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Social Marketing Scheduler

A tool that helps you schedule posts and pages on Facebook and Twitter and other social platforms.

This plugin has a free 45 days trial, after that it's €9.99/month.

Timing is all, if you want to maximize the effect of sharing your articles in social media.

To share an editorial

  • on right time of day might rise the traffic to your site with more than 100%.
  • on right time of year might be the crucial in whether it is relevant or not.
  • with right numbers of recurrence might be the difference between spam and success.

With Social Marketing Scheduler, you can plan when you want to share your articles on Facebook and Twitter. You can

  • Plan one or several sharings of each article.
  • Share on one or several Twitter accounts.
  • Share on one or several Facebook pages you manage.
  • Use different picture and text for each sharing.
  • Keep complete track of future and past sharings.

Professional tool

Social Marketing Scheduler is a professional tool for marketing on social channels. Plan your marketing campaign for each article inside the actual page where you write and edit your article.

The overview page keeps track of all past sharings and shows you states of future sharings. You able to plan your sharings just a few minutes in to the future, or for several months or years. The sharing is published on the channel you decide on the exact day and time you decide.

Once you have done the job, you can forget about it and let the computer do the rest. You do not even need to turn your computer on.

Nevertheless, you are of course in charge. You can reorganize your plan whenever it suits you.

Cooperate and multiuser

Each user is allowed to share on those channels, accounts and pages he/she has access to from before. Numerous contributors might also be able to share on a common Twitter account or Facebook page. The users are allowed to publish on his/hers personal account or page.

Author Gaute Rønningen
Contributors exxica
Tags Facebook, generate traffic, increase traffic, marketing, marketing plan, marketing schedule, planning, publicating, publications, scheduler, sharing, sharings, social marketing, social marketing plan, social marketing planning, social marketing scheduler, teasing, timing, twitter
  1. exxica-social-marketing screenshot 1

    User administration page - with authentication buttons for various social media platforms and the ability to remove unwanted publishing accounts.

  2. exxica-social-marketing screenshot 2

    Where to find the button on the post or page publishing page.

  3. exxica-social-marketing screenshot 3

    The dialog box that is opened.

  4. exxica-social-marketing screenshot 4

    When you press Add New this shows.

  5. exxica-social-marketing screenshot 5

    The marketing overview, shown in an agenda.

  6. exxica-social-marketing screenshot 6

    Where to find the settings page.

Automatic installation

  1. Press Install to install this plugin to your WordPress.
  2. Enable the plugin in WP admin.
  3. Set up the plugin in User => My social marketing.
  4. Optionally set up global variables in Settings => Social marketing.

Manual installation

  1. Download from any available source.
  2. Connect to your FTP server and upload and extract the zip-archive to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Enable the plugin in WP admin.
  4. Set up the plugin in User => My social marketing.
  5. Optionally set up global variables in Settings => Social marketing.

  • Added license data to PayPal button.


  • Updated publishing URI.


  • Added the option to use a local Exxica API. (currently disabled)
  • Fixed a bug in date and time input fields.
  • Updated for WP 4.5.2.


  • Minor changes to the activator/deactivator.


  • Updated for WP 4.5.1.


  • Capability type needed to publish and see publications is now set to "edit_posts", which means only users with the role "Contributor" or higher can access it.
  • Updated for WP 4.3.1.


  • Updated for WP 4.3.
  • Updated README.

  • Hotfix for bug in cURL.

  • Added check for PHP cURL.
  • Updated FAQ.


  • Updated for WP 4.2.

  • Applied hotfix for faulty refresh paired accounts link.


  • Added functionality to set standard publication account.
  • Fixed an issue with the JavaScript in posts and pages.
  • Updated FAQ

  • Fixed an issue that caused some 404 errors.

  • Fixed an issue with channel name on Twitter in the overview.

  • Fixed a timestamp issue in the en-US datepicker.
  • Fixed an internationalization issue with the datepicker.


  • Added custom date and time formats. Default locale specific.
  • Fixed an SQL bug in account selection.
  • Fixed Twitter issue on first time setup.
  • Fixed a bug in channel selection.
  • Fixed sorting in the dashboard widget.


  • Added disclaimer.


  • Fixed minor SQL bugs.


  • Added link in dashboard widget to user manual.
  • Updated readme with more useful information.


  • Minor changes to code to make it fit with WordPress library requirements.
  • Updated some language variables.


  • Fixed an error when removing publications.
  • Added an overview of publications.
  • Improved Twitter authentication.
  • Minor UI improvements to publishing publications.
  • Added the ability to remove publishing accounts.
  • Fixed an security issue regarding multiple users on same domain.


  • Updated UI.
  • Fixed an excerpt error.
  • Fixed an error in Facebook publishing.
  • Fixed an error concerning timestamp, GMT vs UTC and vice versa.
  • Added Twitter publication.
  • Improved Facebook publication.


  • Initial release.

Does this plugin have a paid service?

Our plugin comes with a 45 day trial period, so you are free to use all premium features for 45 days. If you wish to keep using it after that, it's €9.99/month. This is to cover our server expenses.

What is the requirements of my server?

Our plugin uses PHP cURL ( to transfer publication data to our server, this is the only thing that is required by your server. If you are unsure if you have it, the plugin will check for it and tell you if you don't.

What if I have discovered a bug?

If you have discovered a bug or something that you are not happy with, please let us know at

I have authorized, but my settings page is not showing any publishing options, why?

Did you remember to press the Refresh link? This will sync your server to ours and enabling your publishing options.

Why isn't Social Marketing Scheduler available in my language?

We only have capacity to translate this plugin for English and Norwegian users. If you wish to contribute, please feel free to do so by using a gettext translator ( and sending the files to us (.mo and .po).

Why can't I delete publications that's been published?

You cannot delete them after their time has expired (and they are published) because we think you should have a record of what you have published at any time. There may be a feature in the future to give you an option. But generally we recommend keeping all publications on record, that way you can duplicate old publications, and see how often you've posted them before and with what text or image. You can, of course, remove publications before they publish.


Requires WordPress version: 3.5.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Jan 2017

Date Added: 10 Nov 2014


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