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Gallery - Flagallery Photo Portfolio

Gallery Portfolio, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Music Album & Banner Rotator plugin with powerfull admin panel.

Gallery Grand Flagallery - powerfull media and image gallery plugin. Easy interface for handling photos, image galleries, audio and video galleries.

Now You can upload and manage your images and photo galleries, anywhere Download new application for iPhone

With this gallery plugin you can easy upload images, create music and video playlists, create photo gallery, group pictures in photo slideshow and add descriptions for each image, mp3 or video - Grand Flagallery is the smart choice when showing the best of your product or describing in brief any event. Grand Flagallery can easily beautify your site with photo gallery, mp3 player, video player, banner rotator, nivo slider or nice slideshow widgets. SEO optimized, compatibility with Google Reader, FeedBerner, etc.

  • iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Desktop friendly photo gallery, SEO optimized.
  • Full-screen mobile friendly gallery slideshow with touch controls (optional, if set PhotoSwipe library script for alternative gallery).
  • Widgets for Banner Rotator, Photo Gallery and Video Gallery.
  • Background music in gallery for desktop browsers.

How to add gallery to your Wordpress site - full HowTo guide.

For more information read Review, Tutorials, FAQ and see demos created with "Grand Flagallery" WordPress Plugin.

Image Link support now available in gallery skins. See Slider Skin demo.

Music/Video Player: Each instance (player copy) can play different file. All instances are connected between, so as soon as one start playing the previous is stopped automatically. Playlists also available.

GRAND Pages - Full Window Gallery Template. You can display your image gallery in full window separate page (gallery template). View Demo 1, View Demo 2

You have the opportunity to create image gallery, as separate pages. It looks very cool when you open image gallery, and gallery images occupies the entire page... such a large and beautiful. Wow! And there is a button with which you can go back to the previous page. You can also specify the name of the button and link.

Added music playlist support in image gallery skins. Now your visitors can listen music while watching gallery. View Demo

Now you can see "Views" of each photo in the gallery and visitors can "Like" image and see image "Rating".

Also available mp3 players and widgets.

Try also another gallery plugin created by me, which called Gmedia Gallery

Author Rattus
Contributors pasyuk
Tags admin, fullscreen gallery, gallery, image, image gallery, images, music, photo, photo gallery, portfolio, slider, slideshow, video, widget
  1. flash-album-gallery screenshot 1

    3D Prospect Gallery skin with Social buttons integrated, Afflux skin, 3D Cube Gallery skin, 3D FlatWall skin

  2. flash-album-gallery screenshot 2

    Gallery in Facebook integrated with facebook template.

  3. flash-album-gallery screenshot 3

    Alternate jQuery gallery for iPhone, iPad and browsers without flash support.

  4. flash-album-gallery screenshot 4

    Alternate gallery for mobile devices with PhotoSwipe Library.

  5. flash-album-gallery screenshot 5

    Admin Sort Gallery

  6. flash-album-gallery screenshot 6

    Post Editor insert shortcode popup

  7. flash-album-gallery screenshot 7

    Post Editor buttons to help you insert shortcode

  8. flash-album-gallery screenshot 8

    Mini Video Blog Flash skin

  9. flash-album-gallery screenshot 9

    Banner Rotator

  1. Upload the files to 'wp-content/plugins/flash-album-gallery'.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Be sure that after activation 'wp-content/plugins/flagallery-skins' folder (chmod 755) created successfully. If not, create it manually and install skins through admin Skins page or via ftp.
  4. Add a gallery and upload some images (the main gallery folder must have write permission).
  5. Go to your post/page an enter the tag '[flagallery gid=X]', where X - gallery IDs separated by comma. Easy way is click FlAGallery button on the Editor panel.
  6. If you would like to use additional Skins (only a option), go to Skins, download the skin and upload the file through Skins page in Wordpress admin panel.

