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Featured Images for Categories

Add WordPress Featured Images to both categories & tags, then display via a widget or shortcode on your WordPress site.

Featured Images for Categories will add WordPress Featured Images to both categories & tags. You can easily assign an image to each category or tag and then display a gallery style block of images via a widget or shortcode.

Check out the video here for a quick summary on how the plugin works.

(NB. Two Pro features are also shown in this video: custom taxonomies and support of registered image sizes).

The plugin has a comprehensive documentation page located here:

Work with custom taxonomies?

We also have released a Pro version that supports the following:

  • Custom taxonomies
  • Additional widget to featured individual terms in a widget area
  • Support for all registered image sizes in your WordPress theme
  • A PHP function call for developers to access the featured images assigned to a category
  • Ability in the shortcodes to specify exactly which categories to display by category ID

More info on the Pro version available here

Author HelpForWP
Contributors PeterShilling
Tags categories, Categories Images, custom taxonomy, featured images
  1. featured-images-for-categories screenshot 1

    This screen shot shows the new tool added to the categories and tags interface to assign a featured image

  2. featured-images-for-categories screenshot 2

    This screen shot shows the widget the plugin provides to show a gallery of featured images in a widget area

Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Compatibility with WordPress 4.5


Major re-write of the plugin to support taxonomy meta data. The plugin now stores all data in this new format for WordPress versions great than 4.4

  • New support for featured colours (Pro version only)
  • New developer API to interact with featured images and featured colours (Pro version only)
  • Migration process to update data store for WordPress 4.4
  • All shortcodes now available in both the free and pro versions
  • Both the plugin's widgets are now available for free and pro versions
  • New interface enhancement to show featured images and colours in the category manager interface (Pro version only)


  • New support in the widget to display the category / taxonomy name in the widget


  • Updated license scripts


  • New feature for developers, fifc_get_tax_thumbnail now returns the URL to the featured image


  • New shortcode option childrenonly to display only categories that are children of the specified category ID
  • Add the Plugin Update Centre to alert users when new versions are available

1.3.2 Bug fixing

  • Fixed a bug that cause categories to loose their featured image

1.3.1 Minor update

  • new ability to show only top level categories in the short codes, argument in shortocode is parentcatsonly="true"

1.3 November 2013 update

  • Add two new options in shortcode allowing user to specify a list of category ids.
  • Add developer function to output featured image for a category.
  • Add ability to turn category name and description on via the shortcode

Version 1.2.2 Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2 Fixed a bug which may cause featured images to be removed

Version 1.1 Add two new options in shortcode, category name and category description can be displayed under the featured image

Version 1.0 Initial public release

Full documentation and FAQs are available on the web site here.

Version 2.1.1

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 28 Nov 2016

Date Added: 17 Sep 2013

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