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Events Manager

Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management

Events Manager is a full-featured event registration plugin for WordPress based on the principles of flexibility, reliability and powerful features!

Version 5 now makes events and locations WordPress Custom Post Types, allowing for more possibilities than ever before!

Main Features

  • Easy event registration (single day with start/end times)
  • Recurring and long (multi-day) event registration
  • Bookings Management (including approval/rejections, export CVS, and more!)
  • Multiple Tickets
  • MultiSite Support
  • BuddyPress Support
    • Submit Events
    • Group Events
    • Personal Events
    • Activity Stream
    • more on the way
  • Guest/Member Event submissions
  • Assign event locations and view events by location
  • Event categories
  • Easily create custom event attributes (e.g. dress code)
  • Google Maps
  • Advanced permissions - restrict user management of events and locations.
  • Widgets for Events, Locations and Calendars
  • Fine grained control of how every aspect of your events are shown on your site, easily modify templates from the settings pages and template files
  • iCal Feed (single and all events)
  • Add to Google Calendar buttons
  • RSS Feeds
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Plenty of template tags and shortcodes for use in your posts and pages
  • Actively maintained and supported
  • Lots of documentation and tutorials
  • And much more!

Go Pro

We have also released an add-on for Events Manager which not only demonstrates the flexibility of Events Manager, but also adds some important features:

  • PayPal, and Offline Payments
  • Custom booking forms
  • Coupon Codes
  • Faster support via private forums

For more information or to go pro, visit our plugin website.

Author Marcus Sykes
Contributors netweblogic, nutsmuggler
Tags bookings, buddypress, calendar, event, event management, events, google maps, locations, maps, registration, tickets
  1. events-manager screenshot 1

    Event registration and user submitted events pending approval

  2. events-manager screenshot 2

    Event ticketing and bookings forms, easily styleable.

  3. events-manager screenshot 3

    Multiple tickets with constraints and prices

  4. events-manager screenshot 4

    Locations with google map integration

  5. events-manager screenshot 5

    Event registration page

  6. events-manager screenshot 6

    Manage attendees with various booking reports

Events Manager works like any standard Wordpress plugin, and requires little configuration to start managing events. If you get stuck, visit the our documentation and support forums.

Whenever installing or upgrading any plugin, or even Wordpress itself, it is always recommended you back up your database first!


  1. If installing, go to Plugins > Add New in the admin area, and search for events manager.
  2. Click install, once installed, activate and you're done!

Once installed, you can start adding events straight away, although you may want to visit the plugin site documentation and learn how to unleash the full power of Events Manager.


  1. When upgrading, visit the plugins page in your admin area, scroll down to events manager and click upgrade.
  2. Wordpress will help you upgrade automatically.

Upgrading from version 4 to 5

Please read these instructions.

  • fixed search forms disappearing in latest update when Styling Options for search forms are turned off (props @factchecker)


  • improvements to ical formatting, including static/unique UIDs, more accurate locations with geo coordinates, categories and featured image
  • replaced code using stripslashes() with wp_unslash() (kudos @webaware)
  • removed use of on settings page
  • tweaked event search form elements and events list table to be ADA compliant
  • added $EM_Ticket_Booking to em_tickets_bookings_add filter arguments
  • removed translations of weekdays within EM and using WP translations instead,
  • changed calendar templates to stop using ucfirst() to uppercase month first letters since it breaks some languages and the languages that need it don't capitalize their months anyway
  • fixed anonymous event submitter info not showing in recurring event admin area
  • fixed wrong nav id in BuddyPress (kudos @lyevalley)
  • fixed 'no location' checkbox not remaining checked if event submission returns a validation error
  • tweaked templates/forms/event/location.php and added some extra output sanitization
  • fixed 404 errors in calendar links to eventful day list for a specific location
  • fixed syncing of tables when WP uses utf8mb4 collation which causes errors when saving emojis in post content
  • fixed WP 4.6 PHP warnings and featured image problems when using a theme that limits specific CPTs to use thumbnails
  • fixed action typo in EM_Ticket::get_post() from em_location_get_post_pre to em_ticket_get_post_pre
  • fixed location not showing up in admin area within dropdown if previously assigned to an event but not available to user due to permission changes


  • added option to add Google Maps API key
  • fixed category image uploader not working properly on some specific setups
  • fixed display issues of first/last names mixing middle names in booking admin tables under no-user mode
  • fixed #_TAGSLUG not being parsed
  • fixed blank space in email triggering validation errors when booking
  • fixed 'view bookings' ticket link pointing to back-end when on front-end


  • fixed WP FullCalendar (versions using FC 2.x library) not showing events outside current month
  • fixed long events not showing on last day in WP FullCalendar
  • fixed event category and tag pages 404ing when slugs match taxonomy slugs and these pages aren't parents of events page
  • fixed image upload buttons not working properly on category add/edit pages


  • fixed events disappearing from calendar with WP FullCalendar plugin
  • fixed PHP warning for delete booking when a user can't manage booking
  • removed our EM_PHPMailer class and started using the one shipped with WordPress
  • added %passwordurl% placeholder for new user registration email template
  • added check for whether categories are enabled in many areas of code potentially avoiding a array_map PHP notice
  • fixed preview mode duplicating tickets
  • fixed widget formats stripping certain HTML elements
  • fixed erratic date picker range behaviour when adjusting a start date later than the end date
  • fixed original image getting deleted when modifying duplicated event image
  • fixed orderby not including event_date_created and event_date_modified since 5.6.2
  • fixed PHP warning when calling #_ATT to a non-existent attribute
  • changed event debug meta box to display when WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY is also true rather than just WP_DEBUG
  • fixed front-end submission false validation errors when submitting events with bookings enabled
  • changed headers to new h1 standard on WP Dashboard pages
  • fixed bookings admin viewer table not showing specific ticket bookings on front-end
  • fixed ML hooking into em_event_save_meta and messing up the internal hook pointer by triggering it again
  • fixed translated options PHP fatal error in rare occasions/setups
  • fixed deprecated get_currentuserinfo notice in WP 4.5
  • fixed PHP 7 division by zero warning
  • fixed PHP 7 "array to string" notice
  • fixed PHP 7 issues with EM_Ticket validation
  • fixed grouped events list not showing long events on each group provided limit=0 is also supplied
  • fixed apostrophes not passing email validation
  • fixed buddypress fatal error when booking with notifications disabled,
  • fixed buddypress activity stream items being created twice for new bookings
  • fixed booking admin notes not being added in the front-end
  • updated google maps api version and removed deprecated sensor parameter
  • fixed searches not working for search terms containing apostrophes
  • fixed blank settings pages due to 4.5 code changes to wp_get_referer()
  • added em_bookings_deleted action which will execute when one or more bookings are deleted
  • added em_bookings_delete filter for when a group of bookings are deleted with event(s)
  • fixed EM_Bookings->delete() not deleting bookings properly
  • deprecated use of EM_Event->delete_bookings() and EM_Event->delete_tickets() in favor of EM_Event->EM_Bookings->delete()