See more tags in the FAQ section

That's it ... Have fun!

v4.46 - 04.12.2016

  • Fixed admin over https schema
  • Small fixes

v4.45 - 25.10.2016

  • Fixed deprecated JS function
  • Fixed PHP Notice when gallery is empty
  • Added isolation from other plugins assets in admin panel to avoid JS errors

v4.44 - 22.09.2016

  • Compatibility with WP v4.6
  • Fixed Links to Skins Demos
  • Fixed Skins install
  • Fixed Warning on skins page

v4.43 - 30.08.2016

  • Rotate images automaticaly on upload based on EXIF orientation
  • Fixed few PHP Notices

v4.42 - 14.07.2016

  • Fixed Shortcode Helper Button not worked on some servers

v4.41 - 14.06.2016

  • Fixed Gallery name not inserted in shortcode.

v4.40 - 18.04.2016

  • Improved skins installation

v4.39 - 11.01.2016

  • Fixed Warning compatibility with NextGen Gallery plugin

v4.38 - 02.11.2015

  • Warning fix on Music Box page

v4.37 - 27.09.2015

  • Update for importing the plugin into the translation system

v4.36 - 12.08.2015

  • Support of Wordpress v4.3

v4.35 - 01.07.2015

  • Fixed alternative gallery thumbnails not showed on some themes

v4.34 - 02.05.2015

  • Fixed alternative gallery (when links in image descriptions)

v4.33 - 24.04.2015

  • Compatibility with WP 4.2

v4.32 - 30.03.2015

  • Fixed Widget slow loading images

v4.31 - 13.03.2015

  • Fixed Alternative gallery for some themes

v4.30 - 18.02.2015

  • Added Combobox for search and insert galleries when insert shortcode (Select gallerires in order you need for shortcode, drag'n'drop galleries inside combobox)
  • Fixed and improved CSS on all admin pages

v4.29 - 21.01.2015

  • Fixed warning on Skins page when open_basedir = 'Off'

v4.28 - 12.01.2015

  • Fixed urls to install skins and other plugin's website links

v4.27 - 26.12.2014

  • Fixed few PHP Notices
  • Compatibility with EWW Image Optimizer plugin

v4.26 - 20.11.2014

  • Fixed few PHP Notices

v4.25 - 23.10.2014

  • Fixed vulnerability in banner skins
  • Rename banner to rotator

v4.24 - 22.10.2014

  • Improved script for Alternate JS gallery
  • Fixed js error with widgets
  • Minima skin updated: New option to preview alternative gallery (To update skins click Reset Settings button on Overview page)

v4.23 - 9.09.2014

  • Wordpress 4.0 compatibility

v4.22 - 27.08.2014

  • Now you can add Google Analytics Tracking Code for GRAND Pages in Flagallery Options

v4.21 - 07.08.2014

  • Fix for Widget

v4.20 - 24.07.2014

  • Added Flagallery Iframe page

v4.19 - 24.07.2014

  • Fixes and improvements

v4.18 - 16.06.2014

  • Replaced deprecated wordpress function
  • Fix error on Skins page when no cURL installed on server

v4.17 - 23.05.2014

  • Fix conflict with Gmedia Gallery
  • Fix js error 'swfobject undefined'

v4.16 - 13.05.2014

  • Slider skin small fix
  • Remove Facebook page due to changed Facebook API

v4.15 - 13.05.2014

  • Added support for themes with Ajax page loading

v4.14 - 22.04.2014

  • fix albums drag&drop

v4.13 - 22.04.2014

  • fix plupload uploader for wordpress 3.9
  • update plupload uploader to loatest version
  • small css changes

v4.12 - 26.03.2014

  • fix for video galleries and banners
  • optimization for some themes
  • added new action: Reset Views & Likes Counters

v4.10 - 11.02.2014

  • optimization for new iOS app
  • fixed hitcounter.php on some servers
  • small changes and improvements

v4.00 - 17.01.2014

  • added ability to set thumb size while upload
  • added optimized image size for mobile devices
  • added ability to turn off optimized images for mobile devices
  • fixed strict warnings
  • added hooks when creating thumbs or resizing images
  • fixed alternative gallery for firefox based browsers
  • added action for creating optimized images on Manage Galleries page and on Edit Gallery page
  • show sizes for thumbnails and optimized images
  • small fixes and improvements

