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Fan Victor

White Label Fantasy Sports site in minutes. Give your members the chance to play in any Fantasy contest by predicting the outcomes of any sport.

Create a fantasy sports website in minutes. This Fantasy Sports plugin gives your members the chance to spend their credits competing in daily tournaments and contests involving predictions of outcomes of sporting events. Sports leagues such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, Soccer and even MMA. Keep your visitors engaged on your site with an extremely exciting Fantasy Sports game and make money on the biggest sports niche today. This awesome Fantasy Sports Script is open source, meaning your free to change the code to your own liking. You can modify the template files to get it to look exactly what you want. Create your own custom pools on top of the automated ones too! This plugin requires a paid license. Either a one time fee or a monthly fee for automated game functionality. Everything is completely automated when you sign up with the Premium version of the plugin.

This Fantasy Sports Plugin focuses on the key elements: the product itself, building excitement and monetizing your traffic.

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Completely Automated Turnkey Solution (Pro version)
  • 24 hour email support

All Professional and Major Sports Supported

Big 6:
College Basketball, College Football, National Basketball Association (NBA), Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), Friendly Internationals Soccer:
World Cup, Italian Serie A, Eng. Premier League, Spanish Liga Primera, Champions League, Friendly Internationals, Euro Championship MMA:
UFC, Bellator, Dream, XFC, One FC, Invicta, Legacy FC, Cage Warriors, MFC, World Series of Fighting, RFA Golf:
PGA Drag Racing:
Nascar With our plugin you can create any contest for any sport or event.

Select one, many or all organizations to be included in your site. In the Admin Control Panel of your WordPress, you can set which organizations you want to have on your site. You have total control.

Use it for Leagues of all kinds. Create your own custom pools on top of the automated ones too! That is right, you can create custom pools for just about anything using the admin panel. You are NOT limited to the games supported by the plugin. You can create your own pools easily. You can allow your Members to create their own contests based on the pools you create! Make money by taking a rake per contest and/or set an exchange rate for virtual currency.

Let your Members use the built in credit system or pay you Entry Fees to play in Contests.

The hottest topic in Social Media is Social Gaming, getting your members to compete with each other and socialize on your site while they do it. This plugin connects players to each other so they play against each other. There is absolutely NO risk to you.

This is an extremely flexible Contest Engine, which you can easily adapt to Fantasy Sports Games.

Note: In the USA it is totally legal to charge members Cash Money Entry Fees to play in Fantasy Sports Contests.

This Fantasy Sports Module gives your Members the chance to spend their credits competing in Daily Tournaments and Contests involving Predictions of outcomes of Sporting Events. Sports games such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, Soccer and even MMA. Great fun for everyone! Keep your visitors engaged on your site with an extremely exciting Fantasy Sports game and make money on the biggest sports niche today.

This awesome Fantasy Sports Script is open source, meaning your free to change the code to your own liking. You can modify the template files to get it to look exactly what you want.

You are limited only by your own creativity; the Sports Fantasy Engine will keep track of everything and show you stats on deposits and withdraws. Everything is completely automated when you sign up with the Premium version of the plugin.

How It Works:

Essentially this Daily Fantasy Sports plugins turns any WordPress site into a Daily Fantasy Sports game, where site owners can offer a professional Daily Fantasy Sports game to their sites visitors. Visitors predict the winners of upcoming sports games and earn points for each correct selection. The user with the most points at the end when all the fixtures have been played is declared the winner. Version 2 of this plugin will feature player drafts where users can earn points based on individual player performance.

All the upcoming game schedules, game scores, game updates and player stats are all included in the price of the plugin. Just the stats alone are worth thousands of dollars per month. This plugin handles all that. Plus it tracks all the picks submitted by the users and updates all the users points, declared the winners and sends our email notifications. Plus it also allows the site admin to create their own pool with custom teams, players and fixtures.

