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Email Cart for WooCommerce

Lets your WooCommerce customers email their shopping cart straight to their friends & colleagues for payment.

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WooCommerce Email Cart Premium Add-on:


Email Cart for WooCommerce lets your customers email their shopping cart straight to their friends & colleagues for payment with the click of a button on the cart page.

When the receiver clicks the link in their email it seamlessly re-fills the cart with the previous contents and directs them straight to the Cart page so they can start the payment process.

Features at a glance:

  • Integrates nicely with any theme with a simple button on the cart page
  • Generates a list of shopping carts on the backend so you can see what your customers have been adding to cart
  • Automatically clears old shopping carts to avoid database bloat

Want more features? Check out the Premium Add-on:

  • Setup new pre-filled carts via the backend interface
  • Send shopping carts to anyone direct from the backend
  • Alter the default email script
  • Add special promotional messages for users to see after restoring a cart
  • Adjust the expiry length of pre-filled carts
  • ... and much more.

Email Cart for WooCommerce Premium Add-on:

Author Rymera Web Co
Contributors jkohlbach, RymeraWebCo
Tags email cart, email cart for woocommerce, email shopping cart, woocommerce email, woocommerce email cart

Plenty of amazing screenshots for this plugin and more over at:

  1. Upload the email-cart-for-woocommerce/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Your users can now share their shopping cart with their friends & colleagues.


  • Improvement: Add plugin settings
  • Improvement: Show expiry date inside per email cart link entry
  • Improvement: Rename the "Cart Links" in the menu to "Email Cart Links" for clarity
  • Improvement: Clean up plugin options on un-installation when 'Clean up plugin options on un-installation' is enabled
  • Improvement: Add upsell banner into the General tab settings
  • Improvement: Add settings link in the plugin listings
  • Improvement: Add help link in the plugin listings
  • Improvement: Add multi site support
  • Improvement: Tidy up codebase
  • Bug Fix: Include additional cart data on link creation and restoration
  • Bug Fix: PHP notices shown on debug log
  • Bug Fix: Make sure activation code is executed and executed only once


  • Improvement: Product Bundles integration update (min required 5.0.1).
  • Improvement: Composite Products integration update (min required 3.7.1).
  • Bug Fix: Copy to clipboard action control doesn't work ( On Cart Links cpt entry listing ).
  • Bug Fix: If the cart link contains bundle and composite products while the plugins were disabled, a notice is being displayed.


  • Improvement: Remove old plugin version special cases for cart handling
  • Improvement: Email Cart style adjustments
  • Bug Fix: "Notice: Undefined index: variation_id..." under Ordered Items meta box


  • Bug Fix: Dialog button text not working correctly in some instances


  • Bug Fix: Email Cart modal not showing on IE11 when clicking Email Cart button


  • Feature: Product Bundles Integration
  • Feature: Composite Products Integration
  • Feature: Add Finnish translation
  • Improvement: Only create cart link at last possible second
  • Improvement: Use DOING_AJAX instead of $ajaxCall on ajax functions
  • Improvement: Store cron args on cart link post meta instead of global options
  • Improvement: Add premium upsell banner to sidebar meta on cart link edit screen
  • Improvement: Internationalization
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect usage of continue on non-loop
  • Bug Fix: Attempting to assign property of non-object warning
  • Bug Fix: Pop-up email form not showing after updating the front end cart's item quantity then clicking "Email Cart" button
  • Bug Fix: Some strings aren't translatable
  • Bug Fix: Remove unused filter and function
  • Bug Fix: Expiry date column appears to be wrong
  • Bug Fix: After restoring a cart if the restorer resends their cart it should always create a new cart link
  • Bug Fix: Composite items optional components not displaying even though the optional components were selected on cart link create


  • Feature: Add expiry column to cart links list view on backend
  • Improvement: Make popup strings filterable
  • Improvement: Switch cron method to single cron rather than a recurring cron
  • Improvement: Regenerate .pot file
  • Improvement: Remove instance of wp_schedule_event on plugin activation
  • Bug Fix: Doesn't account for non-standard cart URLs
  • Bug Fix: Change all .click() handlers to .on()
  • Bug Fix: PHP Warning on cart restore


  • Improvement: Generate default mo/po files ready for translation
  • Bug Fix: Replace time() usage with current_time() WP function on CRON jobs
  • Bug Fix: Notice when creating new cart in admin on Ordered Items meta


  • Improvement: Cannot send unique cart links to different addresses
  • Bug Fix: Fields are hidden when trying to send empty fields and then clicked the Email Cart button again
  • Bug Fix: Notice on front-end during completely fresh session
  • Bug Fix: Deprecated notices


  • Improvement: Add recipient's name and receiver's name on email headers


  • Initial version

See our knowledge base for frequently asked questions.

Version 1.3.0

Requires WordPress version: 4.1 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.0

Last Updated 19 Jan 2017

Date Added: 19 Nov 2015

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