v3.20 - 15.10.2013

  • Fix alternative gallery
  • Added Gallery sorting on Manage Galleries page
  • Added fields on Options page for gallery sorting

v3.19 - 10.10.2013

  • Fix browser upload (submit button was absent)
  • fix for switch between uploaders

v3.18 - 10.10.2013

  • Replace swfupload with plupload uploader.
  • Added: compatibility with old flagallery database (if it was not upgraded)
  • Update: Minima skin

v3.16 - 28.09.2013

  • Fix: for Flagallery widget

v3.15 - 27.09.2013

  • Fix: New skins not loaded sometimes
  • Added: Thumb Qty field to Flagallery widget
  • Added: Hungarian translate

v3.14 - 28.08.2013

  • Fix: Flash Uploader not worked on some servers
  • Fix: Upload for iOS application
  • Fix: Banner Widget, Music and Video player (click reset options on Overview page to update default skins to latest versions)

v3.12 - 18.07.2013

  • Fix: Not worked for wordpress with custom 'wp-content' folder
  • Fix: Minima skin wrong install url
  • Fix: Photoswipe js

v3.11 - 18.07.2013

  • Fix: Widgets page was not accessible

v3.10 - 17.07.2013

  • Fix: Security bugs reported by Nikolai Tschacher for the White Fir Design Bug Bounty
  • Fix: Small bugs and improvements
  • Added: 2 new languages

v3.01 - 09.07.2013

  • New: iOS application 'MyPGC' for Flagallery plugin now available on the App Store for everyone

v3.00 - 03.07.2013

  • Fix: Free skins settings reset to default after plugin update
  • Fix: XSS bugs reported by Ken S for the White Fir Design Bug Bounty
  • Fix: small bugfixes
  • New: iOS application 'MyPGC' for Flagallery plugin now available on the App Store

v2.78 - 26.06.2013

  • Fix: bundled free skins not copied to flagallery-skins directory

v2.77 - 25.06.2013

  • Fix: XSS vulnerability with albums (thanks to Ken S - for the White Fir Design Bug Bounty)
  • Fix: PHP Notices
  • Fix: Compatibility with some modern themes
  • Update: New version of swfupload
  • Update: Compatibility with Wordpress SEO plugin
  • Update: Update code for default skins

v2.76 - 13.06.2013

  • Fixed: Size for thumbs on Manage Images page
  • Fixed: Create New Thumbnails not working properly with fix dimensions
  • Fixed: First activation of plugin do not move free skins to 'flagallery-skins' folder
  • Fixed: GRAND Page do not remembers playlist option

v2.75 - 10.06.2013

  • Added: Link feald for image (optional for skin)
  • Added: Draft for galleries
  • Fixed: PHP and CSS improvements

v2.72 - 20.05.2013

  • Added: pagination on Music Box page
  • Fixed: small fixes for Banner Box page

v2.71 - 07.05.2013

  • Added: pagination on Banner Box page
  • Fixed: reports sometimes a error "Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference"
  • Fixed: compatibility with SEO plugin
  • Changed: Options page
  • Fixed: Vulnerability on Search images.

v2.70 - 11.04.2013

  • Fixed: Compatibility with some modern themes
  • Added: Music for gallery skins

v2.56 - 25.03.2013

  • Fixed: SQL injection vulnerability
  • Fixed: Video Box admin shows parse error
  • Fixed: Restrict access to menu "GRAND Pages"
  • Added: Informative descriptions on skins and options pages
  • Updated: Minima skin now have option to hide views/likes counter

v2.55 - 19.03.2013

  • Fixed: Alternative gallery on mobile browsers not shows big image on tap
  • Fixed: Alternative gallery brokes if file name have spaces.
  • Added: Option to hide views/likes counter on alternative gallery
  • Fixed: Back button for GRAND Pages
  • Fixed: Playlists not worked if galleries path different from default

v2.54 - 05.03.2013

  • Fixed: Error opening pages "call this page directly" message
  • Changed: Decreased flash version detection (for Mac OS users)