  • changed translation gettext domain from dbem to events-manager inline with new translation features
  • fixed EM_CSV_DELIMITER not being included in headers, added filter em_csv_delimiter to override EM_CSV_DELIMITER
  • added wpfc-more class to allow hiding of time on 'more' link for WP FullCalendar
  • fixed booking cut-off time not working if cut-off days is 0 or empty
  • fixed front-end event submission form permission issues for new recurring events when publish cap is enabled but not edit_others and delete_others
  • fixed Norwegian incorrectly translated placeholders
  • fixed custom decimal separator not used in tax rate display
  • minor js fix which fixes a grecaptcha related error notice
  • fixed recurrence_byday db value saving as null for weekly Sunday events (kudos @giventofly76)
  • removed _event_date_created and _event_date_modified from the postmeta table as these are inaccurate, use the records from the wp_em_meta table or directly via EM_Event->event_date_created or EM_Event->event_date_modified
  • changed settings/admin capability from list_users to manage_options
  • added EM_DISABLE_AUTO_BOOKINGSFORM which prevents booking form showing below post if format overriding disabled
  • fixed WP 4.4 error on front-end event submission form
  • fixed PHP notices in WP 4.4 when categories are disabled
  • fixed Multiple Booking Mode bug in Pro introduced by WP 4.4 allowing NULL db values
  • fixed like_escape debug warning on search form
  • fixed twenty fifteen/sixteen CSS conflict hiding confirmation messages
  • added bookings closed message
  • updated all languages included typo fixes and added Arabic, Australian and Canadian English


  • fixed no arguments being passed onto em_get_post_meta_pre and em_get_post_pre
  • fixed minor PHP warning when viewing settings in paged tab mode
  • fixed em_event_save_pre and em_location_save_pre firing before the get_post and validate functions/filters via the save_post action in the WP dashboard
  • fixed EM loading jQuery UI css when already loaded by another theme (if they enqueue it with id jquery-ui)
  • fixed bug introduced in 5.6 where some error/confirmation notices aren't showing up on page loads
  • fixed mistaken update of Hungarian language files with German
  • fixed EM_Location::has_events() providing false negatives
  • added has_events and no_locations conditional location placeholders
  • fixed actions column throwing off CSV column spacing since v5.6
  • fixed orderby request parameter being ignored in EM_Bookings_Table
  • fixed booking_date not being a valid orderby value for EM_Bookings
  • fixed recurring events booking cut-off time resetting to 12AM when no days value is given