Front End Features

Lobby Block:
This is a list of games that users can enter. Table headings show entry fee of each game and the total payout. It also displays the amount of players that have entered as well as the size of the pool. Of course it shows the time and date when the pool starts. There is also a very use to use search tool where users can narrow down their search for a specific contest to play. Create Contest Page:
When a user clicks on Create Contest, they will be presented with a page of options that allow full customization of their league. The site admin has complete control on what options are offered to users. Leagues last just one day.
The user can select the sport, date of pool and even the fixtures they want to be part of their pool. They will select if it is a FREE practice game or if the game has an entry fee. They can also select the pool size. It can be a size of 2, which makes it head-to-head or a bigger size to allow for more participants. The game type defines what game to play. This is where you can offer Fan Victor's standard game types or have us build you a custom game type. Pick Selection Page:
Once a user creates a contest, they are presented with the Pick Submission page. This is the page where the users enter their picks or draft their team for their contest. Games can be based on a salary cap or non-salary cap for Player Draft games. For custom games, we can create any input page needed for your custom game. Live Rankings Page:
Welcome to Fantasy Sports Heaven. After users have entered their picks, they are sent to the Live Rankings page. This page is a summary of their selections. Once the pool has started, users will NO longer be able to edit their picks and will be allowed to view other users picks. So you can watch alongside your favourite sport and watch yourself climb up the leaderboard and claim victory! This page is updated according to Fan Victor stats engine technology. Fan Victor strives try to make it as real-time as possible. However, you can integrate other statistical vendors to our plugin. Please contact us for details. My Contests Page:
This page lists all the games a users has entered. This includes past history games, future games and live games. A user can click on any game to view the history if the game is over or view the upcoming game details and picks. Transaction History:
End users can always get to their transaction history to view all the payments, withdrawals and games fees they initiated. Always kept up to date in real-time. Add Payment:
End users will be able to purchase credits via an easy form they fill in using your websites default payment gateway. Payment Request:
End users can request a withdrawal at any time. The site admin will be notified via email. Credit System:
This ultimate plugin comes with a built-in credit system that integrates with your website payment gateway. So you can define the cost of credits to purchase and the cost of credits to withdrawal. It integrates with your default payment gateway seamlessly. Users use credits to play in paid games. These are games that have an entry fee to join. It also includes a fully functional admin reporting section for site administrators so you know exactly just how much money you're making. Back End Features: Settings: Fully customize which sports you want to support on your site. Choose one, some or all of them: Football (Pro and College), Basketball (Pro and College), Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Nascar and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Select the site rake percentage. As a site owner, you can make money by defining a cost to purchase or withdraw credits AND/OR you can define what your rake is per pool. Standard rake is 10%.
But we'll leave that up to you to decide. Its VERY flexible! Manage withdrawal requests with a simple table where withdrawal requests are listed. Site admins will be able to approve payments right from the adminCP. How convenient is that?!?! Get up to the minute reports on deposits and withdrawals. You'll always know exactly how much money you're making. We'll even show you site statistics so you can keep track of how users are playing.

Author Mega Website Services
Contributors quarta77
Tags fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy football, fantasy hockey, fantasy sports
  1. fantasy-sports screenshot 1

    The lobby bock lists the contests a user can join.

  2. fantasy-sports screenshot 2

    Game Summary block indicates your all time stats.

  3. fantasy-sports screenshot 3

    Create a contest from any major sport.

  4. fantasy-sports screenshot 4

    Create Contest Page has lots of options to configure your contest.

  5. fantasy-sports screenshot 5

    Live, Upcoming and Historical game blocks available as well.

  6. fantasy-sports screenshot 6

    Back End administration to create your own pool in any major sport.

  7. fantasy-sports screenshot 7

    Here are all the admin functions available to site admins.

