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CM Tooltip Glossary

Easily create a glossary, encyclopedia or dictionary of your terms and show responsive tooltips when users hover over the terms.

The CM glossary tooltip is a WordPress plugin that enables you to check posts or pages for defined glossary terms, by adding links to a glossary term page that contains the definition of the term used.

The CM tooltip glossary plugin displays a tooltip containing the definition when users hover over the specific term.

The CM tooltip glossary plugin also creates a responsive glossary index with all tooltip glossary terms used.

This tooltip plugin allows users to add unlimited tooltips to a site or within a glossary of terms.

This Pro edition of the tooltip plugin for WordPress uses the glossary index to show related terms and links terms together to improve your overall site SEO. The tooltip glossary plugin also supports adding tooltips with abbreviations, variations and synonyms of terms.

Additional Pro version features include the ability to include or exclude specific terms from any page or post and add all types of media files. Users can also use multiple tooltip glossaries on the same website.

The CM tooltip glossary plugin integrates easily with external data from dictionaries, thesauruses, and Wikipedia.

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  • Dictionary - Creates a dictionary of specifically used terms on your site.
  • Tooltip - Adds tooltip as an anchor to predefined terms that are contained in your site.
  • Knowledge base - Creates a knowledge base of useful terms and definitions.
  • Encyclopaedia - Builds an internal Encyclopaedia for your site.
  • Synonyms - Keeps and displays synonyms of terms that you are using
  • Lexicon - Builds a lexicon of terms.
  • Vocabulary - Builds a vocabulary of custom words and expressions.
  • Explanations - Explains the meanings of words in your posts or pages.
  • Translate - Translates terms and definitions into any defined language using Google Translate.
  • Wikipedia - Add Wikipedia content to your site.
  • YouTube - Show YouTube / Vimeo videos once hovering over a term
  • Music - Include mp3 voice or music file for each tooltip
  • Amazon - Enhance your site with Tooltips including Amazon product recommendation

Basic Features

  • Automatically generates a Glossary index of terms. Example
  • Ability to show your Glossary index list as tiles Example
  • Each glossary term has its own unique post. Example
  • Tooltip window can optionally appear when term is hovered over by the cursor. Example-Check Information Architecture
  • Term page can optionally be linked directly from posts or pages. Example-Click on Information Architecture
  • Includes several filters to optimize the Tooltip window and limit the length of description displayed.
  • Prevents the glossary from parsing text, when needed, by using a Shortcode [glossary_exclude] text [/glossary_exclude].
  • Support Excerpts (if they exist) as a hover-over text that appears in the Tooltip window.
  • Controls the location and area where the Tooltip appears (pages, posts, homepage)
  • Controls the settings in cases where the Tooltip appears more than once.
  • Supports UTF-8

Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Feature List

Pro Version Features - Content API's

  • Support for Wikipedia - We are now support embedding content from Wikipedia on the term page and on the tooltip. You can also use a shortcode to inset a wikipedia content on any page or post. Wikipedia content can be taken from any language which has a Wikipedia. View Image of back-end
  • Support for Audio files with tooltip - You can attach an audio file to each term and customize the look and feel of the play button. View Image of back-end
  • Support for Video files with tooltip - you can embed a video file taken from YouTube or Vimeo or other video sharing sites and show it in the tooltip. The tooltip can also be transparent to show no background behind the video. View Image of back-end
  • Google Translate Integration - Ability to display translated words into the language of your choice for all terms and definitions, uses the Google Translate API View Image, View Image from Settings
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary Integration - Ability to display the dictionary definition of a term from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary for all words on your Term page and Tooltip. View Demo
  • Merriam-Webster Thesaurus Integration - Ability to display the thesaurus synonyms and antonyms from the online Merriam-Webster Thesaurus in your Term page and Tooltip. View Demo
  • Support for Amazon Product Recommendations - You can choose from one of many Amazon categories and show a product recommendation widget matching the selected term. The link to the product also includes your Amazon Associate ID. View Image of back-end
  • Featured image for each term - A term can have a featured image associated with it. It will show on both the tooltip and the term page. The image size can be defined in the term page settings.

Pro Version Features - Language Tools

  • Support WPML - Support WPML plugin and Multilingual sites
  • Related Post - Shows all related posts and pages for each glossary term. This option is cached to enhance performance View Image, View Image that shows settings
  • Synonyms - Users of the CM Tooltip Pro can add several Synonyms for each term, so that the Tooltip is be made to appear for all Synonyms in posts or pages that are listed in the Glossary index View Demo, Glossary Term Page: View Image
  • Singular and Plural - Supports different variations of nouns that allow the user to specify a definition for each term according to the specific use of the word. The Tooltip will appear for all variations in all posts and pages. View Image
  • Related Glossary terms - Relates Glossary terms to a specified term which is displayed according to control settings. View Demo
  • Glossary Search - Glossary index page is included within a local search engine. Demo
  • Glossary Categories - Glossary categories are supported and can be used in glossary page, also set with a Shortcode. View Demo , Categories in Glossary Index
  • Tags - Tooltip Glossary now supports tags per each term. Tags are shown also on the Glossary index page and allow easy filtering of terms.
  • Exclude Term - Glossary terms can be excluded from the Glossary index and Tooltip. View Image
  • Term Target Link - Terms are linked and can be targeted to go to an external or custom link View Demo - Click on Ajax and you will be taken outside of site
  • Custom Characters - Support for custom characters in alphabetical index View Image View Demo in Finnish More in Finnish