  • fixed potential XSS and a potential code injection vulnerabilities (props to the team at
  • updated Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), Spanish, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Slovenian language files
  • added Greek and Slovak languages
  • added MultiLingual abstract layer rewritten and various modifications throughout EM to enable multilingual interfacing with plugins like WPML
    • created abstract multilingual layer classes, a complete rewrite and overhaul
    • fixed em_events_get_bookings filter not allowing replacement of EM_Booking object
    • changed booking form placeholder template to reference EM_Bookings->event_id rather than EM_Event->event_id
    • fixed wp_insert_post_data not correctly loading/validating the event associated with the actual post id supplied
    • changed ML globe icon to use the globe dashicon
    • fixed attributes not being translatable as well as porting new attribute values added to original being added to other language if no translation exists
    • added single-tab view for options page if number of ML languages add more than 1000 fields to submit
  • fixed some minor PHP warnings for edge cases
  • fixed bp deprecated warning in debug mode
  • added long_events default option to small and full calendar sizes on settings page
  • fixed erroneous month returned when using functions and the 12th month (kudos @althie)
  • removed a console.log function from the JS delete ticket function
  • removed the forced 50px width/height of the full calendar day cells which breaks the calendar in twenty fifteen
  • fixed global $EM_Event not loading before add_admin_boxes in admin area
  • improved/simplified code for front-end image uploads handling which now uses media_handle_upload
  • fixed #_CONTACTNAME showing anonymous events user rather than the guest submitter name
  • fixed MS Global recurrences not saving global category info
  • fixed recurring tickets triggering errors if only start date is defined
  • fixed private locations searches not including eventless private locations
  • changed some deprecated is_main_blog() functions to is_main_site()
  • fixed JS DOM conflict by naming submit buttons 'submit'
  • fixed 'Email Sent' being shown when no emails sent during booking status change
  • fixed em_wp_the_title() unnecessarily filtering all the_title instances on event, location and EM pages rather than just the main title
  • fixed long_events=0 not being considered for the WP Fullcalendar plugin
  • fixed issue where when saving via WP admin the global $EM_Event object doesn't refresh all data before passing onto save_event filter
  • added em_rewrite_rules_array_events filter for permalink rewrites
  • fixed long events argument not taking in WP FullCalendar
  • fixed filters em_bookings_table_rows_col and em_bookings_table_rows_col_{col_name} not supplying $object which could be an EM_Ticket_Booking object
  • modified EM_Bookings_Table::get_row() to apply em_bookings_table_rows_col for every column
  • fixed minor admin page bug where JS can clash with uses of pseudo URLs when certain plugins activated
  • fixed EM_Calendar links clashing with WPML and potentially other plugins that manipulate urls
  • added some esc_ functions to calendar links and templates an extra safety precaution
  • added EM_CSV_DELIMITER constant check to allow overriding CSV delimiters
  • added em_booking_output_event filter
  • improved booking email sending so contact and extra admin emails sent in one go rather than in separate send functions
  • added em_booking_js hook with intention of replacing em_gateway_js hook in the distant future
  • fixed booking price rounding issues in EM_Booking::get_price()
  • fixed event save_post hook issues when a new location CPT is created within it, which fixes ACF plugin saving issues
  • fixed WPLANG php notice on installation/update
  • fixed 'Manage Persons Bookings' page not filtering properly for non-admins
  • fixed some false positive/negative results using EM_Object::can_manage()
  • added additional db indexes for performance improvements
  • fixed EM_Events::get() returning blank events when supplied an array of event IDs
  • fixed advanced search & ticket editor advanced options toggle conflicts with twitter bootstrap-based themes
  • updated classes and widgets to use PHP 5 constructor methods in lieu of WP 4.3 update
  • fixed BP event duplication errors for non-owner group admins
  • changed and cleaned up some table layout issues in templates/buddypress/group-events.php
  • fixed current view/scope link not being bold in front-end events editor
  • fixed saving recurrences not deleting currently trashed recurrences
  • fixed location archives not adhering to sorting defined in settings page
  • fixed users without the manage_booking capability being able to create events with bookings in the admin areas
  • removed auto-insert of ul tags if no format_header or format_footer supplied in taxonomy list shortcode
  • fixed some format, format_header and format_footer attributes not being output for custom value combinations
  • fixed misspelt action em_front_event_form_guest (em_font_event_form_guest depricated, will remove in future)
  • fixed custom taxonomies not being considered as default search args to make search form integration easier
  • changed templates/templates/search/categories.php so default value is 0 rather than -1
  • changed incorrect em_event_get_post filter applied for EM_Event::get_post_meta() which is now em_event_get_post_meta
  • added em_event_get_post_meta_pre and em_event_get_post_pre actions
  • fixed SQL error when searching non-existent taxonomy values or taxonomy names containing a hyphen
  • fixed change of event ownership to anonymously submitted event not showing new owner contact information
  • fixed soon-to-be deprecated templates/forms/ticket-form.php not including overridden forms/event/bookings-ticket-form.php file
  • added em_timepicker_options JS trigger for altering time picker options
  • fixed strict PHP error in templates/forms/bookingform/ticket-single.php
  • added em_enqueue_admin_styles action and moved em_enqueue_admin_scripts action after em script is added
  • added Russian Ruble to currency list
  • fixed errors with some booking edit links on the front end
  • changed use of deprecated function bp_core_add_notification to bp_notifications_add_notification
  • added EM_Event::duplicate_url and changed templates with duplicate urls to use this so ML events will duplicate original translation
  • fixed some potential validation errors when hooking into em_location_get_post_meta
  • added admin global $EM_Location so it now becomes global during add_meta_boxes action
  • added em_category_taxonomy_template and em_tag_taxonomy_template actions
  • updated jQuery UI CSS files

  • fixed minor DOM XSS vulnerability


  • fixed some more XSS vulnerabilities


  • fixed a security vulnerability


  • fixed booking cut-off time not being editable after event is saved
  • fixed taxonomy search arguments not being applied on calendars and ajax lists,
  • changed taxonomy search argument - not cleaned or converted to array during get_default_search() to prevent pagination link errors,
  • fixed calendar pagination link argument comparison issues due to loose type comparison,
  • changed calendar default arguments so scope=false and limit=settings_value (should have no effect - mainly future feature-proofing)
  • fixed issue with weekly sunday only recurrences not validating
  • fixed BP unregistered actions in admin area
  • added new admin booking status emails to prevent confusion when pending/confirmed statuses are changed
  • updated POT file


  • fixed no events message for #_LOCATIONNEXTEVENTS and similar showing header/footer formats for an events list
  • updated all language files including POT file, added Norwegian, Persian and Turkish
  • fixed/improved pricing to include 4 decimal precision for better tax rounding with large numbers,
  • fixed/changed incorrect filter em_event_validate to em_ticket_booking_validate in classes/em-ticket-booking.php
  • added new jQuery hooks for altering map and marker options
  • fixed search form using default country even if advanced search settings are disabled
  • fixed code to prevent vaultpress false-positive security warning
  • fixed duplicate event meta on duplication of event
  • increased pricing to 6 decimal precision,
  • added get_price_with_taxes function to EM_Ticket_Booking
  • fixed multisite issues when creating events with conflicting post IDs on other sites
  • fixed MS Global Mode permalink issues with cross-site locations and optimized cross-site event permalink creation
  • fixed preview mode duplicating tickets whilst in draft status
  • added event and ticket cut-off date support to recurring events
  • fixed SSL/JS MIME related issues when cross-AJAX calls are made between HTTP/HTTPS
  • fixed same-day event ordering issues in WP FullCalendar integration
  • added admin menu EM dashicon
  • added multi-level taxonomy condition searching so seperating ids/slugs by & will force an AND search as well as the traditional comma for OR searches
  • fixed custom taxonomies not being saved from recurring events to recurrences
  • added page_queryvar search attribute which allows for independent paginated shortcode lists via a custom page number id
  • fixed HTML entities breaking CSV output in booking exports
  • fixed recurrences validation when no days are supplied in weekly pattern
  • improved event time validation to catch variations without help from the timepicker
  • fixed taxonomy theme templates not overriding pages due to our formats
  • fixed some typos on settings page
  • improved styling of options page to make option sets clearer to distinguish
  • added excerpt formats to events and locations and appropriate settings
  • fixed BP private group admins being able to directly publish private group events whether or not they have publish caps
  • changed minimum characters to autosuggest location from auto-completer on 'near' search to 2 characters
  • removed usage of TimThumb
  • changed thumbnail generation to optionally allow for full-sized images scaled by HTML attributes and adding querystring arguments for use with Photon by JetPack image scaling
  • fixed typo for single ticket mode setting explanation
  • fixed em_events_list_grouped not returning a string for output
  • fixed order attribute not accepting lowercase asc/desc options
  • fixed pagination issues when changing row limits on bookings table
  • added distance options to search form on settings page,
  • fixed distance not searching in km
  • fixed DST miscalculations with google add-to-calendar link
  • fixed ical descriptions not accepting \n characters
  • improved translation text for event and location form submit buttons
  • improved events and locations widgets so li wrapping tags can contain classes as well as adding sanitization, cleaning up etc.
  • fixed 'awaiting payment' statuses not showing edit/approve links in EM Free
  • fixed trashing blank recurrence creating unexpected results
  • fixed escaping issues on punctuations for text searches on some servers
  • fixed template templates/tables/locations.php to not show delete options if user doesn't have the capability
  • improved country search attribute by adding ability to search multiple countries at once by using comma-delimited strings
  • fixed ticket price formatting resulting in thousand separator triggering validation errors when updating event
  • fixed private events showing up on global locations map
  • improved loading of EM_Booking SQL to initially exclude em_meta and join the table
  • fixed booking notes not being deleted in em_meta table along with booking
  • changed booking email notifications so admins get an email for every action performed
  • fixed duplication of event not copying over data stored in the em_meta table

