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Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Customize completely your WordPress Login Screen easily. Add your logo, change background image, colors, styles, Dashboard footer etc.

TOP RATED PLUGIN for Login Page Customization!!! Customize completely your WordPress Login Screen and Dashboard easily. Add your company logo to login screen, change background images, colors, styles etc. Customize your Dashboard footer text also for complete branding. Now faster and better db performance!

  • New*: Options to Hide Links on Login page (Register, Lost password and Back to website links)
  • New*: Upload logo and background images with WordPress media uploader right from the settings page
  • New*: Persian, Portuguese-Brazil & Turkish Translations available along with German, French and Spanish!
  • New*: Now supports opacity on login form background!
  • New*: Import/Export Settings feature available!

Fastest support for the plugin. If you have any queries, visit the WordPress support forum.


  1. Change footer texts on Admin Dashboard or keep it as default
  2. Add Image/Color Backgrounds to Login Screen.
  3. Add Image/Color Background to Login Form with opacity.
  4. Pick color using awesome jQuery color picker
  5. Change Texts/Links Color and size on Login Form
  6. Replace the WordPress Logo on the Login Form with your own
  7. Enable/Disable shadow for the Links on Login Form
  8. Enable/Disable shadow for the Login Form
  9. Change Login button Color
  10. Hide Register | Lost your password link
  11. Hide Back to your website link
  12. Preserve previous settings upon WordPress/plugins update!
  13. Import/Export all plugin settings between websites.

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard Settings:

(Plugin Loads default values for all below entries. Please change the values to yours.)

Dashboard Settings

(These settings will be reflected when a user/admin logins to the WordPress Dashboard.)

  • Change text for dashboard left side footer.
  • Change text for dashboard right side footer (Keep the field empty for default WordPress version).

Login Screen Settings

(These settings will be reflected on the "wp-login.php" page. )

  • Login Screen Background Color/Image
  • Login Screen Background Repeat
  • Login Screen Background Position
  • Login Screen Background Size
  • Logo Url
  • Logo width
  • Logo height
  • Powered by Text
  • Login form width
  • Login Form Border Style/Radius/Color/Thickness
  • Login Form Background Color/Image
  • Background Opacity
  • Login Form Background Repeat
  • Login Form Background Position
  • Login Form Label/input Text Color
  • Login Form Label/input Text Size
  • Enable Link Shadow
  • Login Form Link Shadow Color
  • Enable form Shadow
  • Login Form Shadow Color
  • Change Login button Color
  • Hide Register | Lost your password link
  • Hide Back to your website link

Plugin Un-install Settings

  • Delete custom settings upon plugin deactivation or not

Import/Export all plugin settings between different websites

Enjoy your completely branded WordPress Version. Don't forget to rate the plugin :)

Author Libin V Babu
Contributors libinvbabu
Tags admin, branding, custom, customisation, customise, customize, dashboard, erident, form, login, logo
  1. erident-custom-login-and-dashboard screenshot 1

    The complete options on the settings page.

  2. erident-custom-login-and-dashboard screenshot 2

    This is the default Login Page Demo

  3. erident-custom-login-and-dashboard screenshot 3

    Example of a custom login page using background opacity feature!

  4. erident-custom-login-and-dashboard screenshot 4

    Another example of a custom login page. Check more designs.

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Goto WordPress Dashboard -> Add new plugin and search "erident"
  2. Click Install button on "Erident Custom Login and Dashboard"
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  4. Go to the plugins options page in the WordPress admin ('Settings' -> 'Custom Login and Dashboard')
  5. Change the footer texts, images, colors, styles as you desire
  6. Enjoy your completely branded WordPress Version

3.5.3 (6 Feb 2017)

  • Fixed warning in dashboard
  • Minor CSS improvement on register page


  • Hide Register | Lost your password link
  • Hide Back to your website link
  • CSS updates to override default wp shadows


  • Compatibility fix with WordPress 4.5
  • Minor bug fix


  • Option to keep default WordPress version on dashboard footer
  • Persian translation added
  • Security fix for CSRF


  • Fixed function for php older version


  • Supports WordPress media uploader inside the settings page
  • Turkish translation added


  • Extended link shadow enable/disable option to login button as well
  • Moved screenshots to assets directory


  • Added Background Opacity feature to the Login Form
  • Now Register button will also take same color of Login button


  • Minor fix for Logo size option.
  • Added German translation.


  • Major bug fix on backend.
  • Striped slashes from apostrophe texts.


  • Huge database performance upgrade on backend
  • Added Import/Export settings feature
  • Added French translation
  • Improved UI with latest WordPress 3.9


  • Fixed one function conflict with some themes.


  • New option to customize Login button Color
  • Localized the entire plugin and ready for translation
  • Spanish translation available


  • Fixed constants Notice.
  • Fixed Image background cut on small screen resolutions.


  • New Default UI for login page.
  • Optimized the backend files.


  • Fixed Background property overriding problem with some themes and plugins.


  • Added Login Screen Background size Property


  • Bug Fix


  • Enhanced UI for easy usage (Added an option to hide/show settings block)
  • Added option for Logo Width and Height


  • Fixed a small bug
  • Help texts improved and added new FAQ question


  • Added an option for Login Form label and input text's font size
  • Added an option for Login Form input text color
  • Bug fixed for settings link conflicting


  • Added an option for Form Shadow.
  • Fixed Minor bugs.


  • Fixed the issue of conflicting with other plugins on admin pages.


  • Added "background-position" option for the screen & login form background images.
  • Added a link on Settings tab for directly open the login.php page on a new tab.
  • Improved the css layout of Settings page
  • Added a "Quick Links" section at the bottom of settings page.
  • Improved the tutorial texts on settings page.


  • First version.

Is it legal to change WordPress Logo and texts?

Yes. WordPress gives you the permission to change whole login screen and dashboard to yours by using WordPress hooks.

How can I add my own image to use as Login screen's background?

Simply upload your image using WordPress uploader and copy the image link from there and paste it in the Custom Login and Dashboard Settings page.

On next update will I lose my previous settings?

By default you will not lose any of your previous settings. Check the Plugin Un-install Settings.

I want some custom changes. How can I do that?

You can edit the plugin's php file through WordPress plugin editor. But once you made an update the changes you made will disappear. So make sure to backup your changes before updating. Or inform us Suggestions/requests for future version

Can I export settings?

Yeah! With version 3.0 Import/Export plugin settings feature added. Your life made easy.

How will I put opacity on Login Form

You can achieve it by either using a transparent png/gif image or you can use the "opacity" feature added in ver:3.3 Add a background color for Login form and set an opacity to it. Default will be 1, means the background color will be opaque. changing it to 0.5 will give you 50% transparency. Just play around it. Make sure that there is no image on Login form background.

Version 3.5.3

Requires WordPress version: 3.0.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 06 Feb 2017

Date Added: 27 Jul 2012

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109 ratings


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