iOS, iPad, iphone, mobile, MP4, player, playlist, responsive, video, webm

For screenshots please visit the Flowplayer 6 Video Player plugin page

  1. Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click the upload tab
  3. Browse for the plugin file ( on your computer
  4. Click "Install Now" and then hit the activate button
  5. Now, go to the settings menu of the plugin and follow the instructions for embedding videos.


  • Added translation option so the plugin can take advantage of language packs
  • Flowplayer 6 Video Player is now compatible with WordPress 4.4


  • Flowplayer 6 Video Player is now compatible with WordPress 4.3


  • First commit

Can this plugin be used to embed videos on my WordPress blog?


Are the videos embedded by this plugin playable on iOS devices?


Can I autoplay a video?


Can I embed responsive videos using this plugin?


Version 1.0.3

Requires WordPress version: 4.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 07 Dec 2016

Date Added: 13 Jun 2015

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