  • added #_TAGNOTES
  • fixed forced owner event/location searches when logged in as subscribers and in AJAX requests where owner attribute is false
  • fixed minor php warning


  • changed scopes of various functions to static and various other related adjustments to fix PHP Strict errors
  • increaded minimum required WP version to 3.5
  • WP_Mail is now default mail transport method
  • updated Swedish
  • fixed issues with editing no-user name with pro custom forms
  • fixed bug preventing redirection back to current page from the booking form login form
  • fixed has_tag and has_category conditionals not being regognized when dashes are used
  • added default color for categories
  • fixed default color problem for FullCalendar
  • fixed submit form not showing success message in FireFox
  • fixed potential error in EM_Ticket::is_available() not checking event cut-off date,
  • fixed single ticket mode new admin UI not showing ticket end date if cut-off date already exists
  • fixed events_list_grouped shortcode always displaying pagination links even if disabled
  • fixed update from 5.4.1 not creating new user email template in settings
  • fixed "test email settings" button using saved settings rather than newly entered test settings
  • fixed minor php warning if no attachment info supplied to EM_Mailer
  • removed get_current_blog_id() function as this was for < WP 3.1 support
  • fixed buddypress subnav menu items showing logged-in user links rather than displayed user (props to Maxime Lafontaine)
  • added _get_url_get_ical_url and _get_rss_url for em_category em_tag em_location and em_event object functions
  • fixed filter em_booking_calculate_price not assigning filtered value to booking_price property
  • fixed problems due to lack of late static binding in get_post_search and get_pagination_links functions
  • changed object get_post_search functions to accept all values from get_search_defaults
  • fixed pagination problems when searching grouped events lists and ajax disabled
  • changed - temporarily silenced 'scope' when 'eventless' is used on location list arguments as no results appear with both used at once
  • changed search html input field to use placeholder attribute if available in browser like with Geo search
  • added number_of_weeks argument to EM_Calendar to allow fixed week tables
  • fixed WP FullCalendar not showing long events in following months
  • fixed WP FullCalendar not showing all events in 6th week if current month ends 5th week
  • added RSS feed ordering and scope options in settings page
  • fixed no cut-off date assigned to event when in single ticket mode and no end date/time defined
  • fixed JS/BuddyPress bug when clicking to delete an event within the BP profile area
  • fixed default events AJAX search not using default event list scope if no scope search supplied
  • updated POT file along with Swedish and Polish translations
  • fixed saving recurrence tempate not saving ticket role restrictions to recurrences
  • fixed PHP error when tags are deactivated
  • added functionality for searching multiple event/location owners in search attribute 'owner',
  • fixed bug with pagination showing
  • fixed quick edit not updating location author index table
  • fixed closed message showing instead of login message to guests if registered-user tickets exist for event,
  • fixed ticket availability calculation issue with member or guest only tickets when displaying tickets to user
  • replaced usage of archive_template and category_template filters with taxonomy_template for both taxonomies, props to @avir673 and @greenshady
  • added option on settings page and a search attribute 'header_format' for formatting groupby headers
  • changed checkboxes html so text and box is wrapped in a label field
  • fixed js date picker so change now triggered for end date fields when selected start date changes the end date value
  • fixed display of duplicate events and incorrect cross-site events when in MS Global mode
  • fixed incorrect page counts in some MultiSite Global instances by making use of SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS instead of COUNT()
  • fixed rogue closing div on front-end events and locations admin table
  • fixed "no location" dropdown problem in editor when using ddms with a default location
  • added fail-safe compatibility check with Pro version to prevent known fatal errors on upgrades
  • fixed BP 1.9+ warning for using bp_core_delete_notifications_by_type
  • added status search parameter to EM_Person->get_bookings()
  • changed BP events profile page to paginate events list and only show confirmed upcoming event bookings
  • fixed language localization domain of migrated WP FullCalendar admin options to dbem
  • fixed calendar more links linking to event if limit is set to 1 and direct links are enabled
  • fixed recurring events not showing as pending or draft in front-end editor
  • fixed saving of recurring events to pending from published status resulting in draft status
  • fixed various PHP warnings
  • fixed tickets not saving when submitting event anonymously
  • fixed all-day events resetting booking cut-off time to midnight when saved
  • fixed some warnings triggered by bookings with no real event (such as Pro MB bookings)
  • (minor) added parameter to EM_Notices so that instances don't try to set/use cookie data
  • changed use constant EM_FORCE_REGISTRATION in favour of EM_Bookings::$force_registration flag and EM_Bookings::is_registration_forced (backwards compatible)
  • fixed PHP capability warning deriving from creating EM_Person instances with invalid user IDs
  • fixed bug where extra admin emails added via hooks don't get sent if admin emails on settings page is blank
  • fixed potential non-existent custom booking columns offsetting booking admin table pages and exports data by one cell


