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Even More Privacy Options

Modifies behaviour of More Privacy Options and Private Feed Keys plugins in multiple ways.

This plug-in is being developed for a specific website, but it may be useful for someone else, too. It is supposed to work in combination with More Privacy Options and Private Feed Keys 1.0 by modifying their behaviour.


  • for blogs available only to site admins/members/network users: possibility to set different page for non-authorised visitors
  • this page (if set) will be available to everyone, of course
  • remove login form messages
  • supports users' feed keys from the Members Only plugin
  • show each user's private feed key for actual blog on their profile page (if the blog isn't public)
  • another privacy option: custom privacy management, only activate private feed key support (usable for example with User Access Manager
  • if WordPress Logging Service and Superadmin Helper are present, logs changes instead of sending notification e-mails to network admin.


  • there are few neccessary modifications of the More Privacy Options plugin (version you have to perform before the plugin starts working. See Usage section.

In the future there probably will be a network settings page and some options (if someone requests that)

Developed for private use, but has perspective for more extensive usage. I can't guarantee any support in the future nor further development, but it is to be expected. Kindly inform me about bugs, if you find any, or propose new features:

See Usage and FAQ for more information.

Author Zaantar
Contributors zaantar
Tags feed, feed key, multisite, privacy, private, superadmin


  • first version
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Before you start using the plugin, there are (very) few modification you have to do in the More Privacy Options plugin (file ds_wp3_private_blog.php):

  1. replace wp_login_url() with apply_filters( 'ds_wp3_private_blog_login_url', wp_login_url() ) in "ds_users_authenticator", "ds_members_authenticator" and "ds_admins_authenticator" functions if you want to use the custom redirection for unauthorised users.

  2. replace "mail" function by "wp_mail" in "ds_mail_super_admin" function (nicer, optional)

And that's it!

Version 1.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.3 or higher

Compatible up to: 3.3.2

Last Updated 13 Mar 2012

Date Added: 13 Mar 2012


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