v2.53 - 27.02.2013

  • Fixed: Multiple Vulnerabilities

v2.52 - 23.02.2013

  • Fixed: Install skins on some servers failed

v2.51 - 19.02.2013

  • Fixed: 'Import folder' for Banner Box
  • Fixed: Video preview in admin area
  • Fixed: https support for CSS and JS includes
  • Fixed: Error 'URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration.'
  • Updated: bundled skins
  • Added: License for Banners and Video Blog

v2.50 - 05.02.2013

  • Added: New Default 'Minima' skin - better, faster, nicer.
  • Added: Image views and likes now visible in alternative gallery

v2.18 - 23.01.2013

  • Fixed: Minor fix for skin settings. Skin settings not saved on some servers.

v2.17 - 08.01.2013

  • Added: Sort images option: Randomly
  • Changed: Alternative gallery thumbs for not square images
  • Fixed: Skin name was wrong when click delete skin
  • Fixed: Small fixes

v2.16 - 17.12.2012

  • Added: Hooks for manage images/galleries

v2.15 - 04.12.2012

  • Optimized: Code optimized
  • Added: Hook for bulk actions dropdown
  • Added: Hook after thumbnail/image created
  • Fixed: Small PHP and JS fixes

v2.14 - 20.11.2012

  • Fixed: swfobject path was wrong on some servers

v2.12 - 12.11.2012

  • Fixed: XSS vulnerability in swfupload

v2.11 - 03.11.2012

  • Updated: New system of checking license key
  • Changed: Skins update box.

v2.10 - 29.10.2012

  • Fixed: Vulnerability in shortcode function, album saving, saving skin options, facebook.php file
  • Fixed: Delete image will delete it from FTP

v2.00 - 22.10.2012

  • Updated: Faster loading content of gallery (update skins to new versions)
  • New: Easily update demo skins to full version with license key. All your settings will be in save.
  • Added: Remote control key for mobile application (application coming soon)

v1.90 - 15.10.2012

  • Fixed: FancyBox alternative gallery
  • Fixed: Scroll for alternative gallery
  • Changed: Alternative gallery categories bar styling
  • Updated: Banner Rotator Default is now responsive and have 4 themes.

v1.85 - 12.10.2012

  • Changed: new way to add preview images for video and music

v1.84 - 26.09.2012

  • Fixed: edit thumbnail not worked on some servers (Major Fix)
  • Fixed: gallery deep linkining

v1.83 - 12.09.2012

  • Updated: PhotoSwipe library and make it default alternative gallery
  • Updated: Now FlAGallery widget in mobile browser opens galleries on new page, but not in popup
  • Added: Backround image for GRAND Pages
  • Fixed: cPanel for skins options (Major FIX)

v1.82 - 20.08.2012

  • Fixed: Compatibility with other plugins that use old swfobject

v1.81 - 10.08.2012

  • Fixed: Compatibility with some other flash embed plugins

v1.80 - 25.07.2012

  • Changed: New simple way to install skins

v1.79 - 11.07.2012

  • Added: Password protection for GRAND Pages
  • Added: align=left|center|right parameter for shortcode
  • Fixed: alternate gallery for https sites

v1.78 - 25.06.2012

  • Fixed: admin CSS for Overview page

v1.77 - 16.05.2012

  • Fixed: Fancybox javascript not worked when switched between gallery category
  • Fixed: PhotoSwipe javascript not worked when switched between gallery category
  • Updated: Added hitcounter to PhotoSwipe

v1.76 - 13.05.2012

  • Fixed: Fancybox javascript not worked in v1.75
  • Updated: Fancybox javascript for Slider skin

v1.75 - 10.05.2012

  • Fixed: Saving Video skin settings for playlist
  • Fixed: jQuery conflict for some new themes

v1.74 - 25.04.2012

  • Fixed: skins delete function

v1.73 - 18.04.2012

  • Fixed: xss vulnerability (skins.php)

v1.72 - 10.04.2012

  • Added: Sort by Image views option
  • Added: Sort by Image likes option

v1.71 - 03.04.2012

  • Updated: Aflux Skin (added new features)