  • fixed (rare) looping problem with calendar generation
  • fixed permalink rule problems for events page children with url-encoded slugs
  • changed country name 'Libyan Arab Jamahiriya' to just 'Libya'
  • fixed BP Group selection dropdown being limited to 20 groups
  • updated Hungarian and Polish
  • fixed event results bug for certain months in WP FullCalendar
  • fixed duplication error when tags are disabled
  • fixed single ticket mode cutting off event bookings on event start (requires resave of affected events)
  • fixed duplicate location problem and potentially fixed duplicate/shadow event problem,
  • fixed booking cut-off times using submitted event time if no cut-off time submitted and all-day event is checked
  • fixed php warning on taxonomy pages on some installs when overriding with formatting
  • updated German and French language files
  • fixed location still appearing when trashed
  • fixed long page loads on settings page with many users or locations on blog (now requests location/user IDs instead of a dropdown)
  • fixed bug preventing pro manual bookings for new users when guest bookings disabled
  • fixed turkish datepicker not translating
  • fixed issues caused by 5.5 update breaking filters using *_output_pagination (now requires PHP 5.3 to work, otherwise use em_object_get_pagination_links)
  • fixed #_BOOKINGATTENDEES not working when 'reserve unconfirmed spaces' is set to no
  • added new default search arguments for search form
  • changed default country to 'none' by default,
  • moved location search form html into new templates/search/location.php template
  • changed location search fields to be shown if country search field is hidden
  • fixed typo of option dbem_seRAch_form_submit
  • added default country option specifically for search form
  • improved search form arguments which allows fine-grained control via shortcode as well
  • added events_search and locations_search shortcode names
  • improved search UX by hiding location options if geo search used
  • added geolocation unit and distance options to search form
  • fixed XSS vulnerability in booking form and preventitive measures taken in other areas (no template fixes necessary)
  • fixed feeds not working when no events page defined
  • fixed booking_date using mysql instead of blog timezone
  • fixed maps not showing on front-end edit locations page
  • fixed pagination querystring affecting other event/location/category/tag lists without pagination enabled
  • fixed events RSS feed taking over blog feed if events page is homepage
  • changed RSS feed url ending to feed/ to avoid unnecessary redirects
  • fixed bbPress deactivation erasing all EM capabilities for all roles
  • added removal button for category images
  • added JS for hiding event/location images when marked for deletion on public forms
  • fixed ticket cut-off time not being accurately respected
  • fixed 'all' status search not returning drafts
  • added 'everything' status which includes trashed events/locations
  • fixed BP CSS conflict with wp_editor (
  • changed order of when recurrences get saved if in admin area so other plugin post meta data gets properly copied over
  • added missing translatable strings for ML (WPML) mode in settings page
  • fixed MS Global location link problem when viewing location on different blog,
  • fixed AJAX searches not including subsite items in MS Global mode
  • improved RSS linking and overriding logic
  • added RSS feeds for individual locations/categories/tags
  • added iCal feeds for individual locations/categories/tags and any custom taxonomy attached to locations or events
  • fixed category base slug not being editable in MultiSite (kudos Maxime Lafontaine)


  • fixed init code not executing WP FullCalendar integration in time
  • changed generation of WP_Rewrite rules for children of event post type to query the database directly rather than use get_posts
  • updated French translation
  • fixed mysql warning/error when creating events with a new location
  • changed default events widget format to use #_EVENTDATES
  • fixed google maps problem
  • fixed 5.5 bug where search attributes being included in pagination links when not necessary
  • fixed calendar not using ordering as per settings
  • fixed chronological ordering on calendars with long and all-day events
  • fixed geo.js not being overridable an overridable template file
  • fixed limit=0 being ignored in shortcodes and functions
  • fixed pagination being forced for categories_list shortcode regardless of attribute


  • fixed different versions of http/https maps js libraries being called
  • added performance improvements to calendar queries and generation, speeding up calendars with many events per month
  • added Reunion to countries list
  • added more meaningful text to settings page to clarify booking pages
  • added link to profile page to avoid confusion with admin test emails
  • fixed php warning in my bookings page bottom pagination
  • changed booking ticket editor forms and removed the jQuery UI Dialog in favour of inline forms
  • added guest-only ticket option
  • added member role restriction options to tickets
  • changed jQuery datepicker to have a -100 +10 year range
  • added numeric check to ticket spaces during get_post
  • added public class flags for event/location/booking admin and my bookings pages,
  • changed - consolidated generation of all "my bookings" pages to go via em-template-tags.php functions
  • removed my bookings page being generated via events page if no page defined (you should now define a page or use the shortcode)
  • changed all listing shortcdodes and template tags to use relevant list template if no specific format supplied
  • improved event list/search ajax JS
  • added AJAX capabilities to search forms and event/location/category/tag lists with pagination
  • added data attribute support for pagination links when AJAX is enabled
  • revamped the search form styling and structure
  • added location page search form and shortcode/template tags
  • fixed pagination bug when searching events/locations with text
  • fixed EM_Mailer fatal error bug
  • fixed strpos() warning on em_get_locations
  • improved efficiency of grouped events list
  • added bookings_open and bookings_closed conditional event placeholders
  • added CSS flags to templates for future-stying possibilities to event/location pages and lists, tag lists, category lists, booking forms and front-end admin areas
  • changed search form and pagination AJAX php to use wp_ajax_ actions
  • moved pagination functionality into extendable EM_Object::get_pagination_links for use in *::output() functions
  • moved EM_Events::get_post_search() into EM_Object::get_post_search() to allow sharing with other objects using search forms
  • moved display code for em_get_events_list_grouped function contents into EM_Events::output_grouped()
  • changed EM_Events and EM_Locations into 'static'-only classes (function scoping will follow eventually)
  • changed scopes of EM_Object::get_post_search and EM_Object::get_pagination_links to static
  • added near, near_unit and near_distance search arguments for coordinate-based searches
  • added geographical searching and Google places autocomplete service
  • added more search form options to settings page
  • removed page number and list number definitions from within list templates
  • modified various templates, detailed below:
  • changed booking ticket template by unifying forms/ticket-form(s).php into forms/event/bookings-ticket-form.php
  • changed forms/bookingform/tickets-list.php to account for displaying guest and role-restricted tickets
  • removed inline JS from forms/event/bookings.php template
  • removed inclusion of forms/tickets-form.php from forms/event-editor.php
  • added inline js from forms/event-editor.php to JS file
  • moved em-tickets-form div ID to cover just tickets and event-rsvp-options covers the rest,
  • unbolded labels and made headings h4 in bookings section of forms/event/bookings.php
  • changed h4 to h3 in event-editor.php and location-editor.php templates
  • removed search form inclusion on templates/events-list.php and is now included separately
  • added wrapper class to templates/events-list.php layout for future styling
  • moved grouped events out of events-list.php into events-list-grouped.php template
  • fixed/added sanitization to EM_Ticket::get_post to prevent potential xss,
  • fixed/added escaping to booking form template
  • fixed recurrences not updating category in main site of MS Global installs
  • fixed overriding the_content for valid items in a loop when on tag and category pages
  • removed global $EM_Location from locations admin list template
  • fixed the em_maps_location_hook js hook not being triggered event/location admin pages
  • fixed php warning when creating events with no location info
  • fixed some untranslated text
  • added parsing of placeholders on single event and location page titles (useful in SEO plugins)
  • lowered priority of wp_footer js to 20 (from 10)
  • moved WP FullCalendar integration code into EM (and loaded only if needed)
  • updated Swedish, German and French language files
  • added Chinese Simplified (Taiwan)
  • updated POT file
  • changed - simplified inclusion of event post type in search results
  • changed - set priority of save_post for events/locations to 1
  • added preemptive validation during wp_insert_post_data which immediately makes it a draft before any saving is done
  • fixed php warning in bookings admin table
  • added per-event tax rate function and corresponding em_event_get_tax_rate filter
  • improved map loading JS and now can be used in ajax searches
  • changed templates/map-global.php - moved coordinates div into container div
  • added js em_maps_loaded and em_ajax_search events
  • updated jQuery - changed instances of .attr('checked') to .prop('checked') or .is(':checked')
  • changed location forms to have consistent id and class structure (id to be deprecated)
  • changed CSS for location forms to uses classes not ids
  • added templates/forms/map-container.php
  • changed location form templates to call a separate/single map template
  • fixed inconsistencies with set_status functions in EM_Events and EM_Location objects
  • added deregistration of em script on BP messages page to avoid autocompleter clashes
  • fixed WPDB::escape() usage and replaced with esc_sql()
  • fixed duplicating events not copying excerpt and tags
  • fixed capabilities not being saved for bbPress 2.2+ roles
  • fixed featured image on event/location submission - now only showing delete checkbox if image exists
  • changed #_ATTENDEESPENDINGLIST so it includes any booking statuses that reserve a space


