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Extended Evaluation for Statify

This plugin evaluates the data collected with the privacy-friendly Statify Plugin (data tables and diagrams). The evaluation can be downloaded as csv.

This plugin evaluates the data collected with the privacy-friendly Statify Plugin which is only saving date, referrer and target url for every page view.

The plugin creates evaluations for the following criteria:

  • views per year / month / day
  • most popular content
  • views per post
  • views per referrer

The results are shown in data tables and diagrams. The evaluation results can be downloaded

  • as CSV files (for an import into LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel)
  • as PNG, JPG or SVG image or PDF document (all diagrams) using the Highcharts JavaScript library


  • Statify must be installed and activated
  • PHP 5.6 or greater
Author Patrick Robrecht
Contributors patrickrobrecht
Tags analytics, privacy, statistics, stats
  1. extended-evaluation-for-statify screenshot 1

    Monthly / yearly views

  2. extended-evaluation-for-statify screenshot 2

    Most popular content statistics (for the whole time Statify data were stored)

  3. extended-evaluation-for-statify screenshot 3

    Referrer statistics (for the given period of time)

Please see the changelog at GitHub for the details.


  • Enhancement: Minor changes in the style
  • Enhancement: If there is nothing to display, show "no data available"


  • Enhancement: URLs in csv export
  • Enhancement: percentages on Content and Referrers pages


  • Enhancement: average/minimum/maximum daily views per month on Dashboard page
  • Enhancement: code simplifications

I have installed Statify already. Why should I install Extended Evaluation for Statify?

Extended Evaluation for Statify provides detailed statistics for the data collected with the Statify plugin. If you are interested in a deeper analysis of that data or want to export the evaluation as csv file, this is the right plugin for you.

I've just installed the plugin, but I don't see any evaluation.

If you've just installed Statify, no data is stored in the database which can be evaluated. Visit the Extended Evaluation for Statify pages later again and you'll see the statistics.

How can I download the evaluation results?

The complete data can be downloaded by clicking the Export button next to the headline of each evaluation.

The diagrams can be downloaded by clicking the menu in the upper right corner of the diagram and choosing one of the dowload options (available: PNG image, JPG image, PDF document, SVG image).

How do I give other users access to the Extended Evaluation for Statify pages?

Per default, administrators and analysts have access to the Extended Evaluation for Statify pages. Users with the role analyst can only see the Statify evaluation and nothing else within the WordPress admin area.

You can give users of other roles the capability to see the Extended Evaluation for Statify page by extending their capabilities with a member plugin (e. g. Members). Therefore you'll have to add the see_statify_evaluation capability to the user role.

Version 2.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 10 Dec 2016

Date Added: 23 Feb 2016

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