v1.71 - 27.03.2012

  • Updated: Default Skin (added view counter)
  • Added: widget for GRAND Pages
  • Fixed: JS for alternate gallery

v1.70 - 20.03.2012

  • Added: New Skin - PhotoBlog
  • Added: Image Views, Likes and Rating for each images (available only in PhotoBlog skin)
  • Fixed: CSS and JS small bugs

v1.67 - 29.02.2012

  • Added: Romanian language

v1.66 - 23.02.2012

  • Changed: FancyBox script for alternate gallery is now enabled by default.
  • Optimized: Optimized Photoswipe script.
  • Changed: Instructions for Facebook gallery page creation.
  • Fixed: minor bugfixes.

v1.65 - 15.02.2012

  • Added: Now you can select FancyBox or PhotoSwipe script for alternate gallery. Added option to Options page. (Default is PhotoSwipe)
  • Optimized: Optimized Photoswipe script for themes without mobile version.
  • Fixed: FlAGallery media button above Post / Page editor.

v1.64 - 07.02.2012

  • Changed: Alternate Gallery changed fancybox script to PhotoSwipe. Full touchscreen support: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry 6 and Desktop all supported.

v1.63 - 24.01.2012

  • Fixed: FlAGallery button on HTML Editor panel
  • Added: FlAGallery Media button to Post and Page
  • Changes: Minor changes

v1.62 - 13.01.2012

  • Fixed: script.js file error

v1.61 - 12.01.2012

  • Fixed: Import video from folder
  • Fixed: Import mp3 from folder
  • Fixed: Fancybox script for Slider skin (now it works in Safari browser)

v1.60 - 10.01.2012

  • Added: Default skin without any branding
  • Added: Licenses to each skin folder

v1.59 - 21.12.2011

  • Updated: thumbnail generator script
  • Updated: flagshow.php file

v1.58 - 15.12.2011

  • Bugfix: Compatibility with theme's custom post templates
  • Bugfix: false positive xss vulnerability (flagshow.php)
  • Updated: Compatibility with Wordpress 3.3
  • Fixed: Support any language for Add Gallery field

v1.57 - 01.12.2011

  • Bugfix: Error when update from very old version
  • Bugfix: xss vulnerability (facebook.php)
  • Updated: 3D FlatWall, 3D Cube and Afflux skins compatibility with GRAND Pages

v1.56 - 23.11.2011

  • Added: Icon for GRAND Pages
  • Added: FlAGallery Music Widget
  • Added: New Music Player Skin
  • Fixed: Bugfix in Baner Box import function
  • Fixed: Music Box didn't update skin settings

v1.55 - 09.11.2011

  • Fixed: GRAND Pages permalinks
  • Added: Option to disable deep linking in the flash (not all skins support this feature)
  • Fixed: Alternative gallery
  • Fixed: CSS for FancyBox
  • Added: Alternative for Music Player Default

v1.54 - 09.11.2011

  • Added: GRAND Pages - Full Window Gallery Template
  • Updated: Script for Slider skin (multiple Sliders on one page)

v1.53 - 02.11.2011

  • Updated : Feedburner RSS now display bold title near image (not only description)
  • Added : Support for very old skins

v1.52 - 01.11.2011

  • Updated : Singleton (mini) mp3 player
  • Added : Autoplay for singleton (mini) mp3 player
  • Bugfix : Android browser support

v1.51 - 04.10.2011

  • Major Fix : Updated cPanel for skins (compatibility with Adobe Flash Player v11)
  • Added : RSS for FeedBurner
  • Added : Supported new Slider skin - FancyBox fullscreen preview
  • Updated : SEO optimization for serch engines
  • Updated : Optimization for RSS Readers (added image description)
  • Updated : Scripts for feature SlideShow Skin

v1.50 - 20.09.2011

  • Fixed : Widget for Banner Rotator (refresh skins)
  • Removed : Unnecessary links on Banner Rotator