  • updated Spanish, Polish and POT translations
  • fixed search attribute owner so 'me' will show no events to guest users
  • added optional $email_attendee parameter to EM_Booking::email() function
  • updated lightness css theme to support jQuery UI 1.10.x (used in WP 3.6)
  • fixed JS errors related to jQuery 1.10.x (used in WP 3.6)
  • moved em_template_my_bookings_footer action so only called if logged in,
  • fixed event_date_created not being saved in events table
  • fixed "Email Sent" message showing up if no emails sent,
  • added em_booking_admin_emails filter
  • added bookings table default ordering by date of booking
  • fixed CSS for event editor location fields and maps not appearing on same row
  • fixed links on MS subsites in global mode to other blogs being incorrect if direct linking disabled
  • fixed eventful locations search showing trashed/pending locations
  • fixed problems with previous_status flags in event and location objects
  • fixed problems with approval email notifications not going out
  • added responsive resizing for location google maps
  • fixed read_others_locations not being enforced to location dropdown on event editor
  • fixed bookings cut-off time not being saved on all-day events
  • fixed php warning on category page
  • fixed some words within formats not being translated on first install
  • fixed various missing translation domains from gettext functions


  • minor JS mod for some rare IE9 conflicts by moving global load_ui_css variable into jQuery.ready()
  • fixed booking form showing tickets twice
  • fixed issues with placeholders not converting if immediately preceded by a conditional opening/closing tag
  • fixed overriden emails/new-user.php templates not being respected anymore since this was added to settings
  • fixed timepicker compatibility with jQuery 1.9.1
  • fixed google maps js being loaded if previously loaded by another plugin
  • fixed translation domain missing for some text in settings page
  • fixed ical infinite loop problem when limit is 0
  • fixed MS Global Tables bug when filtering by categories for sub-site events
  • added RSS events limit option
  • removed location page title format option from settings if not in MS Global mode
  • modified location search attribute for events with no locations


  • improved the handling of orphaned events and locations, they now show information and can be deleted front-end
  • fixed deleting of drafts on front-end,
  • fixed display/deleting of trashed events and locations on front-end
  • changed status of trashed events and locations to -1 (old trashed events may still show up front-end)
  • added escaping to search input field in front-end events admin,
  • front-end events admin search form now works in all event statuses
  • added draft/pending/publish as possible values to event/location status search attribute,
  • took out unnecessary update of post_name in EM_Event::set_status()
  • fixed untranslated dates when showing post meta
  • updated German and Russian translations
  • changed recurrence form to say 'each event SPANS x days' instead of LASTS
  • changed SQL statement to use of EM_Event::set_status() in EM_Event::save()
  • location shortcode and functions can now search status by text name (trash/pending/publish/draft)
  • fixed em_bookings_get_tickets filter being applied in wrong function instead of em_bookings_get_available_tickets
  • fixed email subjects showing escaped entities
  • fixed events with members only tickets showing bookings closed to guests
  • added option to show member-only tickets to guests
  • modified booking form and tickets list templates to achieve the above two changes
  • fixed invalid username characters such as + in emails causing registration errors
  • fixed tickets admin JS where deleting default ticket prevents new ticket being added without page reload
  • added #_BOOKINGSUMMARY placeholder
  • added registration email templates to settings page
  • added location and description format options to ical settings,
  • added description of event to ical feed,
  • merged single event ical template ical-event.php (now deprecated) with main ical.php feed
  • fixed is_past conditional not considering if current events are set to be past events,
  • added is_current conditional placeholder
  • improved excerpt handling by balancing html tags when more tag is used
  • added word limiting options to #_EVENTEXCERPT and #_LOCATIONEXCERPT,
  • added formatting filters to excerpt (applicable when not using word limiting)
  • improved/refined search form AJAX to include state/region/town lists if country is defined as well as omitting null values
  • added month formatting option in settings page for calendars
  • moved em_events_get_sql filter above/before count function executes sql
  • improved EM_Category object - now can be created with slug or name
  • improved taxonomy search arguments, now capable of automatically searching any taxonomy registered with events or locations
  • updated POT file and German language
  • added EM_Walker_Category class and hierarchical category checkboxes in event admin MS Global subsites
  • modified JS (minor) - checks EM.ui_css is set before loading jQuery UI CSS
  • improved Google Maps - now capable of being responsive via placeholders, shortcode and settings page
  • added excel 'hack' to support UTF-8 characters