  1. Upload fanvictor.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Sign up at and go to Members Area
  4. Copy and paste license key from Members Area to your Admin CP

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the 'Add New' in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Fan Victor Fantasy Sports’
  3. Click 'Install Now'
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the 'Add New' in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the 'Upload' area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click 'Install Now'

Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

  1. Using FTP
  2. Download
  3. Extract the fanvictor directory to your computer
  4. Upload the fanvictor directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
  6. Sign up at and go to Members Area
  7. Copy and paste license key from Members Area to your Admin CP

Version 2.1.42 released Oct 18 2016

  • New feature: change background base on favourite team

Version 2.1.41 released Sep 20 2016

  • Add phrase texts for email translation

  • Fix import picks layout on mobile

  • Change gateway layout

  • Fix sort balance in manage credits

  • Made some enhancements on the back end

  • Remove choice gateway

Version 2.1.40 released Aug 17 2016

  • Add new gateway priority

  • Add two new gametypes "how many goals" and "both teams to score"

Version 2.1.39 released Jun 29 2016

  • Fix not show paging for "Result" in manage events

Version 2.1.38 released Jun 22 2016

  • Fix some bugs

Version 2.1.37 released May 20 2016

  • Fix some bugs

  • Add new option "Draw" for pick em game type

  • Send email fo admin when create contest

Version 2.1.36 released May 9 2016

  • New golf game type: Best 5, Skin

  • New payment method: paypal pro

  • Allow users upload stats file for their own events

  • Fix some bugs

  • Improve performance

Version 2.1.35 released Mar 14 2016

  • Fix some blank pages

Version 2.1.34 released Mar 8 2016

  • Support mixing sport

Version 2.1.33 released Feb 4 2016

  • Allow invite friends for private contest at backend

Version 2.1.32 released Nov 16 2015

  • Allow hiding user list when invite friend

  • Allow sorting withdrawal by ID

Version 2.1.31 released Nov 11 2015

  • Allow import picks that you have already entered for an event.

Version 2.1.30 released Nov 9 2015

  • Show withdrawl history at transaction page

Version 2.1.29 released Nov 3 2015

  • Sorting at game summary page

  • Sending email to user when approve or decline withdrawl

Version 2.1.28 released Oct 28 2015

  • Fix cannot approve withdrawal in admincp

Version 2.1.27 released Oct 26 2015

  • Fix display wrong player's team at playerdraft result page

  • Adding NEW feature "No Cash" option. This will hide ALL references to Entry Fee and Prizes. This is mainly used for site who are NOT offering CASH games

Version 2.1.26 released Oct 19 2015

  • Display fixture time at create contest page

  • Show contest name at transaction page

  • Send email when withdrawal

Version 2.1.25 released Sep 17 2015

  • Fix incorrect positions when create new contest

Version 2.1.24 released Sep 15 2015

  • Auto update fixture results for live events

Version 2.1.23 released Sep 7 2015

  • Fix entry fees are NOT being deducted from players account when entering a contest

Version 2.1.22 released Sep 3 2015

  • Support multi entry for pick game type

  • New game types: picktie and ultimate pick

  • Fix contest not found error

  • Allow trade player or team before a game starts (Optional)