v1.49 - 06.09.2011

  • Added : Widget for Video Playlists
  • Fixed : Minor Bugs

v1.48 - 30.08.2011

  • Fixed : iPhone/iPad alternative for music and video default players

v1.47 - 29.08.2011

  • Added : Support mp3 for iPhone/iPad
  • Added : Alternative for video and music for non-flash browsers
  • Added : Widget Option for fancybox size
  • Fixed : music and video default players

v1.45 - 23.08.2011

  • Added : Widget for Album Gallery
  • Added : Lithuanian language
  • Fixed : Minor bugs

v1.44 - 18.08.2011

  • Fixed : Widget for Banner Rotator

v1.43 - 17.08.2011

  • Added : Widget for Banner Rotator
  • Fixed : Change playlist options
  • Fixed : PHP4 Compatibility

v1.42 - 08.08.2011

  • Major Bugfix
  • Fixed : Banner Rotator (update skins, please)

v1.41 - 25.07.2011

  • Fixed : Bug fix for WP v3.0.*
  • Fixed : Photo Gallery shortcode generator in Visual Editor mode
  • Fixed : Banner Rotator skin for WP v3.0
  • Added : Ukrainian translation

v1.40 - 18.07.2011

  • Added : Video gallery playlist creation
  • Added : Video blog skin
  • Added : Banner box page to create banner rotators and 3d content galleries
  • Added : Banner Rotator skin
  • Added : Facebook link generator for Video gallery and Banner rotator
  • Added : Album of galleries creation
  • Added : Option to disable alternative jQuery gallery for iPad/iPhone
  • Updated : swf files for skin options, mp3 mini.swf, video_mini.swf

v1.33 - 13.07.2011

  • Major Update for Flash Album Gallery
  • Fixed : Bug with music and video sorting in playlists

v1.32 - 12.07.2011

  • Fixed : Bug with Image Gallery Shortcode insertion via TinyMCE button
  • Updated : Video player (new version)
  • Updated : Wordpress v.3.2 compatibility

v1.31 - 04.07.2011

  • Added : Creating Multicategorized photo albums with galleries
  • Added : Options for Single MP3 Player
  • Fixed : Skins settings changing
  • Fixed : Bug with Database capitalized prefix

v1.23 - 20.06.2011

  • Added : Video Box page (list of video from WP Media Library)
  • Added : FLV Video Player and shortcode for it
  • Added : Import mp3 files from server folder to WP Media Library
  • Added : Import flv files from server folder to WP Media Library

v1.22 - 11.06.2011

  • Fixed : Facebook gallery template (you should copy facebook.php in the root directory again if you did it before)
  • Fixed : php4 compatibility
  • Added : Autoplay option to Music player (you should update skins)
  • Fixed : alternate jQuery gallery show only if no flash

v1.21 - 07.06.2011

  • Fixed : javascript for alternative jQuery gallery
  • Fixed : php4 unexpected T_STATIC error

v1.20 - 06.06.2011

  • Updated : Music player skin (added autoplay option)
  • Added : Alternate jQuery gallery for iPad, iPhone
  • Added : Options for alternate jQuery gallery
  • Added : additional javascript for flash
  • Changed : swfObject output for all galleries
  • Updated : cPanel.swf for skin optoins

v1.13 - 26.05.2011

  • Fixed : Refresh Skin button make aktive skin broken (reinstall broken skin please)

v1.12 - 24.05.2011

  • Added : Roles for Music and Facebook pages
  • Updated : Midnight Skin v3.0 for photo gallery
  • Fixed : Facebook image gallery generator javascript on Mac browsers

v1.11 - 23.05.2011

  • Added : Music gallery 'Music Box'
  • Added : Flash Gallery for Facebook page
  • Fixed : small fixes

v0.61 - 22.05.2011

  • Added : Azerbaijani translation

v0.60 - 11.04.2011

  • Fixed : Security fix in two files

v0.59 - 23.03.2011

  • Fixed : Fix for default skins - don't load empty photo galleries
  • Fixed : Fix for edit big thumbs
  • Notice : New photo gallery flash skin released today

v0.58pl1 - 19.02.2011

  • Changed : Fix for compatibility with new skin
  • Notice : New photo gallery flash skin released today

