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List WooCommerce Products on Etsy

Create, Sync & Manage your WooCommerce Data Feed to Etsy Shopping | Connect with your Etsy Merchant Account

ExportFeed Plugin for WooCommerce Products to Etsy allows you to create product feeds from your WordPress based eCommerce site and export those products to the high performing marketplace – Etsy. It does so while reduces the hassle of manually creating product feed files and this plugin even minimizes the errors that you may make while listing your products. This plugin wonderfully encloses all the product detail requirement of Etsy and grabs your product data to help you display and sell your products in Etsy!

Few reasons to use ExportFeed for WooCommerce Products to Etsy Plugin

  • Easy installation
  • Easy feed creation
  • Category mapping
  • Custom Attribute
  • More…
**Special: One time feed setup service free for Etsy **

Free Version -- Includes all functionality - limited to 100 items per feed
Free 7-Day Trial of the Pro Version -- 7 days highly scalable to multiple Feeds. Self-assessment - Please review the qualification questions and the online instructions.
Just Do It! -- PRO Version - HIGHLY SCALABLE FOR FEEDS & MERCHANTS. Please fill out the qualification questions to help us help you.
40+ Merchants supported version also available
READ OUR FAQ -- Or Click on the LiveChat link!

Other Interesting Benefits of ExportFeed:

  • You don’t need high technical skills when you have ExportFeed.
  • Include product variations of your products – no double listing.
  • Keep your product feed up-to-date with update scheduling feature.
  • You can customize the product attributes to meet your requirements.
  • Saves time and reduces chances of product listing errors.
  • Improves your Conversion & even improves ROI

Looking to list products in Amazon or eBay ?

Contributors PurpleTurtlePro, roshanbh, sabinthapa8
Tags create woocommerce product feed for Etsy, data feed for Etsy Shop, product feed for Etsy shopping, send woocommerce data feed to Etsy, woocommerce Etsy shopping feed
  1. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 1

    Select WooCommerce Etsy Feed from the Admin Menu

  2. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 2

    Follow the pop up and complete the shop sync setup.

  3. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 3

    Search the products from the filter form.

  4. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 4

    Select the products from the list, assign the categories.

  5. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 5

    Move the selected items, name the feed file, create feed and Open Feed.

  6. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 6

    To create feed by WooCommerce Categories, select the tab Etsy Feed Category on Create Feed Option from admin menu.

  7. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 7

    Choose the WooCommerce Category, Etsy Category, name the filename and Click Get Feed.

  8. exportfeed-for-woocommerce-product-to-etsy screenshot 8

    Manage the exisitng feed from feed manage page or tabs


A few quick steps

1) Upload to your WordPress website, and activate 'List WooCommerce Products on Etsy'.
2) Select ‘Etsy Feed' from admin menu, Click 'Create Feed'
3) Follow the pop up to setup your etsy account.
4) Once its done, search your product on the basis of your preferable filterization.
5) Assign the corresponding Etsy category to each products and click 'Move Selected'.
6) (Optionally) Name your feed.
7) Goto 'Product' page from admin menu and start uploading your product to etsy shop.
7) See the uploaded detailes in Listing/Upload submenu of Etsy Feed admin menu.

Click --Get Feed--

This will now redirect to the feed URL you just created - ready for submission!

Version 1.0 04/11/2016

  • First Release

Version 1.0.1 04/11/2016

  • Added Credentials
Version 1.0.1

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.6.3

Last Updated 22 Dec 2016

Date Added: 25 Nov 2016

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