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Lightbox - EverlightBox Gallery

Lightbox gallery with social features: share images and add facebook comments. It works smoothly on all mobile devices. Fast and safe. It supports vid

EverlightBox has a very social attitude: users can share the image they're currently seeing and they can even write comments thanks to the Facebook comments widget.

EverlightBox is a very fast and safe lightbox for WordPress. It can be used with WordPress galleries like:

and any linked image. You can even activate it using custom CSS selectors, so it's virtually compatible with every gallery plugin.

EverlightBox is also a perfect solution for mobile devices, it supports swipe gestures so users are able to browse your images in a more natural way.

All users are welcome to propose new features, enhancements and bug fixes. You can fork the project from EverlightBox Github repository. I wait for your pull requests!

EverlightBox website

If you really like this plugin and you don't know how to say "thanks!" then you may consider making a gift from my wish list on Amazon :)

Author GreenTreeLabs
Contributors GreenTreeLabs
Tags gallery, image gallery, images, lightbox, lightbox image, social, social sharing, video, video gallery, video lightbox
  1. everlightbox screenshot 1

    Mobile view with social networks enabled

  2. everlightbox screenshot 2

    Commenting a photo on a mobile phone

  3. everlightbox screenshot 3

    Commenting a photo on a desktop

  4. everlightbox screenshot 4

    Sharing an image on Pinterest

  5. everlightbox screenshot 5

    Image with caption

  6. everlightbox screenshot 6

    Sharing an image on Facebook

  7. everlightbox screenshot 7

    "White splash" theme

For automatic installation:

The simplest way to install is to click on 'Plugins' then 'Add' and type 'EverlightBox' in the search field.

For manual installation 1:

  1. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Under Install Plugins, click the Upload link.
  4. Select the plugin zip file ( from your computer then click the Install Now button.
  5. You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully.
  6. Click the Activate Plugin link.

For manual installation 2:

  1. You should have access to the server where WordPress is installed. If you don't, see your system administrator.
  2. Copy the plugin zip file ( up to your server and unzip it somewhere on the file system.
  3. Copy the "everlightbox" folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.
  4. Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  5. Look for "EverlightBox" and click Activate.


  • [Fix] Fixed "Custom selector" option


  • [Fix] Supressed notice when disabling Facebook comments


  • [Add] Facebook custom App ID


  • [Add] Support for FooGallery title


  • [Fix] Fullscreen on mobile (yet once!)


  • [Fix] Fullscreen on mobile
  • [Add] New add-ons in settings panel


  • [Fix] Committed all changed files in 1.0.18


  • [Fix] Fullscreen on mobile


  • Addons tab in admin panel


  • [Add] Wider support for captions


  • [Fix] Minor CSS fix


  • [Add] Remove button background option
  • [Add] Icon size option
  • [Add] Replaced loading gif
  • [Fix] CSS fix for image overlapping buttons (provided by @moxymore)


  • [Add] Exit from fullscreen view
  • [Fix] Fixed not clickable anchored buttons


  • [Add] Don't include Facebook script option


  • [Fix] Fixed support for WordPress native linked images with captions


  • [Add] New layout: buttons anchored to edges
  • [Add] Facebook comment count


  • [Fix] Images with query string are now correctly parsed


  • [Add] Fullscreen button


  • [Fix] Fixed download button after last update


  • [Add] Facebook like button


  • [Add] Close lightbox by clicking background


  • [Meta] Added new question to FAQs in README.txt


  • [Fix] Changed trigger event for mobile devices


  • [Fix] Lost settings after page refresh


  • When available, use data-title instead of title attribute to get the image caption


  • First release!

Does it work with WordPress native galleries?

Yes, sure!

Is it compatible with mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other phones?

Yes it is. You can even use swipe gestures to browse all the images.

Can I show a video inside EverlightBox?

Yes sure! EverlightBox natively supports YouTube and Vimeo.

Can I share the image I'm currently viewing?

Yes, you can do it when you share the image on Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz. The other social networks doesn't have this feature.

How do activate EverlightBox with Final Tiles Gallery or Modula Gallery?

Final Tiles Gallery and Modula Gallery have a native support to EverlightBox so you only need to select "EverlightBox" from the lightbox menu.

How do activate EverlightBox with NextGen gallery?

You'll need to disable the default lightbox. Go to Gallery > Other options > Lightbox effects and set "What effect would you like to use?" to "None"

How do activate EverlightBox with Envira gallery?

You'll need to disable the default lightbox. Go to your gallery settings, click the "Lightbox" panel and uncheck the "Enable Lightbox?" option.

How do activate EverlightBox with FooGallery?

Just install EverlightBox and don't activate a FooGallery lightbox.

May I contribute?

Yes! Fork the project from EverlightBox Github repository. If you're not familiar with Git you may write on the Gitter channel.

I love this plugin! Can I send a donation?

Well... by accident, I have a wish list on Amazon :)

Version 1.0.25

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 09 Feb 2017

Date Added: 13 Sep 2016

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