  • fixed sortable collumns not working on export bookings function


  • fixed EM crash when legacy tax rate is 0 and free events are booked
  • updated German and Russian


  • fixed drag/drop in bookings admin not always recognizing the change
  • improved location search and reset ui logic
  • fixed precision of long/lat values in database
  • fixed taxonomy filtering bug in admin area
  • added possibility to override timthumb via wp-content/em-timthumb-config.php
  • fixed some php warnings
  • updated French, Russian, Czech translations and POT file
  • changed templates/tables/events.php to use $EM_Event instead of $event
  • fixed #_BOOKINGBUTTON JS jumps when clicked
  • revamped pricing calculations to account for taxes applied at time of booking (see
  • added a standardized discounts system pre/post tax
  • fixed EM overridden pages showing despite password-protection
  • fixed some settings typos
  • fixed month scope filter skipping last day of month events in admin events list area


  • fixed XSS vulnerability in search form field
  • fixed php warnings in events-list.php
  • 'mail sent' messages not shown if no mails actually sent without errors, changed wording of 'mail' to 'email'
  • updated French and German languages
  • added links to category page on #_EVENTCATEGORYIMAGES images
  • reordered search form template variable definitions for future splitting up of fields into individual reusable templates
  • changed htmlspecialchars to esc_attr, added esc_attr to various input fields
  • improved sanitization of front-end form title submission to prevent entity conversion in db records
  • fixed missing EM js variables on public edit/submit events page


  • fixed timthumb issues due to new local fetching modification and bad file inclusion path
  • fixed time/date separators in settings page not being used
  • added yarpp support to post types
  • fixed some tag and category warnings when using assigned tags/categories pages
  • fixed various PHP warnings
  • updated French


  • fixed extra paragraphs being added to #_EVENTNOTES
  • fixed location 'no events' message format not using header/footer formats
  • updated Finnish, German and POT files
  • added customizable event and location page templates
  • improved em_options_select() now can create optgroup groups if an array value is supplied
  • fixed clashes with JetPack Tiled Galleries
  • fixed timthumb thumbnails issues with MultiSite and virtual links
  • fixed multisite global problems when fetching and saving main blog events previously saved with NULL blog_id
  • fixed bug with categories search attribute not working if any spaces exist such as "1, 2"
  • improved offset calculations in ical for some servers
  • improved ical generation to avoid memory limit problems with very large numbers of events
  • fixed RSS feed pubdate format
  • improved generation of RSS feed to avoid memory_limit errors on very large feeds
  • changed em_rss_pubdate wp_option to em_last_modified which is now a timestamp
  • improved em_get_wp_users() function to fix overload caused by
  • changed default events aren't created anymore
  • changed public events admin table template to allow viewing of draft events (duplicates) and modified view linking formats
  • changed duplicates so they now become drafts by default not published
  • improved settings page tab/section loading UX
  • added event archives scope
  • improved MultiSite Global so unnecessary tables aren't created for every blog
  • fixed outdated group tip on event form (you can detach group events)
  • added #_CONTACTURL
  • fixed tags not being added to recurrences if no categories assigned too
  • fixed datepicker problem on search pages when scope not defined and switching pages
  • fixed wp_em_events post_content not being updated if description is removed
  • added wp_title filter to widgets
  • fixed incorrect number of events per day shown in full calendar according to settings
  • fixed the_title usage to check the post id supplied in second parameter
  • changed/fixed action where rules are rewritten on settings changes causing 404s for CPTs created in theme functions.php file
  • fixed bug with W3TC repeating first no-user booking name for all others in admin table views
  • fixed 'email exists' errors in no-user bookings mode
  • added option for no-user registration with registered emails
  • added #_CATEGORYNEXTEVENT, added formatting options for location/category next event placeholders
  • improved event, location and category timthumb thumbnails so they accept 0 as a width/height to prevent cropping
  • added ical scope option
  • fixed category placeholders not being replaced in alphabetical order (so #_CATEGORYNEXTEVENT cannot overwrite #_CATEGORYNEXTEVENTS)
  • added #_TAGNEXTEVENT and formatting options
  • fixed problem with pagination not highlighting first page number when doing searches
  • changed maps js to close other infowindows for locations map when marker is clicked
  • added locations search attribute
  • fixed autoembed and embed shortcode support for event/category/location placeholders for descriptions
  • fixed duplicates triggering 'published' actions on duplications such as tweeting via WP to Twitter
  • fixed author not being changed on quick edit
  • fixed conflicts with various plugins which add custom registration validation (e.g. SI Captcha, Theme My Login, etc.)
  • fixed bug where #_LATT fields not appearing in public location editor if event attributes aren't enabled
  • added booking links to edit event booking stats meta box even if no bookings made
  • added em_bookings_filtered and em_locations_autocomplete_selected jQuery events
  • fixed links pointing to admin on public booking admin tables after pagination clicks or multiple ajax calls
  • updated German translation
  • added em_calendar_get_args filter
  • improved EM_Category::has() - now also checks category name too
  • removed redundant functions in EM_Category
  • improved default ordering of events in categories page applied to EM_Category::get_default_search() rather than just category pages,
  • improved category taxonomy when overriding with formats when using an assigned categories page (particularly breadcrumbs)
  • added specific tweaks for Yoast WP SEO plugin for breadcrumbs when using an assigned categories page
  • added a tags page and template
  • created EM_Tags class - very similar to EM_Categories
  • fixed lack of pagination on tag placeholders showing related events
  • fixed private locations turned public not appearing in public listings
  • fixed today/tomorrow scope not working properly in wp-admin
  • fixed pagination variables overriding shortcodes with fixed page attribute
  • improved - minor adjustment to location autocomplete ui tip text behaviour
  • added em_map_loaded js trigger for location admin map
  • updated German

