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Editor by Mintboard

Upgrade your content workflow. Collaborate with your editorial team right inside WordPress.

Editor streamlines the collaboration of your editorial workflow by allowing your team members to suggest changes (revisions) to your WordPress posts.

Admin users get tp compare and see all changes to posts as proposed by the editorial team. Admin users approve or reject the changes.

How it works

Editor allows the members of your editorial team to "fork" a post to create a revision. While your team edits and suggests various changes to a post, the original post remains unchanged.

Admin users can see and compare the changes and "merge" the revision post into the original post.


  • Allow your editorial team to suggest a new featured image for a post.
  • Allow your editorial team to edit the post content and the post excerpt.
  • Allow your editorial team to suggest a new post slug. Your original post will retain the original slug until you are ready to merge your contributor's suggestion. Once merged, the old slug will redirect to the new slug automatically.

How to use Editor

Each post can be "forked" by your contributors.

Admin users can compare the forked post with the original post and see the changes:

  • If the post title was changed
  • If the post slug was changed
  • If the post content was changed
  • If the post excerpt was changed
  • If the featured image was changed

Admin users can "merge" the forked post into the original post.

Supported languages

  • English


Feedback is appreciated! Please contact us to suggest bugs and any (really!) suggestions you may have.

Author Mintboard
Contributors mintboard
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  1. editor-by-mintboard screenshot 1

    Compare forked posts with original posts

  2. editor-by-mintboard screenshot 2

    All your forked posts are listed separately

  3. editor-by-mintboard screenshot 3

    Briefly see what was changed in the forked post

  4. editor-by-mintboard screenshot 4

    Merge all forked posts into original posts with a single click

  1. Download the "Editor by Mintboard" plugin .ZIP archive file to your Desktop
  2. Upload the plugin to the wp-contents/plugins/ folder of your WordPress
  3. Activate the plugin by going to Plugins > Editor by Mintboard > Activate
  4. You are now ready

Version 0.1.2

  • Update readme.txt

Version 0.1.1

  • Test compatibility with WordPress 4.7

Version 0.1

  • Initial version. Hello world!
  1. What is a fork?

    A fork is a duplicate of the original post that you can use to edit without fearing what happens to your published, public post.

    When you fork a post, your published post stays the same - unchanged. You can do your edits on the forked post and, when ready, merge the forked post into the original post.

  2. Who are the contributors?

    By default, the plugin is available to all users. Only admin users have the ability to merge the forked post into the original post.

Version 0.1.2

Requires WordPress version: 4.2 or higher

Compatible up to: 4.7.2

Last Updated 14 Feb 2017

Date Added: 09 Nov 2016

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