Version 2.1.21 released Sep 1 2015

  • Fix add credits

Version 2.1.20 released Aug 10 2015

  • Allow add custom percentage on create contest page

  • Fix profit statistic on event statistic page

  • Improve statistics for MLS

Version 2.1.19 released July 14 2015

  • Allow add custom spread points at "add contest" page

  • Show complete list of each user and their picks at manage contests page

  • Send an email to users to show them what they picked

  • Fixed some bugs

Version 2.1.18 released July 6 2015

  • Add 2 setting "Refund on No Fill" and "PayOut Winners" on create contest

  • Support positive and negative points

  • Allow change lineup for golf

  • Add statistics page

Version 2.1.17 released June 24 2015

  • Fix show player list

Version 2.1.16 released June 15 2015

  • Display opposing pitcher for mlb

Version 2.1.15 released May 27 2015

  • Fix footer

Version 2.1.14 released May 25 2015

  • Support multi payouts

  • Show starting pitchers for MLB

Version 2.1.13 released May 11 2015

  • Support manage player news

  • Fix add players

  • Sorting scoring category from best to worst

Version 2.1.12 released Apr 27 2015

  • Support Wordpress version 4.2

Version 2.1.11 released Apr 17 2015

  • Fix email header

Version 2.1.10 released Apr 17 2015

  • Add Legal Disclaimer Footer

Version 2.1.9 released Apr 14 2015

  • Fix withdrawl

Version 2.1.8 released Apr 14 2015

  • Fix create contest

Version 2.1.7 released Apr 13 2015

  • Fix double players

  • Fix template

  • Fix incompatibility with some plugins

Version 2.1.6 released Apr 9 2015

  • Player news for MLB

  • Support Choice Gateway

Version 2.1.5 released Apr 7 2015

  • Fix template

Version released Apr 6 2015

  • Fix loop content

Version released Apr 6 2015

  • Fix loop content

Version 2.1.4 released Apr 6 2015

  • Add and fix text phrase

  • Support multi payouts

Version released March 31 2015

  • Support MLB

  • Use Auto Ip

  • Fixed restrict user from some states

Version released March 30 2015

  • Fix paypal

  • Fix clock

  • Remove facebook share

  • Hide group for golf

  • redirect to lobby

Version 2.1.3 released March 16 2015

  • Golf - Requirement to select at least 2 rounds

  • Golf - Show bonus point accumulation on history entry page

  • At results page, show scoring points and bonus points

  • Add your own prizes text feature

Version 2.1.2 released March 2015

  • Enhanced event statistics

  • Manage user transactions

  • Custom lineup per contest feature

  • Reverse contest feature

  • Move lobby to its own page

Version 2.1 released Mar 2015

  • PGA Golf Support

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.0 released Feb 2015

  • Player Draft

  • Player Management

  • Manage Salary Cap

  • Manage Contests

  • Contest Cloner Feature

  • Create custom Sports

  • Create custom organizations

  • New Cheque payout method

  • Custom scoring criteria management

  • Custom positions

  • Custom lineup per event feature

Version 1.0

  • First version released.

Is it Legal?

Fantasy Contests are LEGAL games of SKILL in the USA, Canada and some other countries.

Consult this article for the history of Legal Betting on Fantasy Sports in the USA:

Also read The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006:

The act specifically excludes fantasy sports

Note: Due to State and provincial law residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont and Quebec may only play free competitions.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We have 24 hour email support for both levels of licences. Please email for any issues, questions or concerns. Your feedback is most welcome.

How do pay outs work?

In the admin panel, all you need to do is input your PayPal email address. Then all deposits that users make will go directly to your PayPal account. When a user makes a withdrawal request, you can use the admin panel to process the transaction via PayPal as well. The users balance will automatically be updated.

What states and/or provinces is fantasy gaming prohibited in?

Due to State and provincial law residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont and Quebec may only play free competitions.

Is there a trial period? I just want to try before I buy

There is a 60 money back guarantee. 100% of your money will be returned. There is no risk to try.

Are you looking for anyone to join your team?

Absolutely. Please contact and be part of a very cool and innovative team.

Arbitrary section

Although the plugin is free for download, you must obtain a valid license key from When registering an account on, you must submit your website's IP and URL. One license per website. This plugin is a serviceware plugin, explicitly allowed by adheres to plugin guidelines set forth by (

All game schedules, game data, game results, fantasy game engine and business logic services are stored on Fan Victor automates all major sporting events games and updates its database with game results based on site preferences. The plugin will set/get data on a per site basis to Stat keeping and fantasy game engine services are hosted on

Version 2.1.42

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.3.8

Last Updated 18 Oct 2016

Date Added: 01 Oct 2014

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