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Flirty Leads

Flirty Leads lets your site visitors respond your site images. Generate client lists, gain leads using your post/pages images. Email form attaches to

Flirty Leads provides a way to attach a lead capture form to images in a WordPress post or page and increase signups. The Flirty Leads WordPress plugin allows clients to understand the ROI on each post as Flirty Leads provides options to include multiple CTAs on images used in posts and pages.

Users retain complete control and the ability to customize image text and each call to action via the media library. Lead notification is emailed when defined by user and defaults to WordPress admin email when custom email field is left blank. Each image can route to individual emails per image when desired, as well.

Flirty Leads simple indicator system shows which image, post or page referred the lead, making it easy to track lead's area of interest and engagement.

Preview Flirty Leads

*4.0 featuring email campaign building integration with MailChimp Mailing Lists.

demo first lead capture uses MailChimp, second lead capture email sent to site owner

Author sageshilling
Tags call to action, direct dashboard media editing, email campaigns, lead capture, mailchimp integration
  1. flirty-leads screenshot 1

    Can use multiple images with lead capture within the same post/page

  2. flirty-leads screenshot 2

    Options to activate image lead capture on the media library page. To activate set 'show lead capture form' to yes.

  3. flirty-leads screenshot 3

    To Integrate leads to your existing MailChimp campaign mailing list, set option to send info to MailChimp list to 'yes' and enter the fields specific to your MailChimp campaign

  4. flirty-leads screenshot 4 In the page source for your MailChimp hosted signup form, you'll find the pieces of code that need to be added to the form code on your website. First, copy and paste the form action and input information into the body of your custom signup form. Then, find the input type for each list field, and copy that information into the corresponding fields in your custom signup form code. All of these values must be copied to your custom signup form for the data transfer to work properly. Browse or search the page for "form action" to find the first piece of code you need, and copy the lines that look something like this.

Upload the FlirtyLeads plugin to your blog, Activate it.

Upload an image to the media library, fill in the fields. Make sure to change Show lead capture to 'yes'.

Insert image into page.

1, 2, 3: You're done!

added uninstall conditionals for loading unique custom field names php string functions to set lc alignment to be same as image in the post php string to set flexbox for image container to be the width of the image in the post email campaign building integration with MailChimp

Version 4.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 18 Dec 2016

Date Added: 07 Jun 2016


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