v0.58 - 17.02.2011

  • Changed : core files for skins swfobject
  • Notice : all feature photo gallery skins require plugin v0.58 or higher

v0.57 - 17.02.2011

  • Added : js for feature skin
  • Fixed : small fixes

v0.56 - 17.02.2011

  • Fixed : transparent and bg color for image gallery skins
  • Added : functionality for feature flash photo gallery skin

v0.55 - 18.01.2011

  • Removed : disablescroll.js - very buggy

v0.54 - 18.01.2011

  • Added : javascript - flash scroll without html scroll
  • Added : Dutch language

v0.52 - 5.10.2010

  • Added : Polish translation

v0.50 - 19.07.2010

  • Fixed : Metadata to description wrong tag

v0.49 - 28.06.2010

  • Added : Bulk action: copy image metadata to image description
  • Added : Russian translation
  • Bug fixes and CSS fixes

v0.46 - 03.05.2010

  • Added : Belorussian language

v0.45 - 22.04.2010

  • Added : WordPress MU support
  • Small bug fixes

v0.44 - 12.04.2010

  • Added : Turkish language
  • Small bug fixes

v0.43 - 28.03.2010

  • Added : More informative error messages on plugin upgrade
  • Bugfix : Conflicted with NGG JWPlayer
  • Bugfix : Help screen replaced on all admin pages
  • Bugfix : Wrong pager calculate
  • Changed : swfobject js for compability with older version of js library

v0.42 - 25.03.2010

  • Changed : Replaced all php short_open_tag from '' to ''

v0.41 - 25.03.2010

  • Bugfix : Photo gallery Skin options didn't save colors

v0.40 - 24.03.2010

  • Change : DataBase structure
  • Change : Photo gallery Skin options now on skins page
  • Change : Skins now in separate folder outside of Flash Album Gallery plugin folder
  • Added : Each image gallery skin has own color settings saved in file
  • Added : Hide image for unregistered users option
  • Added : SWFaddress for deeplinking in flash
  • Added : Meta data for Images
  • Added : Action popup for Resize image... and Create new thumbnails
  • Added : New Action - Import Meta data
  • Added : Actions on Manage Galleries page
  • Added : Search Images on Manage Galleries page

v0.39pl3 - 12.02.2010

  • Bugfix : Image uploader fix (Error 'no valid image')
  • Added : German translation

v0.39pl2 - 04.02.2010

  • Bugfix : TinyMCE button insert wrong shortcode for flash photo gallery
  • Bugfix : Color tab and color settings not showing

v0.39pl1 - 31.01.2010

  • Added : Portuguese translation
  • Added : Traditional Chinese translation

v0.39 - 25.12.2009

  • Added : Spanish translation
  • Bugfix : bugfixes for WP2.9

v0.38 - 08.12.2009

  • Added : Photo gallery shortcode parameters (orderby=gid | title | random, order=DESC | ASC, exclude, skin)
  • Added : Popup tabs for additional shortcode parameters
  • Added : Ability to add more flash albums in post/posts with different skins
  • Added : Ability set default skin colors or leave your own
  • Bugfix : small fixes

v0.37 - 13.11.2009

  • Added : French translation
  • Bugfix : Fix for GRAND Flash Album Gallery Skin page (blank page)

v0.36 - 5.11.2009

  • Added : Italian translation
  • Update : Little fixes of text

v0.35 - 22.10.2009

  • Added : Confirmation popup for delete skin option
  • Bugfix: Fix for included skins with WP 2.7.1 and PHP 4
  • Update : Update for Wordpress v.2.8.5

v0.34 - 19.10.2009

  • Added : Delete skin option
  • Added : Capability for 'delete skin'
  • Bugfix : Fix for flag.ajax.js (conflict with wp-security-scan plugin)

v0.33 - 5.10.2009

  • Bugfix : Fix for skins upload
  • Bugfix : Fix editor buttons in IE

v0.32 - 30.09.2009

  • Added : Skin "Photo Gallery PRO 1.0 DEMO"
  • Bugfix : Fix for image date & time
  • Bugfix : Fixed html special chars in description of image
  • Changed : Database structure