Pro Version Features - Customization

  • Link Style - The Pro version of the CM ToolTip gives you the ability to change term link style. See Image that shows settings
  • Tooltip Style - Ability to change Tooltip shape, color and border. View Demo (Highlight any term) , See Image that shows settings
  • Term page Template - Term page uses a template that can be edited and changed.
  • Change tooltip font - Select the Tooltip font from 8 available Google fonts View Image
  • Transparent tooltip background - Tooltip can now have a transparent background. This supports showing images and videos.
  • Index page style - Show the Terms AND the Definitions in an Alphabetically sorted index. View Image

Pro Version Features - Benefits

  • Anchors inside Tooltip - Tooltip can include anchors which the user can click. View Demo - Hover over HTML
  • Widget - The CM ToolTip Pro version includes a glossary widget that shows a random selection of a number of specified terms with a link to the Glossary index. View Demo (Scroll down and look at the right side for Glossary), View Image
  • Import / Export - Import and Export your glossary file to and from .CSV format. View Image
  • Internal Links - Options to add a link back to your glossary page from each term page. View Demo
  • Search & Replace Tool - Includes an on the fly search and replace tool to replace text or html code in your posts and pages with newly replaced content. View Image
  • Support for double click on any word in a post or page - Any word on any page or post can be double clicked to retrieve information from Wikipedia / Amazon Products Recommendations / Merriam Webster Dictionary or Thesaurus. View Image of back-end

Pro Version Features - Settings

  • Mobile Friendly - Detects Mobile devices and displays the Tooltip only when term is clicked. Tooltip includes a link to the term page. View Image
  • Optimized for Speed - Parsing engine is optimized for speed and can hold many thousands more terms without slowing down the site
  • Permalink - Tooltip permalink can be changed.
  • Pagination - The CM ToolTip Pro version gives you the ability to add pagination to the glossary page on the both server side and the client side of the plugin. (Support is provided to speed up extra large glossaries). Administrators can also control the number of items that appear on each page. View Demo
  • Editor Button - Editor button to support glossary exclusions. View Image
  • Multisite - Support for WP Multisite.
  • Gratitude Message - Does not include the CMinds Gratitude message in the footer.
  • Localization - All labels are external in the settings and can be localized easily.
  • Shortcodes - Many shortcoes to support glossary operation and embed within post or pages. List of supported shortcodes
  • Custom Links - Manually add custom links from your Term page View Image recommendation in the tooltip once hovering a term (View Image of Back-end), (View Image of front-end)

Code and Style Issues

The Tooltip is created with JavaScript and is based on the article written by Michael Leigeber here The Tooltip can be customized and styled through the tooltip.css and tooltip.js files. Alphabetical index for the Glossary index is based on jQuery ListNav Plugin

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  1. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 1

    Tooltip in a Post using Skins

  2. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 2

    Glossary Term Page with Related Articles

  3. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 3

    Glossary Index Page

  4. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 4

    Glossary Index Page - Second Template

  5. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 5

    Admin's Glossary Terms

  6. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 6

    Plugin's Settings

  7. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 7

    Log Information

  8. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 8

    Statistics of Usage

  9. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 9

    Plugin's Settings Tooltip Tab

  10. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 10

    Video In Transparent Tooltip

  11. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 11

    Merriam-Webster Embedded Content

  12. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 12

    Wikipedia Embedded Content

  13. enhanced-tooltipglossary screenshot 13

    Import / Export

Detailed User Guide

  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Define your glossary terms under the glossary menu item in the administration interface. The title of the page should be the term. The body content should be the definition.
  4. Creates a main Glossary page (example "Glossary") with no body content, if you so wish. If you do not create this page then your terms will still be highlighted, but without a central listing page of all your terms.
  5. In the plugin's dashboard preferences, enter the main Glossary page's id (optional as above)
  6. There are a handful of other optional preferences available in the dashboard.

Note: You must have a call to wp_head() in your template in order for the Tooltip js and css to work properly. If your theme does not support them you will need to link to these files manually in your theme (not recommended).

More FAQ's

Detailed User Guide

Does my main glossary page need to be titled "Glossary"?

No. It can be called anything. In fact you don't even need to have a main Glossary page.

Do I need to manually type in an unordered list of my glossary terms on the Glossary page?

No. Just leave that page blank. The plugin will create an unordered list of terms automatically.

How do I add glossary terms?

Simply add a term under the 'Glossary' section in the adminstration interface. Title it the glossary term you want (ex. "WordPress") and put the term's definition into the body (ex. "A neato Blogging Platform").

What if I need to add or change a glossary term?

Just add it and then change it. The links for your glossary terms are added to your page and post content on the fly so your glossary links will always be up to date.

How do I prevent the glossary from parsing a paragraph?

Just wrap the paragraph with [glossary_exclude] paragraph text [/glossary_exclude].

How do I define the Glossary link style?

You can use glossaryLink. You can also define glossaryLinkMain if you wish to have a different style in the main glossary page

Version 3.5.0

Requires WordPress version: 3.9 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 06 Feb 2017

Date Added: 04 Apr 2012

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