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EM Custom Login

Enables a completely customizable WordPress login, registration and password form.

Provides users with a completely customizable login page, registration page and a password reset/update page.

In addition, an admin section allows users to perform various tasks such as customized emails.

Author Erik Mitchell
Contributors erikdmitchell
Tags admin, custom login, customization, error, login, login error, password, register
  1. em-custom-login screenshot 1

    The (admin) settings panel.

  1. Upload em-custom-login to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. The plugin will generate all the pages with the proper shortcode.


  • The plugin activation function has been cleaned up.
  • Properly enqueued the admin.js file.
  • Added front end styles.


  • Fixed "Retrieve Password Email" label duplication on admin page.
  • Fixed issue where leaving the reCaptcha setting unchecked caused an error on the front end.

  • Added setting for a custom logout redirect.

  • Template system tweaked so you no longer need the templates sub folder. Files can go in {active-theme}/em-custom-login/


  • Added index.php and a security check for the main plugin file.
  • Added LICENSE.txt
  • Added a template functionality for our shortcodes. See FAQ.
  • Cleaned up all files for translation support


  • Added functionality to disable admin bar for non administrators.
  • Added ability to give users a specific page after registration (set in admin panel).
  • Added reCaptcha integration on registration page.
  • Added ability to hide admin bar from users.
  • Added tow hooks: emcl_after_user_registration and emcl_registraion_before_recaptcha. More details soon.


  • Created a new workflow that sets login functions to the WordPress default if there's no set page.
  • Added ability to give users a specific page after login (set in admin panel).


  • Initial version.

Do I need to use the built in pages?

No. The plugin automatically creates pages for you, but in the settings area, you can use custom pages. Each page needs a specific shortcode, which is provided below the option to change page.

What shortcodes should I use?

A detailed list of shortcodes and their functionality are coming soon.

How do I use my own templates?

  1. Create a "em-custom-login" folder in your active theme.
  2. Copy the templates from plugins/em-custom-login/templates into themes/{active-theme}/em-custom-login/.
  3. Edit the files in your theme as needed.

How do I add custom registration fields?

This functionality is coming in our next release.

Hooks and Filters

Coming soon.

Version 0.1.5

Requires WordPress version: 4.0 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 18 Jan 2017

Date Added: 12 Nov 2015

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