v0.29 - 17.08.2009

  • NEW : Import images from folder
  • Added : Button "FlAGallery" on HTML Editor panel, even if Visual Editor is disabled
  • Added : International Skin to display any language in the flash
  • Added : Loader for News Box on Overview page
  • Added : To display all galleries in the album, added parameter value "all", e.g.: gid=all
  • Changed : Shortcode 'album' replaced with 'flagallery', becouse of conflict with NextGEN Gallery
  • Bugfix : Fix for Upload Images button on Overview page
  • Bugfix : Fixed conflict with NextGEN Gallery (creating thumbnails cause error)

Read as startup :

Home page:

The gallery didn't work, but everything is installed and activated.

Make sure you have the following in your template. (It's in the original WP header.php template, but if you're creating your own, you may have forgotten to include it):

That line would go in between your tags

When I try to activate the plugin I get the message : "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error."

This problem could happened if you have a low memory_limit in your php environment and a lot of plugins installed. For a simple test deactivate all other plugins and try then to activate Grand Flagallery again. Please check also if you have a minimum memory_limit of 16Mbyte (as much as possible).

I get the message "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted" or get the "Error: Exceed Memory limit.". What does this means?

This problem could happened if you have a low memory_limit in your php environment or you have a very large image (resolution, not size). The memory limit sets the maximum amount of memory in bytes that a script is allowed to allocate. You can either lower the resolution of your images or increase the PHP Memory limit (via ini_set, php.ini or htaccess). If you didn't know how to do that, please contact your web hoster.

When I open the archive/category page of my site it will show the post, but without gallery. But if I open the post, it will shows the gallery perfectly

It's because your theme use some function different from to display post excerpt in index.php or archive.php or category.php. If you insert "more" (page breack) tag in post before shortcode, then flash will be only on individual page.

How to create a categories in flash album? I only have one category, which is the name of the gallery.

You can do it easily with FlAGallery button on editor panel, when you edit post. In trhe popup window hold down 'Ctrl' button and choose galleries left mouse button. Or just write gallery IDs separated by comma in "gid" attribute: [flagallery gid=7,3,5,2]

To display ALL galleries as categories: [flagallery gid=all]

How can I set it to auto slideshow when open the page?

Download and activate skin with auto slideshow

The gallery keeps loading without ever showing the images

You've probably changed site url, so flash think that images are on other domain. Just click Reset settings on Overview page. That will solve the problem.

ERROR: Couldn't load the media file.Error #2036

Make sure that you have equal number of images in Manage Gallery and in ftp folder. Check if you have broken images.

How do I set a specific category as the first one that is displayed?

if you have three galleries and shortcode like: [flagallery gid=3,1,2] first gallery will be with ID=3, then ID=1, and then ID=2 if you have: [flagallery gid=all orderby=title order=ASC exclude=1] it will display all galleries except ID=1 sorted by title of gallery.

[IOErrorEvent type="ioError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Error #2032"]

Probably you use some plugin that extend standard WordPress TinyMCE Editor. And it replace ( " ) symbol in shortcode to ( “ ). Try remove all quotes from shortcode (album name without quotes shouldn't consist spaces).

I get this error code: ERROR: IMG_5879.JPG : Invalid upload. Error Code : 1.

Error Code: 1. This mean that the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Check PHP Max Upload Size on Overview page.

When i install this plugin and go to add a gallary name, it gives an error that 'directory wp-content/flagallery doesnot exists'

Create it manually with chmod 0755.

Live Demos:


Copyright 2009 by & DevTeam

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

Upgrade Notice

  • After plugin update go to Skins page and update skins with 'Update skins' button.
  • If you use Facebook template and copied it in the root directory, then after each plugin update click 'Copy facebook.php file to root directory'.
  • If Grand Flagallery displays an error message after upgrade, go to FlAGallery Overview page and press 'Reset settings'.
  • Have some troubles with plugin? Try first reseting settings, deactivate and reactivate plugin.
Version 4.46

Requires WordPress version: 3.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 04 Dec 2016

Date Added: 01 Aug 2009

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