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empty framework

empty is a framework for the rapid grid-based development of responsive WordPress Themes.

empty is a framework for the rapid grid-based development of responsive WordPress Themes.

empty offers a drag & drop editor to create layouts for different breakpoints and devices. It therefore uses individual responsive settings and generates corresponding CSS files which will be included in the frontend of your Wordpress theme.

Use empty to set up a responsive website environment. You are able to create breakpoints which will be available in a drag & drop editor interface. You can customize any page layout for each breakpoint. Create elements with different widths for different viewport widths. empty takes care of delivering those responsive layouts to the frontend. It writes HTML code with corresponding CSS classes and includes CSS files with all @media tags in place.

Don't worry about setting up responsive content elements blind and without visual feedback in PHP code anymore — do it visually right in your WordPress editor.


  • starting point for fast responsive theme development
  • layouts for several breakpoints
  • responsive grid system
  • grid-based spacing and font sizes
  • drag&drop editor
  • deep Wordpress integration (wysiwyg editor, media uploader)
  • detailed documentation
  • extendable base modules



By purchasing a license nearly every part of empty can be extended. For example the definition of new breakpoints, the extension of the grid by further tags as well as the creation of additional drag & drop editor elements.

To purchase a license have a look at your options here:


empty's project website including the documentation as well as news and support forums


Author Valentin Alisch
Tags breakpoint, clean, developer, drag & drop, drag & drop editor, empty, extendable, framework, grid, grid-based, page builder, responsive, starting point, Template Builder, translation-ready, viewport, visual editor, wysiwyg
  1. Install empty Download empty from the Wordpress Repository. Afterwards you upload the unzipped empty folder to your plugins folder.

  2. Activate empty Log into your Wordpress installation and activate the plugin empty framework.

  3. Activate Post-Types Open up Empty → Settings and activate the visual editor for each post type you want to use it for.

  4. Define breakpoints Change to Design → Breakpoints and enter your desired settings. A detailed description of the individual options can be found here: These settings can be changed at any given time.

  5. Define grid Change to Design → Grid and enter your desired settings. A detailed description of the individual options can be found here:

  6. Use content function In your theme replace the function the_content(); with the_econtent();. The function is documented here:

  7. Go use the editor You are finished with the configuration of the empty framework and are therefore ready to start development of your Theme. To create layouts for each activated breakpoint add a new page and use the


  • New: Notice of some values dependence on line-height value
  • New: Clean filenames of uploads to prevent umlauts, etc.
  • New: Unified version numbers
  • Bugfix: Responsive classes for WYSIWYG editor were not set correctly
  • Bugfix: Element filters were not displayed correctly
  • Small things: Language files updated


  • Little things: Output unification of JS variables


  • New: New functions to generate settings more efficient
  • Bugfix: Insert elements in right position
  • Bugfix: Select right elements in Media Uploader


  • New: Hooks & filters
  • New: hidden-classes
  • Bugfix: Right font sizes in WYSIWYG editor


  • New: Breadcrumbs
  • Bugfix: Include parser on frontend
  • Little things: Keep context menus alive


  • New: Better editor elements [pro]
  • New: Full width rows
  • New: Experimental rows without gutter
  • New: Automatically generate CSS files after update
  • New: Language files for version 2
  • Update: Updated sortable function in editor
  • Little things: Chrome & Firefox bugfixes, Update of helper functions, Notices, Reset elements


  • New: More stable editor


  • I N I T I A L Release after overhaul


  • Complete change and revamp of the internal PHP Core


  • New: Context menu for selected elements
  • New: Full width rows
  • Bugfix: media was removed on resize
  • Bugfix: Allow percentage values
  • Little things: new icon, new banners, new update infos [premium]


  • I N I T I A L Release


  • New: Backup changes while connection problems
  • New: Sample Theme included
  • New: Update of language files
  • Changes: Filesize reduction
  • Changes: Code formatted to match Wordpress standard


  • Readme Update
  • PHP: update of helper functions
  • Admin: error messages are now wordpress notices


  • BUGFIX: body tag is not extendable
  • BUGFIX: textareas unwanted spaces
  • BUGFIX: allow quotes in selector [premium]
  • BUGFIX: Selector of additional tags wasn’t saved [premium]
  • PHP: function use_etemplate [premium]
  • PHP: update of helper functions
  • Tags: setting for using tag in editor [premium]
  • Shortcode [php] [premium]
  • Language file update


  • minor design changes


  • BUGFIX: Tags: allow specific characters in selector name [premium]
  • BUGFIX: display self hosted videos
  • Updates: update system [premium]
  • Tags: editable
  • Tags: seperate margin & padding
  • Tags: minimizable & sortable

A list of frequently asked question can either be found right here:

All those questions are also accessible directly in the WordPress admin on each empty framework page. Just click on the question mark [?] in the top right corner.

You didn't find what you were looking for? Try searching the support forums or create a topic there.

Version 2.5.5

Requires WordPress version: 4.4 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 14 Feb 2017

Date Added: 01 Jul 2016

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