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Email This Page

Adds an Email this Page button to your post pages. Allow users to share by email.

Add an Email This Page button to your WordPress website.

InstaEmail allows your users share by email. It's packed with features that make make it nice to share your pages by email.

  • Sends email without launching new windows, tabs, or applications.
  • Intuitive design looks and feel like sending email
  • No captchas, creating accounts, or other annoying steps to prevent people from sharing.

Email Form Features:

  • Send to multiple email addresses, or a single email address.
  • Include an optional message with your email.
  • Sends excerpt from your page with a link back to the page.

Features For You:

  • Customize the email button style, position, and which pages it will appear.
  • Use your own graphic or one of ours
  • 100% Deliverability (valid email address required of course).

See the Email This Page button in action at Email This Page button.

Have questions or need help? Email us at (Sadly we can't use the instaemail button on plugin readme.txt files.)

InstaEmail was built by the PrintFriendly and PDF folks. Check out our Print Friendly & PDF plugin.

Free - Ad Supported

This highly polished, professional plugin is **free to use and fully functional **. We maintain, improve, and offer support to all users.

You get all this for free, and in return tasteful ads are displayed in a non-interfering way.

Ads are only shown in the email confirmation window. No ads are embedded in emails, or sneakily placed anywhere else. For example, click here to see image

Purchase an Ad-Free Subscription

Get a quality product for reasonable price. Remove the ads by purchasing an ad-free subscription. It’s cheap, easy, and straightforward.

Your ad-free subscription applies to this email plugin, and our popular PrintFriendly & PDF plugin.

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Privacy & Data

Emails are sent from our server; this plugin “phones home”. Personal information & Data is sent to our servers. Here’s what we do with it.

Our Fundamental Principles:

  • We do not sell data. Period.
  • We do not share data, unless compelled by the law.
  • We do not ask for personal information, unless it's needed to provide a service.
  • We don’t store personal information, unless required for the on-going operation of service.

Specifically, here’s what we do with the data and information:

Email Address & Content get permanently deleted In order to send the email, we need to store the email address and message on our server. After the email has been sent and found not to be a spammer, the email address is permanently deleted.

Server log files get created and deleted. Browsers and Servers pass non-personally-identifying information, such as the browser type, language, referrer, and the date/time. We may use this data to analyze how the service is being used. Non-personally-identifying aggregate data may get published, e.g., by a report on trends in the usage of the service.

Author InstaEmail, PrintFriendly
Contributors instaemail, printfriendly
Tags email, email this page, Share, share by email
  1. email-this-page screenshot 1

    The share by email form that launches when the "email" this page button is clicked.

  2. email-this-page screenshot 2

    The share by email buttons. You can use your own button or text too.

  3. email-this-page screenshot 3

    The Settings Page: choose your InstaEmail button, text link, or use your own text or graphic.

  1. Search for InstaEmail in your WordPress backend and click install, or download the file and unzip it.
  2. If you downloaded the zip, upload the instaemail folder into wp-content/plugins folder
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress Admin area.
  4. Select "Settings" to customize button style and placement.


  • Fix button style.


  • Readme.txt update with Privacy, Free / Pro Subscription


  • Removed break tag from button code


  • Added Support for https.
  • New Button Format in Code.
  • Fixed CSS issue with Button when placed above content.
  • Add email this page settings on per individual category.


  • Fix chrome css caching issue.


  • Fix alignment. Fix layout mess caused by old version in tags folder.


  • Complete plugin overhaul to make admin options consistent with printfriendly wordpress plugin.


  • Fix homepage issue.


  • Initial release.

I set the share by email button to align left / right and it doesn't align right!

Check whether your theme includes the required CSS class, InstaEmail uses these to align your button. If that doesn't work for you, uncheck the "Add CSS to Pages" checkbox and style the button yourself.

I'm manually adding the email this page button but it's aligning wrong!

If you're getting unexpected results, you might want to set Horizontal Alignment to "None".

I still need help!

If you have any other issues with the plugin or the InstaEmail widget, please write to

Version 1.1.6

Requires WordPress version: 2.8 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 13 Dec 2016

Date Added: 16 Jul 2012

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