  • fixed some XSS vulnerabilites in the booking form/admin areas


  • added is_free, is_free_now, not_free and not_free_now conditional placeholders
  • modified EM_Event::is_free() so it can also check if event is free at that moment,
  • added do_shortcode filter to dbem_notes so shortcode is parsed outside single event pages
  • fixed category filtering when using negative/positive combinations
  • fixed category filtering in MS Global mode
  • fixed missing menus items for normal blog admins in MS without plugin caps
  • updated italian and swedish
  • added finish countries translations
  • added sorting for countries lists (previously sorted by country code)
  • updated POT file
  • updated French, updated German (unfuzzied loads of strings, may need some corrections)
  • booking meta now uses maybe_unserialize on instantiation
  • separated booking validation from save function
  • moved user registration logic during bookings into a reusable function
  • cleaned up the email admin setting panels for submissions and booking templates
  • booking email messages array now generated in separate function
  • added em_get_location and em_get_event filters for event/location object retrieval functions
  • added em_get_booking getter function with corresponding filter and changed all used of new EM_Booking()
  • added em_bookings_admin_page action at start of booking admin pages
  • added taxes functions to booking and object classes
  • added get_admin_url function for booking object
  • added get_price_taxes function to booking object
  • added bookings filter condition to exclude bookings with event_id of 0 by default (for Pro Multi-Bookings)
  • added data response as second argument to jQuery em_maps_locations_hook event
  • fixed bookings form showing on password-protected events
  • fixed MS Global blog switching issues when saving
  • fixed $EM_Booking->get_tickets() returning all tickets rather than tickets in specific booking
  • fixed hidden BP groups not showing to admins
  • fixed some German translation file inconsistencies
  • fixed blank datepickers if date format is left blank in settings
  • fixed tags filter searching multiple tags returning no events
  • fixed some MultiSite PHP warnings when adding/deleting sites
  • fixed booking button not showing cancel if event is fully booked
  • changed booking button so only one booking can be made
  • fixed attributes not showing on event submission forms if categories are disabled (option name typo)
  • added editable form, so no-user bookings user data can also be edited
  • changed booking form JS enqueueing by moving it into EM_Bookings object as a function
  • changed booking JS to use on() event delegation for more AJAX compatibility
  • fixed some booking form CSS field styling inconsistencies
  • fixed issues with locations on sub-blogs when in MultiSite Global mode with locations restricted to main blog
  • fixed duplicate confirmations/warnings on MultiSite location admin pages
  • changed (improved) EM_Object::can_manage method to avoid extra calls and potential warnings
  • changed csv export of single event so the file name = the event name


  • fixed bug in placeholder formatting


  • fixed Multilingual settings not saving default language setting if other than english
  • fixed typo in performance optimization settings
  • fixed warning of undefined ID on archive pages when enqueuing scripts
  • fixed special characters being converted to entities in non-html emails
  • fixed typo in options for category/location event list placeholders
  • corrected Slovak translation, thanks to Julius Pastierik
  • added British translation, thanks to Jeff Cole
  • added some code to booking form js to prevent JS conflicts with JetPack's reCaptcha
  • added base64 encoding/decoding to em_notice cookies for improved compatibility
  • fixed potential php warning in EM_Tickets class
  • event spaces show as blank rather than 0 on input form (aesthetic change in line with the field help text)
  • added alphabetical ordering to category and countries ddms in search form and admin event categories ddm
  • fixed XSS vulnerabilities -
  • fixed em_is_category_page() and added check for specific categories (like is_tax() second parameter), added em_is_tag_page() with checks for specific tags
  • added #_EVENTPRICERANGEALL and fixed #_EVENTPRICERANGE showing if booking closed but unavailable tickets set to true (docs need revising)
  • improved speed of event shortcode by adding global event object
  • added ordering of locations by name and other location table fields in event queries such as events_list shortcode
  • added some missing classes to event form 'when' section


  • changed taxonomy pages to use is_tax() to check whether page is a taxonomy page, rather than checking the $wp_query object
  • fixed booked spaces being off if approvals are disabled and booking has status 0 from when approvals were enabled
  • added #_CATEGORYSLUG
  • fixed bad usage of wpdb::prepare in classes/em-object.php
  • added em_actions_locations_search_cond for autocompleter
  • added Bermuda and Jersey to countries list
  • fixed title rewriting warning when $sep is blank
  • fixed BP 'add event' link appearing to all users on event profile pages
  • fixed loading of unused post meta overwriting post fields/properties
  • added multilingual capability
  • added WPML add-on warning
  • simplified enqueue of styles and scripts, now uses wp_enqueue_scripts action
  • added performance optimization options for CSS and JS files
  • removed usage of PHP sessions in exchange for temporary cookies
  • added possiblility to use wp thumbnails rather than timthumb (category images need resaving via uploader)
  • added em-pagination span wrapper and em-tablenav-pagination classnames to normal and table pagination sections
  • fixed location searches not returning results admin-side in MS global tables with locations on main blog
  • updated JS for location map to update when location name changed
  • added pagination and limits to location and category event list placeholders.
  • updated finnish language
  • fixed minor php warning when deleting a user with no events in MultiSite
  • fixed php warnings on category pages using formats, major change to how formats are overriden, now rewrites WP_Query completely
  • added em_options_page_panel_admin_tools action to admin tools section of options page
  • fixed #_BOOKINGPRICE and other booking price placeholders not using currency formatting option
  • fixed permissions issue with groups plugin (thx itthinx)
  • added Slovak translation, thanks to Branco
  • added em_bookings_table_row_booking_price_ticket filter (needed for Pro ticket exports w/coupons)
  • added default rows/cols attributes to booking form textarea field for valid html
  • fixed conflict with caching plugins and booking forms due to cached wpnonces
  • added #_CATEGORYDESCRIPTION to default EM filters of content placeholders
  • updated timthumb.php to version 2.8.11

  • added is_singular to

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